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2015-02-17, 01:06 PM
Can someone tell me if this is any good? I know Dark Heresy uses a slightly different set of lore but I just wanted some feedback on this.

The planetary Governor of [insert planet here] has been making ridiculous request for additional weapons for the planets defenses for quite some time. This doesn't raise an eyebrow until recently when a beacon was intercepted calling out to Greenskins for a waaaagh come to the planet.

This is suspicious considering there have been no reports of Greenskins on the planet what so ever and it seems oddly timed with all of these request. That was up until recently when Ork ships "landed" onto the planet. Currently the Planetary Defense Force is doing what they can to keep the Greenskins at bay until the imperial guard arrives.

This is either heresy of the grosses act of incompetence ever witnessed.

The Henchmen are tasked with infiltrating the staff of the Governor's palace work staff and finding out if the Planetary Governor was the one responsible or not.
But the grand plot of the whole thing is...

The Governor has been convinced by an Eldar that the only way to stop a chaos invasion was by taking the actions he did.

However, this whole thing was Eldar dickery to get the monkeigh or Orkz to awaken, discover and hopefully take care of a Necron tomb complex underneath the surface of the planet.
The Eldar were pulling the strings on the Orkz side as well telling the Warboss in a false vision of Gork/Mork that this transmission would be the start of the greatest Waaaaaagh he'll ever have.

2015-02-17, 04:05 PM
I like it.

2015-02-18, 03:23 AM
The Orks tend to summon other orks to Waaaagh with a psychic effect, but since communication is psychic in 40k the astropaths could easily intercept the "beacon". Looks like a good plot.

2015-02-18, 04:41 AM
Looks fine from a lore perspective, but to nitpick, in my mind it is more likely that the proper response for a planetary invasion of orks is to send not only weapons, but imperial guardsmen and space marines to use those weapons. In any case, you might consider having your planet be visited by guardsmen and space marines to make a more varied campaign. And maybe some of these armies coming in could actually harbor chaos cultists or have some friction with the planetary government, which you could use as a plot point or a red herring at some point.