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2015-01-31, 07:23 PM
I want to try to do an LP of my D&D adventure, but I'm not sure how best to get it done.

Currently, I'm just having each party member talk about their character, personality, past, etc., after they make it, but once we get to playing, I don't know how best to record.

Has anyone done this before, or just have some advice? Or, if you think this is a bad idea, what kind of video would be best for recording a D&D adventure?

2015-01-31, 08:01 PM
Look up "Actual play" for these, there are a lot of them for a lot of different roleplaying games. Audio only seems to be the standard format, so podcasts are the best place to look.

2015-02-08, 10:31 PM
How do you play your games?

By this I mean is it in person or over the Internet? Do you use maps & minis, computer software, is it all description?

This will help shape how you present your session to the public at large.

If you use a virtual tabletop and skype to communicate, It's pretty easy to record it and put it out in chunks or one big video on youtube or as a podcast. depending on the software used, you can even get facecams of each player.

If it's in person you might want to use a digital camera to at least grab an overhead view of the map and minis, as well as grabbing the audio with a decent mike. I remember watching the livestreams the WotC guys did a while ago and they had one mike that gave a "map view" which focused entirely on the action, and one that gave us a "table view" that was basically just a view of the players and the GM so we could catch their reactions. While most of this would require some post-production or at least some fancy editing work, it's not impossible. Afterall, they were able to live stream it. Empty space could be used for notes and reminders for the viewers.

If it's only based off description with no visuals, I would recommend only audio in podcast form. If you're going to put it on youtube, have some drawings or something to go along with what's being said. Watching people play make-believe while sitting at a table is generally not that entertaining and best left as "background noise": something to listen to during a commute or when doing the dishes or something. Unless the players are all supermodels and playing strip D&D. Then you have a marketable product. People like their Cheese and Beef cake.

Finally, if throwing your session on youtube or the podcast section of itunes isn't your thing, you can go with the time-honored and strangely Japanese way: the Replay! Which is basically the novelization of your session.

2015-02-08, 11:08 PM
Do you want audio footage, written recap by me, or joint video recap by the entire group? Because here it is (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?397255-Campaign-Journal-Hoard-of-the-Dragon-Queen-with-noobs).

Thank you for the advice, even if it's a bit late.