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2015-02-21, 02:13 PM
So a player from one of my campaigns used to play a Phalanx Soldier in Pathfinder and says he'd like to play something similar in DnD5e. He also showed some interest in the Snapping Testudo from 3.5e. I haven't been able to find any such shield-based homebrews though, so I was wondering if you guys have any.

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2015-02-21, 06:16 PM
I don't seem to remember any on here, but if there are, I've got the links to them. Check under fighter in the index link in my signature. Hope that helps.

2015-02-21, 08:36 PM
I made one for my campaign but I have not had time to play test it though, so i couldn't tell you how balanced it is, or its effectiveness.

This is an archetype a fighter can choose at 3rd level:

Shield Master Archetype

Shield Strike
Starting at 3rd level when you choose this archetype, you learn how to make attacks with your shield. You can use your shield to strike the opponent. This attack counts as an offhand attack for the purposes of Two Weapon Fighting. It is a Strength based attack and does 1d4 damage. You can add your proficiency bonus to hit. The damage increases to 1d6 for a +1 shield, to 1d8 for a +2 shield, and to 1d10 for a +3 shield.

At 7th level, you may use an additional shield, instead of a weapon, in your other hand. When you have an additional shield equipped, you may add the bonus to AC that you would receive if you were wielding a shield with the addition of the other. You may use your action to shove an opponent 5 feet in a direction you choose if your opponent fails a strength saving throw. Additionally, you can use your Shield Strike when you use the attack action.

Additional Fighting Style
At 10th level, you can choose an additional fighting style from the Fighting Style class feature..

Fully Armored
At 15th level, you can interpose your shield between you and attackers to allow you to take significantly less damage. When you succeed making a Dexterity saving throw that would allow you to save for half, you take no damage instead.

Iron Wall
At level 18, your shield mastery allows you to shake off your opponent’s attacks. Each round, when you would take damage from a melee or ranged weapon attack, subtract 5 + your Constitution modifier from the damage of 1 attack of a singular target. When used, it cannot be used again until the next round of combat.

Again, haven't play tested it yet. Hope this helps.