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2015-01-29, 02:18 PM
I'm planning a modern campaign, and for the intro, I've decided I want my characters present at an unplanned gang shootout - rival gangs happen to be at the same beach/campground/whatever and start shooting it out unexpectedly. After the shootout, the players are approached (most likely in the hospital) - not to be eliminated, as that would draw even more unwanted attention, but to pay for the players' lack of memory of what happened (though unwillingness to play along would probably be less desirable than a corpse, if you get my drift).

I want to turn the gang into a series of low-level encounters that could end with the gang either being befriended or gone to war with, depending on the players' choices, before the intermediate enemies (the Suits) show up. The gang could either become allies against the Suits, or an all-out gang war could have the potential to draw the Suits in early.

I need some ideas for how to flesh out the gang to make them interesting, and believable as either good guys or bad guys. Any suggestions?

2015-01-29, 02:22 PM
Cram a couple seasons of Sons of Anarchy, it's going to be a fountain of useful information for you. Also consider Netflix for some gangland style documentaries.