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2015-02-19, 05:19 PM
I've been thinking of designing a character in 5e based on the Dragoon from Final Fantasy. However, I have never designed a character class before, and would like some help.

The Final Fantasy Dragoon is a warrior who uses lances and shields, and has the infamous "jump" ability, where they jump exceptionally high, and slam onto a foe with increased damage. In some variations, the dragoon has strange forms of magic, but the iconic dragoon is a spear fighter who is bound to a dragon.

2015-02-19, 05:40 PM
Feat: Dragoon

Prereq: Str 15

- Whenever you make an athletics check to attempt a Long or High jump, Double your jumping distance.
- You may jump your full distance every time you jump, regardless of your base movement speed.
- While Wielding a polearm (Spear, Glaive, Halberd), you may use an Action to attempt to land on an enemy that is below you or jump on an enemy from the ground, dealing extra damage. Make an acrobatics check with a DC equal to the enemies AC. If you succeed, you may make an attack with your polearm. This attack deals extra damage equal to 1d6 per 10 feet about the enemy you were, to a maximum of your jump distance (Round Down). Your falling damage is reduced by the same amount. If you fail the acrobatics check, you fall and take full falling damage.

This is rough, needs work, but it was effectively a houserule my DM made for my Polearm Battlemaster after he gave me boots of striding and springing. Silly DM :)