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2015-01-30, 08:30 PM
So Lords of Madness have Aberration Wild Shape that allows you to wild shape into an abberation. Looking through MoMF I found it lacking that it's impossible to transform creatures of the Magical Beast type and that seems odd to me that a druid calling himself Master of Many Forms can't make himself into variant Beasts. I know there's an epic feat but most games don't reach epic level.

Beast Blood

You share some bond with the magical creatures of the wild.


You gain a physical feature that grants you a racial bonus on one type of check; once you select the check to which this bonus applies you cannot change it later. The bonus must be chosen from the following list:
+1 NA
+3 Animal Empathy
+3 Survival
+2 Spot
+2 Listen

You can select this feat more than once. Each time you select this feat, choose a different bonus

Shape of the Magical Beast

Most druid worship nature but few are capable enough to embracing it enough to transform into the magical creatures of the wild. Your connection with your beastly side makes you one of the latter.

Beast Blood, Wild Shape ability

You can use your wild shape ability to assume the form of a magical beast. This otherwise functions identically to your normal wild shape ability. The size of the aberration is limited by the size of animal you can normally assume the shape of with wild shape.

2015-01-31, 12:18 PM
There are some extremely powerful magical beasts that aren't too large.

2015-01-31, 12:41 PM
I'd argue that shape of the magical beast requires you to select a creature one size less (or bigger for small or smaller magical beasts) than what the equivalent wildshape gives you.

2015-01-31, 01:34 PM
Are you guys saying that magical animals stronger than abberations? Not considering su and special ex abilities.