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Lord Tataraus
2007-04-07, 09:40 PM
So I was looking through Dungeonscape and it inspired me to develop a system to create a completely random dungeon to adventure in. This is meant for a one-shot adventure full of fun and laughter at the ridiculous stuff that goes on.
So here it goes...

How to use:
Instructions: Before beginning the adventure, roll up a random theme set using the tables in Dungeonscape on pages 81-82. I suggest you roll three themes. This theme set will help you to set the stage and make sure certain elements fit at least somewhat. After this setup you are ready to start the adventure, do not start rolling rooms yet. To start, roll the beginning room using Table 1-1, then use the tables 2-# (if applicable). Continue to Table 3-1 and 3-2 to flesh out the rest of the basics. Now use your imagination to provide details. Roll up random encounters using the tables in the DMG, compile your own random trap list (based on the party ECL) to use. After you have used Table 1-1 five times (after five rooms) use Table 1-2 instead. After using Table 1-2 fives times (after ten rooms) use Table 1-3. The adventure ends when you roll a "91-100 The End!" where you can implement a predetermined ending, or come up with one on the spot.

Weird under the specials table (2-2) is completely up to the DM, we have had a house (in the middle of a monster infested dungeon) full of witchknives, a room in a giant, and the Teletubbies world.
Throw away the DM screen for more fun, or let everyone come up with the specifics of a different room.

Table 1-1 Rooms
{table]D% Roll|Rooms, Level 1
01-20|Large Room
21-45|Small Room
46-80|Hallway (Table 2-1)
81-100|Special (Table 2-2)[/table]

Table 1-2 Rooms
{table]D% Roll|Rooms, Level 2
01-30|Large Room
31-60|Small Room
61-85|Hallway (Table 2-1)
86-100|Special (Table 2-2)[/table]

Table 1-3 Rooms
{table]D% Roll|Rooms, Level 3
01-30|Large Room
31-60|Hallway (Table 2-1)
61-90|Special (Table 2-2)
91-100|The End![/table]

Table 2-1 Hallway Direction
{table]D% Roll|Direction

Table 2-2 Specials
{table]D% Roll|Special Result

Table 3-1 Exits
{table]D% Roll|Hallway|Small Room|Large Room

Table 3-2 Dimensions
Small Room|2d4x5ft|2d4x5ft
Large Room|4d6 x(1d2x5)ft|4d6 x(1d2x5)ft[/table]

So...questions, comments, basic "what do you think"?
How could I improve this? (it is meant to be simple and fun, ~4hour adventure)

Thanks in advance.

PS: Can some one tell me how to make actual tables? PM me please, thanks :smallbiggrin:
Edit: Fixed the tables, thanks Zeta Kai!

Zeta Kai
2007-04-08, 02:06 PM
At the very bottom of this page (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode) is information concerning how to make tables. It's much easier to it this way than the way your doing it. Good luck.

2007-04-08, 02:29 PM
This could be very useful for Solo play.