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2015-01-27, 02:24 PM
Like the title says, these are just some of my ideas on how to adapt some of the more exotic weapons from Capcom's Monster Hunter series for use in D&D 3.0/3.5, or Pathfinder. Most of these are pretty tentative, so I might need some help finalizing the stats and mechanics for some of these.

For obvious reasons most of these will be considered Exotic weapons, but if you want to play with the mythos a bit you could let Humans treat these as Martial instead.

Hunting Horn: Two-handed, bludgeoning damage. May be used as a Bardic instrument and allows Perform checks to be made while attacking.

Gunlance: Sold in pairs with a Heavy Steel or Tower shield. Lance is one-handed, reach, and deals Piercing or Slashing damage.
The Gunlance can also be used to fire Shells, which come in the following varieties:
Normal: add 2d6 fire damage to melee attack, or in a 5ft square in front of the Gunlance's reach.
Wide: as above, except range mode is 10ft cone.
Long: as above, except 10ft line.

Switch Axe: Works akin to Greataxe, but can spend a move action to switch into Sword Mode, triggering a hidden Phial containing a weapon oil of the user's choice.

Insect Glaive: Similar to a quarterstaff, with one end dealing Slashing damage and the other dealing Bludgeoning damage. Comes with a small insectoid called a Kinsect, which the wielder can direct at a given enemy as a swift action. If the Kinsect succeeds on a ranged touch attack, it draws an Essence from the enemy (type determined either randomly via dice roll, or selectively chosen by making a called shot to a specific body region if rules for that exist). As a swift action, the wielder may recall the Kinsect to receive the Essence, which grants a temporary minor benefit based on type:

Red: +1 to attack and damage rolls
White: +5ft base movement speed
Orange: +1 enhancement bonus to AC
Green: heals 1d6 HP

Effects of different colored Essence stack with each other, but not themselves i.e. may benefit from having both a White and Red Essence at once, but not two Red essences.

Charge Blade: Sold as a matched pair of Sword and Heavy Shield. As a move action the shield and sword may be combined into a single axe form that grants reach. Dealing multiple hits on a full attack in a single round in sword mode collects Charges, which as a move action can be infused into the shield, up to a maximum of six. These charges may then be used in axe mode to add additional damage to attacks.

So that's what I have so far. I still need to work out the exact damage values and whatnot, plus probably how magic item enhancements could improve the secondary effects of the weapons. Plus the mechanics themselves may need some kinks worked out, too, so if any other MH players could help out with that, it would be much appreciated.