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2015-02-19, 05:13 AM
Hello, everyone.

I was recently inspired by the video game Dark Souls to host a game for a few friends that would have that feel of an adventurer who is a half-decent melee combatant first and maybe a spellcaster second trying to make their way in a world where almost everything else is a hostile super-powered tier 1 try-hard optimized killing machine.

I looked at the generic classes variant rules and thought the idea of many base classes' features turned into feats was cool. Based on that, I came up with a class and am wondering what y'all think of it.

What I am looking for most of all is what tier people think this class would be put into if it was the only class available to the players. The players can expect to have a little less wealth than most characters of that level. The available books I thought of when I came up with the class are Player's Handbook I and II, Dungeon Master's Guide, The Complete Series (except Complete Psionic), and Monster Manual I.

Hit Die: d10
Base Save Bonuses: any two good and one poor
Class Skills: Listen, Spot, and any other 10
Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier (four times as many at 1st level)
Proficiencies: all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, shields (but not tower)

Favorite Melee Weapon: character picks one melee weapon and its always treated as masterwork when they use it. At level 7 they get Weapon Focus for it for free. At level 11 they get Weapon Specialization for it for free.

Bonus Feats: Every even numbered level they can take any feat they meet the prerequisites for as a bonus feat

Improved Unarmed Strike: character gets it for free at level 5

Heavy Armor Proficiency: character gets it for free at level 13

Epic Feat Early: they get a fighter epic bonus feat at level 19 for free (if they meet the prerequisites)

I'm also thinking of spellcasting but all I have so far is one or two spells per day of each spell level, gained at least a character level after any other class would've gotten it, and all from a small list of mostly things that either keep boring tasks from getting in the way or keeps the party from being immediately shut down with no recourse. Spells that would help with that idea are obvious things like purify food and drink, detect magic, teleport as a higher level spell but they never get greater teleport, maybe true seeing as a 9th level spell.

Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate any opinions on this idea for a class.

Epsilon Rose
2015-02-19, 07:05 PM
Well, I haven't played 3.x in a while, but it looks like you've just built a slightly upgraded fighter. Overall, it would be extremely useful as a dip class but incredibly boring and fairly weak as a main class. I'd suggest looking up critiques on the fighter to see why this doesn't work, but the short version is there just aren't enough good feats and the way feat chains work tends to force specialization anyways.