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2015-02-16, 10:56 PM
Hi gang:
Remembering some insightful conversations I had here in the last year or so, I thought I'd stop by to let you reap the seeds you've sown. The latest version of my game is complete, free, and in need of your playtesting. You can download or donate here:
and the game's homepage is here:

The TL;DR:

Players use character concepts to design their own classes and features
Action-based combat blurs the lines between turns
Hero points are a renewable resource that PCs get and customize for good roleplaying
A suite of GM tools allows for quick, rulebook-free game sessions
Open-source design encourages community collaboration

You don't need an alignment, hit point, or miniature to play this game, just a really small character sheet and three or four dice. Your feedback goes toward making the game better, and your dollars go to the online communities that supported this project from the beginning!

Happy gaming,
Michael Terlisner

2015-02-20, 11:32 AM
Design question:

Each character gets three actions in combat, until he can add more by utilizing a high attribute score with a perk.

So anyone who gets an extra action gains a distinct advantage in combat, and unfortunately (?), two perks provide those extra actions:

Dual Wielder: gain an extra fight action when you wield a secondary weapon.
Martial Artist: gain an extra unarmed action when you don't carry a shield.

By contrast, using a shield gives you a bonus to defending, but doesn't grant you an extra action.

What would you do to make the above perks useful, while removing the extra actions that they grant?