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2015-02-25, 04:24 PM
After seeing how fire isn't really that good in 5E, I decided to create a class that utilized it.

This class is designed to be almost pure damage, but also using fire in other ways besides burning everything.

Set Ideas so far:

Full caster with fixed spells (i.e. Sorcerer), but no cantrips
Spell List is pretty much every fire spell, with a few exceptions (Sacred Flame out, Conjure Elemental [only with fire] in)
Light Armor, Shield, and Simple Weapon Proficiency
Three Specializations: Fires of Creation, Fires of Destruction, and Fires of Purification
Fire Resistance/Immunity (level uncertain)
Feature that bypasses fire resistance and immunity (immunity becomes resistance, level uncertain)
Instant Flame (Produce Flame as a bonus action)

Experimental Ideas:

Choice of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma as casting ability (linked to Specialization)
Battleaxe proficiency

2015-02-26, 03:00 AM
In a similar thread, the matter of being too overspecialized came up. Particularly, how it's pretty dangerous to have a mono-type damage dealer. Some people, too, probably would take logical issue to someone being able to just negate immunity. How do you make a being literally made of fire take damage from a fire spell?

A solution, then, is to slightly expand the repertoire. Why not say that pyromancy is more than just manipulating FIRE, it's about manipulating HEAT? Forcing heat on something..... ...and drawing the heat out. Give them abilities that, fluffwise, involve sucking the heat out of something, and mechanically deal cold damage. Perhaps a granted ability at X level (but not too high, maybe 5 or 7?) that lets them cast a fire spell as a cold spell.

2015-02-26, 07:16 AM
I might just remove the fire immunity negation then.

Well, the idea with two of the specializations, Fires of Destruction and Fires of Purification, was to expand on the damage types.

Both will get the ability to substitute half of the fire damage that they deal with necrotic and radiant damage respectively.

I'll also add an ability to the base class that allows for substitution of half of the damage as poison damage (because of the smoke).

There was another thing that I thought of due to the small spell list of the class that sort of fits in with its sort of half-caster nature. Set spells. All Pyromancers have a set amount of spells (specs add spells like Purification adding Sacred Flame and Flame Strike). Though, some people might not like that, so I might just add more spells than I was planning to.

2015-02-26, 02:42 PM
Okay, here's a list of class features so far:

Spell slots
Produce Flame as a bonus action
Extra Attack
Virulent Smoke (1/2 poison damage substitution)
Persistent Flame (causes a target hit by a fire spell to take DoT)
Burn Through (negation of Fire Resistance)
Potent Fire (Add spellcasting modifier to damage dealt with fire spells and cantrips)
Standard Ability Score Improvement
Flame Control (Can select targets to be unaffected by an AoE)

Fires of Destruction:
Charisma-based spellcasting
Flame Lash cantrip (Thorn Whip but deals fire damage)
Hellish Rebuke 1st-Level spell
Abyssal Cone 5th-Level spell (Fire/Necrotic Cone of Cold)
Cremation 9th-Level spell (60 ft radius sphere within 300 feet, dealing 25d8 fire damage with Con Saving Throw negating half, disintegrating any targets killed)
Hellfire (1/2 Necrotic Damage substitution)
Fiery Doom (Can expend two spell slots in order to maximize damage)
Wildfire (Your flames can easily destroy flammable substances, allowing the quick demolition of structures made of wood, webbing, and other combustible materials)
Searing Hands (By touching a creature with a spell attack roll, you can seriously burn the point of contact, causing the target to gain disadvantage on Constitution Saving Throws until the target is healed by any means)

Fires of Creation:
Intelligence-based spellcasting
Temper Cantrip (As Shillelagh [range 60 feet] but for any metal weapon within range)
Searing Smite 1st-Level spell
Conjure Elemental 5th-Level spell (can only fire-based elementals)
Elemental Conflagration (As Conjure Elemental, but can summon more [powerful] fire-based elementals)
Flame Shape (Can manipulate the shape of flames, which can be used to mimic objects)
Smith of Embers (Whenever involved in the crafting of a weapon or piece of armor, even without the required proficiency, it counts as magical +1, and if a weapon, deals a bonus 1d3 fire damage each strike)
Inferno Armor (Once per short rest, you can coat your armor in powerful flames for 5 minutes, producing light double that of a torch, granting +3 AC, and dealing 6d6 fire damage to anyone who strikes you)
Reforge (You can touch a single weapon of any kind, with one weapon active at a time. This weapon becomes a +3 magic weapon and deals an extra 2d6 fire damage per strike)

Fires of Sanctification
Wisdom-based spellcasting
Sacred Flame Cantrip
Guiding Bolt 1st-Level spell
Flame Strike 5th-Level spell
Sunstorm 9th-Level spell (100 ft cone from self, dealing 15d6 fire and 10d6 radiant, with Dexterity Saving Throw negating half, and those who fail a Constitution Saving Throw are blinded)
Sunfire (1/2 Radiant damage substitution)
Undead's Nightmare (Physical Undead struck by fire spell must make a Wisdom Saving Throw against your spell-casting DC or be frightened, and repeats save every round)
Cleansing Fire (You gain a pool of points equal to your Wis modifier X your Pyrurge level, and when you touch a target, you can heal it for as many hit points as you have points in your pool. You can split this healing between multiple targets. Your pool refills every Long Rest.)
See No Evil (Once per short rest, whenever you cast a fire spell, you can cause it to deal double damage to undead, fiends, demons, and yugoloths and half damage to celestials.)

2015-02-27, 01:23 PM
Added some more of the needed features, and the ones listed are not in any particular order.

2015-03-01, 02:59 PM
I've started working on the official class page, and decided to add a few things. Namely fire immunity and the ability to cast from hit points.