View Full Version : Ideas for Spirit Beast Allies? Incan, Japanese, and Aztec/Mayan Theme

Mr. Mask
2015-02-08, 12:27 AM
Short version, imagine Princess Mononoke where the humans are having wars, with the help of their spirit beast allies. Also, I don't want to go with European style trolls and the like, preferring Japanese, Incan and Mayan/Aztec mythological themes.

So, anyone have particular ideas on what might make good spirit beast allies? Big versions of animals are the simplest answer, and are sure to be a major part of it. There's also possibilities like the Cueyatl, or even incarnates of greater mythological figures like the great Cipactli used to form the world (a mixture of toad crocodile and fish with a mouth at every joint)--but that I'm less sure of (it was a popular move for stuff like Minotaurs and such.)