View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other New weapon properties ? Work in progress, needs balancing

2015-01-29, 06:00 AM
Perpetually insatisfied with the mainstream Weapons enhancements, i'd like to introduce a different type of magic :

Basically : The item acquieres "charges" which are automaticaly expended once a set threshold is reached. Yes, it's a complete Moba Leach

Exemple : Sword of fiery doom : Every time the sword deals lethal damage to a target, it generates a charge. Once it reaches 4 charges, the next strike deals an additionnal +5d6 fire damage. The charge counter is reseted when an attack misses, or if no charges were added this round.

I'd rate this a +1, since you could get +1d6 on 5 attacks for the same price, this just give a whole lot of conditions, but also helps breaching magic resistance.

What is my ultimate Goal ?
I'd like to add move speed, Ac, hit, whatever, you name it, just to give a "new" vibe to this campaign i'm preparing, problem being,i have a hard time rating the power level

Also :
Should charges be kept on the item or on the target it strikes ?
Should they remain throughout the encounter, or be reset on a miss ?
Should the damage be increased ? to like 5d6+5 ?

What are your ideas as to similar items ?