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2015-02-09, 01:43 PM
Spinfusor - Epic Major Artifact

Visually, the Spinfusor is a 30 centimeter diameter lenticular ring that is 3 centimeters wide, half a centimeter thick at the thickest point, and 1/4 centimeters thick at the interior and exterior edges. The Spinfusor weighs 1/10th of a pound, is made of a dark gray non-metallic rock that is smooth but very difficult to destroy.

Any wielder who is proficient with a weapon that deals slashing damage is proficient with the Spinfusor. In combat, the Spinfusor deals 2d10 damage and has an effective enhancement bonus equal to the intelligence modifier of it's wielder plus the hit dice or manifester level of its wielder (wielder's choice at will). The damage a Spinfusor deals is normally force damage, but energy from the environment can be used (the amount used is negligible) to deal different kinds of damage (such as light, fire from heat, or positive energy (though this cannot heal living creatures and other energy can never heal creatures that would ordinarily heal from it)). The Spinfusor cannot use the environment ordinarily to deal cold damage or other damage that would result from the lack of energy unless magical cold energy or other actual energy for such forces is present. The Spinfusor has a reach of 5 times (in feet) the wielder's intelligence modifier plus their hit dice or manifester level (wielder's choice at will) and allows the wielder effective use of the cleave and great cleave feats (the wielder does not actually gain these feats). The Spinfusor has a critical threat range of 2-20 with an x2 modifier and a quality similar to the Vorpal enhancement except that it functions on a natural roll of 19 as well as 20. The Spinfusor cannot be thrown and retain it's ability to function more than a simple solid object. Smaller and larger wielders can wield the Spinfusor simply by putting an extension of their body (usually the palm) on the surface of the outer edge of the Spinfusor. As a result of the safety mechanisms of the Spinfusor, the wielder threatens an area only out to 5 feet or the reach they could make with a natural melee attack (whichever is greater). It is difficult to disarm a wielder of the Spinfusor as they receive a +10 bonus to resist and gain a bonus equal to their intelligence modifier plus their hit die or manifester level (wielder's choice at will). Due to the nature of the Spinfusor, it is affected by its wielder's strength score and can be used to power attack. The effects of strength and intelligence penalties can also apply to this weapon.

The Spinfusor functions by psionically channeling energy along its outer edge (excepting areas where it is held) and reducing the width of the projected energy while extending it outwards. As a result, it can use a very negligible amount of energy while dealing a very large amount of damage in accordance with how much the wielder can conceptualize. Unfortunately, this requires a limited form of a telepathic link with the wielder and the weapon which may prevent some creatures from wielding it (such as mindless creatures or those otherwise incapable of being affected by telepathy). This limited telepathy is also the reason the Spinfusor's attacks at a distance are never treated as ranged attacks and it is extremely difficult for the wielder to harm themselves with it.

Destruction: The Spinfusor can only be destroyed by placing it in the heart of the negative energy plane and leaving it there for 1 year.


I admit this is somewhat for personal use, but spreading the homebrew is always nice. The name actually comes from a weapon from the Tribes 2 PC game. I wonder if this weapon is scientifically sound... The principle is that with decreasing width, a rectangle can have greater length, while retaining the same volume. (those commas might not be in the right places *ashamed*)


In a bit of a flavorful mood...

Barbarian: A weapon that'll cut anything? I'll believe it when I see it.
Wizard: Trust me, this weapon could be used by an infant and still be deadlier than a greataxe.
*Door opens*
[A pedestal with the Spinfusor on top of it lies in the center of a plain room]
Barbarian: That'd better not be the weapon or I'm gonna get madder then a grizzly. I don't think it'd be fit to shave my beard. Where's the damned edge on the thing.
Wizard: Pick it up and swing it at something... other than me preferably.
*Wizard steps back*
*Barbarian mockingly swings the Spinfusor at the pedestal*
*The top half pedestal slides diagonally down*
*The barbarian's jaw drops*
*The cleric picks it up and reattaches it with a regenerate spell*