View Full Version : DM Help [Pathfinder] Trimming down the Serpent's Skull adventure path

2015-02-26, 01:29 PM
I like the story arc behind the Serpent's skull adventure path, but it's a bit too lengthy. It starts at 1st level and goes well beyond level 10. It will take up the majority of my campaign, as it is currently written. I'm wondering, from those that played through this adventure path, how much of it can I skip over (ie. which books or chapters). I'd like to have time to incorporate other adventures (non-serpent's skull stories) as interludes from the large adventure path.


2015-02-26, 01:45 PM
The third and fourth adventure in the series seem to have a very poor reputation. The third one can probably be cut out pretty easily.

2015-02-26, 05:19 PM
I can only speak for the first adventure, which I ran. But it seemed to me like large chunks of that was just aimless wandering...

...til the players got high enough level to take on the cannibals.

If the other adventures are similiar to that, you might look to carve out the aimless wandering a bit by using a side quest or two.