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Stake A Vamp
2015-02-08, 12:00 AM
Recently, me and my players decided we wanted to do something new. after a lengthy discussion (ah the wonders of choosing a new campaign.) One of us piped up "Greek mythology" and, I suggested slightly hacking dungeon world. but another player suggested using Monster Of The Week to create a Percy Jackson setting. this was readily agreed to, and so we created characters, including a rowdy centaur (by centaur standards), children of Aphrodite, Morpheus, and Ares, and an Oracle in training.

my question: I have a lot of experience with Greek mythology, but I am having some trouble with adapting them into the modern world. can you any good ways to adapt any particular myths?

2015-02-08, 01:58 PM
Some ideas:

Bacchus could secretly run, front, or magically encourage a club or other place of rampant drinking and chaos.
Ares might be a military contractor.
Hestia, the oft-forgotten Goddess of the Hearth, could act as a "mission control" for the PCs.
The PCs could act as some sort of strike force for the gods, or as agents of Hestia to keep the gods from acting out of line.
Zeus could be a Robert Baratheon type figure, off hunting stags in Olympus or whatever and generally being a crappy leader. That could bring a lot of nice conflicts and power plays.
As a plot hook, Hades could be funding weapons technologies. The players might have to break into an underground base or secret military hideout. Perhaps Hades hopes to speed up acquisitions to his realm?
Alternatively, Hades could have an excess of deaths and enlist the players to stop whatever war-fueling Ares is doing.
Posiedon might have a super-advanced techno-magical underwater city full of politics and intrigue or something. Maybe lead by Triton?
I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of atomic warfare being an Apollonic inspiration. Warfare with the sun itself and all that. Maybe Apollo's been imprisoned after the Cold War, and the Muses are working overtime to keep artistic endeavors alive? Breaking out Apollo might be a kind of "Morally ambiguous" but cool adventure.

2015-02-08, 04:26 PM
You might want to take a look at the Scion RPG by White Wolf; a new edition by Onyx Path is in the works, but I gather it won't be out for a good, long while. It supposes the existence of all the various pantheons, though, from Native American to Chinese to Greek to African and back.

You won't want it for the mechanics, but there's a load of fluffy stuff in there.