View Full Version : Dark Magic Rebound I: My hand does WHAT after it falls to the ground?

2015-02-02, 01:39 PM
Hi playgrounders, the goal of this game is simple, to come up with a large list of ideas of what happens when magic goes wrong, it can be anything ranging from the silly, (your hand now has the intense need to grope anything that comes nearby), the minor and frigthening cosmetic, (your eyelids turn into small tendrils that curl and uncurl around your eyes when you blink), or the horrific and disturbing, (you vomit up all your blood, which then forms into a humanoid shape that your mind transfers to). The rules are as follows:
1. You the normal 3 post rule
2. You must number your ideas, and continue the list, for example if a poster leaves off at #4, your post must continue at #5.
3. No more than 5 ideas per post, leave some ideas for the rest of us wizards :smallsmile:
4. It's preferred that you should be comfortable with people using ideas in this thread (possibly your own) in their role playing games, and if you aren't please say so, no judgement will be bestowed.
5. If you are going to use this stuff in a game, let the rest of us know, it could be fun to hear about! I think this thread will make for a fun (and dark) list of magical rebounds to appear in a game.
6. And while it's not required, have fun! Go nuts! Be descriptive, but please follow forum rules.

Any questions should be sent to me in a private message or in a post, and they will be answered and or dealt with.
I guess I'll start this thing off with the examples above

Your hand becomes possessed with a minor demon, causing it to grope all creatures that come nearby
Your eyelids become small tendrils tipped with tiny teeth that constantly curl and uncurl in a spiraled fashion when you blink
You spew all of the blood and ichors from your system, which transforms itself into a humanoid shape and your mind/soul are transported to it

2015-02-06, 01:11 PM
4. Unlike Jenny from the Block, you forget where you came from.
5. You turn into the newt version of a human centipede (newtian centipede?)
6. You fall into a deep, undisturbable sleep, wracked with nightmares.
7. Your top half is paralyzed.

2015-02-07, 04:13 AM
8) your fingers grow longer

2015-02-07, 09:44 PM
What spell was that? It would help a lot to say which spell was used.

9) Teleport- You're deep inside a mountain. Really inside. You can't move, you can't breath...

10) Teleport again- right into another person. You just murdered him. People at wherever you teleported from will watch his bits appear and fall to the floor.

2015-02-08, 11:53 AM
11. Grease - An ooze's soul got caught by the spell just as it was departing this plane. Your grease is now sentient, mobile, and hungry.

12. Wall of Iron - The spell works fine, and a large amount of iron is summoned in a wall-like shape. Oh wait, it's molten iron.

2015-02-09, 09:02 PM
12 Invisibility - You turn invisible... to yourself and only yourself.

13 You eyes leave your head, tendrils growing out from behind them, and begin to fly after you choking you with their tendrils.

14 Your spell conjures forth verminous creatures from beyond the veil of reality which hunger for your magical power.

15 Time Stop - The duration increases to (from your frame of reference) permanent, only ending when you die; of course to everyone else it was only a split second.

16 Teleportation magic - You arrive inside out.

Angsty Anubite
2015-02-10, 04:24 PM
17 Intangible - your spell is executed to perfection, and you have no physical presence in the world. Unfortunately, the spell does it's job too well, and gravity fails to keep you from flying off the planet.

18 Teleportation - turns out your momentum does not end when you cast this spell, which is bad news when you attempt to use it to escape free-fall. A small group of travelers notice you suddenly appear by the roadside and watch as you immediately SCRUNCH into the ground. They assume you must have gotten a god REALLY angry and move on.

19 Your fingernails grow in reverse.

20 Teleportation - what is it with you and this spell? Anyways, you pop into a space occupied by another again, however, this time you fuse with them briefly and you both become horrified at the monstrosity you've become before simultaneous heart attacks take you both out.

The Second
2015-02-10, 10:29 PM
18: You suffer from an intense case of flatulence for the next twelve hours. In addition, each time you break wind, you randomly expel rainbows and butterflies.

19: Every idiom you speak becomes reality. For instance if you say, "it's raining cats and dogs," then cats and dogs begin to fall from the sky; or if you remark, "I'll be a monkey's uncle," you become a monkey.

20: You summon forth a ten-inch pianist, complete with a miniature piano, who happens to be a bit of a jerk.

21: You reverse your alimentary tract.

22: You transmute you skin into cheddar cheese.

2015-02-11, 06:36 PM
Oh cool this is getting replies! That idea for mentioning what spell you use was a good idea too!

23. Magic missile: the spell begins to ricochet like crazy without stopping, hitting everything nearby if in a confined space (including you and your allies, it never misses)

24. Enervation: Your body shrivels and weakens, leaving you with the appearance of a wight or ghoul

25. True strike: your eyes take on the appearance of blue glass lenses, everything you look at is blue, and sunlight gives you headaches

26. Your tongue grows a mouth and a mind of it's own. It only speaks french for reasons unknown.

27. Daylight: as the eldritch words of power escape your tongue, the spell itself is cast on your tongue. Every time you open your mouth you annoy people who don't like light, it's not enough light to harm anything but boy is it annoying!

2015-02-23, 04:12 AM
28: You turn into a small Gollum-like creature and are dropped off in Gollum's cave. (Soon Gollum is mayor of a small and very strange town . . .)
29: Cheese for everyone!
30: You start crying every time you hear the word 'peanut'
31: Blue toy poodles appear and follow you around.
32: Your hands begin to plot against you.
33: You fall in love with a painting.

2015-02-23, 11:29 AM
34: Dragons are attracted to your delicious scent. Did I mention they want to eat you?
35 - Haste: A single part of your body speeds up moving out of sync with the rest.
36 - Wish: Your wish is posted on the Your Wish Granted with a Twist thread and granted a session late.

2015-02-24, 12:33 PM
37. Light: The light appears in front of your eyes instead wherever you wanted to have it. Have fun being blinded!

2015-03-07, 08:33 PM
38: Tongues - you reeallly don't want to know
39: Fear - the spell reverses, from now on you are always timid and start your sentences with "um"
40: Endure elements - congrats, you can no longer be harmed by selenium, manganese, or chromium
42: Finger of Death: your middle finger on your non dominate hand becomes bony and skeletal.

Targ Collective
2015-03-07, 10:48 PM
So that's what happened to Link. :DD

2015-03-07, 11:00 PM
39 Din's Fire (or Fireburst): The fire goes in you instead of out. Take double damage.
40 Lightning Bolt: The skyfather is angered at your use of his weapon. You get a -2 on saves against hostile divine magic and cannot benefit from beneficial divine magic until you appease him.
41 Finger of Death: Your channeling of necrotic magic invokes not a controlled release of deathly energy but an aspect of death itself. A dread wraith appears and attacks you.

2015-03-09, 09:11 AM
13 You eyes leave your head, tendrils growing out from behind them, and begin to fly after you

In 4e, that is a thing which can happen by chance in the Far Realms. Just by standing around too long, your limbs can be disfigured in every which way. It is Disturbingly sick. I think only one in twenty is safe.

42. Wish - Your wish is answered by the collective sadism of the Giantitp Forum members. Honestly, what were you thinking?

43. Mage's Disjunction - All of your magic is undone retroactively and everyone you thought you killed with it comes back to kill you, everyone you brought back or healed dies, and all of your spells no longer work.

44. Orb of Annihillation - Goes about as well as you would expect. GiantProtipitP: Never use this unless you want to die.

2015-03-09, 01:24 PM
45. Burning Hands - See the name of the spell. Ouch.
46. Your hair begins to grow at a rate of 1 inch per minute.
47. Lightning Bolt - You summon a cute little puppy named Bolt. Petting him is contraindicated.
48. Raise Dead - You raise the dead. Approximately 5 feet into the air.
49. The fingers on your dominant hand become colored in consecutive colors of the rainbow. All 7 of them. Did I mention that you now have 7 fingers on your hand? Because you do, and you will have a Dexterity penalty with that hand until you learn to use the new ones.

2015-04-19, 11:28 PM
50: magic missile - there's a giant nuke! And it's headed this way!!
51: plant growth - all grass in (1d6) miles grows to 5 feet in length (or 5 more feet)
52: Sympathy - You will not kill and will try to prevent your allies from killing
53: sleep - good night, you pass out :smile:
54: enervation - your body shrivels and blackens, and falls to the ground with a sickening shriek.

2015-08-31, 01:46 PM
51: Meld with Stone - You melt into a slurry of gravel and sand.
52: Weird - summons the targets most awkward memory in front of everyone
53: Wail of the Banshee - Plays plesent classical music in the background, failure to listen for the entire duration of the spell reults in instantanious death.
54: Mage Armor - Removes all of the caster's clothing.

2015-08-31, 04:50 PM
55: your blood becomes flammable

2015-09-01, 10:40 AM
56. Explosive runes: Nothing seems to happen. However, the runes have appeared on the inside of your eyelids.

57. Horrid Wilting: The spell functions as normal, but the extracted moisture forms a water elemental who happens to hate you.

2015-10-07, 09:24 PM
58- Levitate, Fly or Reverse Gravity: objects which are very light (less than half a pound) begin slowly rising into the air as long as they are within 5 feet of you. You are constantly surrounded by a thin cloud of dust motes and small rocks, which grows progressively worse the longer you stand still.

59- Any lightning spell: You are constantly picking up static charge. Every time you touch something that isn't a heavy insulator, you release a small static shock, just enough to be annoying.

60- Detect Magic, True Seeing or See Invisibility: The colors you see are now perfectly inverted.

61- Augury or Divination: You see signs of the future everywhere. What's more, you can read them! Flocks of birds, random splatters of blood or water, tea leaves, and even the way the light reflects off of the inn-keep's bald spot whispers to you of the near future. Unfortunately, all of these portents are vague and cryptic, often referring to events which will happen in your vicinity, but not to you or anything you care about. They always make perfect sense in hindsight, though.

62- Illusion spells: You now have an 'imaginary friend' which only you can see or hear. It responds when you talk to it and has a propensity to say exactly what you were thinking, but were afraid to say. It also likes to point out all of your mistakes and cracks jokes at all the worst times. Of course, it can't tell you anything you don't already know.