View Full Version : Pathfinder Custom races in need of breaking

2015-02-09, 06:26 AM
Okay so me and some guys that I game with have managed to finally get out of the concept phase of race creation for some races for a homebrew setting (A post-post-apocalyptic steampunk magitech setting). Anyway, we've not done any actual testing YET, but we wouldn't mind some fresh eyes looking at what we have and just...I dunno, giving us a heads up on what we should be wary of? Basically, take a look at the following races and see how OP you can make them with little effort. Break'em so we know how to fix'em/balance them (or just straight up say something's OP, we got a bit out there near the end).

Also, sorry for any weirdness in the typing, it's 5AM and I'm a bit loopy.

Google doc with all the races currently (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cahSojYRQkdwKCAR1KNC93K43AhJqu8aKuOw77uQpOw/edit?usp=sharing).

Some things I'm aware of:
1) Texhutu's alt racial things are....a bit much. Not sure if it's TOO much, but...yeah.
2) Mana Wight's alt-SLA might be a bit OP, we tried to sort out what 3rd level and under spells wouldn't be OP and tried to just run with it.
3) Lizardfolk don't have the Favored Class bonuses yet.