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2015-02-02, 11:07 PM
Name: Beleon
Race: Halfling
Class: Cleric
Deity: None
Goals: Overcome death, become the embodiment of death
Personality: Intention is to create a personable, likeable character of the affably evil variety. Charismatic, friendly, courteous, but also arrogant and selfish, highly ambitious, has a god complex.

As a child, Beleon was part of a traveling caravan with other halflings.... he watched as everyone he knew became a meal for an attacking horde of undead. He almost became an entree himself, when for reasons he never quite figured out, the undead backed off and spared his life... It left him with mixed feelings, which eventually lead to him wanting to master death. After years of contemplation and meditation, he obtained the ability to cast spells, as a cleric. He has no idea where he got the ability, nor why he can do it. He channels negative energy through a pendent his clan gave him, now charged with his own rage. Outwardly, he never really changed from the sweet boy he used to be, except for the fact that he now refers to himself as "One who would become Death". He believes that it is his responsibility to take or give life, as a "proper god of death". He worships no deity and believes that the gods abandoned him and his people; he abandoned the goddess his clan once worshipped.

Becoming undead himself is one of his goals...

Anyway, suggestions? Possibilities for alignments?

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