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2015-02-27, 02:45 PM
I can handle changing fluff, but I want the mechanics to work with what I have in mind.

Have any of you played Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (or Remix, it's DS remake)? Probably not.

Basically, it's a fantasy tactical combat game, similar in intent to Final Fantasy Tactics but quite different in execution. It uses grid-based combat with an interesting variant on turns. I'm thinking I should run one of those games I've heard of that uses "ticks," because the basic mechanic that makes Hoshigami so interesting, the RAP Gauge, is based around the idea that the more your character does on their 'turn' (the further they move, the more times they attack, etc.) the longer they have to wait to get another turn.

Another mechanic of the game that I want to capture is its form of magic, which is called Coinfeigm. Basically, rather than the characters themselves learning and using magic, they have items that discharge spells, and might be able to do so 1-3 times in succession, before they need to recharge for a while. The stronger the spell, the more energy it takes, and thus the item can discharge the spell fewer times and needs longer to recharge. Anybody can use magic, though certain characters' class skills and stats might make them utilize Coinfeigms more effectively.

Lastly, I want something that at least sort of emulates how Hoshigami does classes. Basically, class in Hoshigami dictates your stats and stat growths, and your character levels separately from their class, gaining class skills from their class and increasing their stats and HP and stuff as they grow in character level. Obviously this part is really video-gamey, so I'm willing to compromise towards "kinda close-feeling" on this.

Is there anything even close to what I'm after out there?

2015-02-27, 02:49 PM
Hoshigami is pretty obscure. I'd see if you can google to see if anyone was running games based on Final Fantasy Tactics or the Tactics Ogre games. Because they're far more popular people may have already generated some ideas. Anything that works for them will work for Hoshigami, since those were really the games it was trying to imitate.