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2015-01-28, 08:22 PM
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I am playing a new 5e game and playing a Drow Rogue/Assassin based on the idea of a Pelorian Shadowspy from 3.5. I have a few questions that after reading the PHB and DMG, I still cannot figure out.

1. Crafting Poisons -- At 3rd level the Assassin gets proficiency with the "Poisoner's kit," which grants my proficiency when "crafting poisons". OK... so what does that mean. Neither my DM, nor I can find any mention of crafting. There isn't even a craft skill like in 3.5. So, what mechanics does one use for that?

2. Disguise -- In my DM's world, Drow are a thing of legend, so I disguise myself. Therefore, I took proficiency in disguise at 1st level, but at 3rd level the Assassin gets proficiency with the "Disguise kit," which grants my proficiency. So, what does that mean? Does it grant DOUBLE my prof to disguise, or do I have to retcon the proficiency I used on disguise in 1st level to another class skill?

3. Mithralizing Armor -- in 3.5 you could mithralize armor, in fact just buying it as a non-magical, but rare material. This made medium armors behave as light armors and increase the dexterity restrictions. In the 5e DMG they have mithral under magic items... but of course no prices (the whole no price thing in the DMG for Magic Items is crap, WTH WOTC!). The DMG says that mithral removes disadvantage from stealth checks, but it says nothing about the increasing the dex max of the armor. So... what does that mean? Do we assume that it allows all dex, or am I stuck with Studded Leather as my best armor forever?

4. Rapiers et. al. weapons as Magic Items -- 5e DMG reads quite "specific" about the type of weapon that can have various properties. Gone is the rich +5 bonus/+5 attribute system for weapons, shields, and armors. Most magic weapons specify the exact magic item it must be and a few say a weapon group, such as "swords". Is a rapier a type of a sword? If not, is the only magic I can get on my rapiers just a +1 to +3 with no flavoring abilities?


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