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2015-02-08, 01:32 AM
First, if any of my skype game players are reading this, it wont give you any advantages. It will only spoil some great one liners. You guys gone? cool!

So here goes, in my next dungeon I will be throwing a bard boss at my players along with a horde of mooks. He is built for debuffs so he needs a good list of taunts and one liners. I have already come up with many of my own for several occasions:

Taunt Jaquar: Ah jaquar, all the strength of a cavalry charge, with none of the subtlety

Taunt Forge: I hear your armor is impregnable, but tell me how you feel

Taunt Forge: I would wear armor like you, but I take pride in my physique

Taunt Alchemist: tell me nature boy, when you ****, does it come out as sunshine and flowers

Taunt Alchemist: tell me boy, was it nurture or… nature that left you so disfigured.

Cast animate rope: look! No hands

entangled: Ah were all sticky, this is so much less fun than the last girls who had us all tied up

Disarming: you know what they say: whats yours is mine, and whats mine is yours (throw tanglefoot bag or some other debuff)

Throwing bees: I like my heroes the way I like my breakfast: full of bees!

cast Shatter: Not with a whimper, but with a Bang

cast Shatter on bow: That’s the problem with archery, too many drawbacks

Called insane: I'm not mad, I'm differently sane

Called insane: Insane? I'm a libra

Attacking: Time flies like an arrow: this hits like a club

Generic: your breath is stronger than your sword

Generic: you know what is the real difference between you and I? I look good doing it!

Generic: take me to your bleeder

Generic: What do you call an honest man in (insert pc origin)? A tourist!

Casts mad monkeys: Quit monkeying around, that's my job.

One of his men stabs someone: stupid hero runs into a spear, What a prick!

set someone on fire: make a man a fire, you keep him warm for the night, light a man on fire, you keep him warm for the rest of his life’

Given all of these, I need more taunts given his battle strategy. Over the course of the battle he will taunt a scrawny half giant psionic healer, a ranger/rogue build, he will cast blindness or deafness (and then probably follow up on his taunts to the debuffed party), drop caltrops, and sick a dire wolf on the pcs. He also has a sleep spell and a few charm spells I don't have taunts for. I could really use help coming up with some good taunts for these conditions or some examples of any other good taunts you have used.

Thanks Playground!

2015-02-08, 02:15 AM
to keep your brain juice going, or because i loved these games:


2015-02-08, 02:27 AM
So, the BBEG is a Dashing Swordsman?


2015-02-08, 11:01 AM
Court bard archetype in pathfinder actually

2015-02-08, 03:27 PM
Well, the classics like (and read in the most condescending tone you can):

Well, well, now. Care to try again?
I'm sorry, I thought you we'd started?
That was almost clever. *mime a tip of the hat*

... aren't to be underestimated.