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2015-03-02, 11:58 AM
does peach mean please evaluate and comment.....help? anyway im looking for feedback.

I really Like the Rogue class, and I love to to twist, mix, and match various pieces from different classes so heres an archetype I've been messing around with:


3rd level
Ki power - you may draw upon the power of Ki to make specialized attacks and cast spells. Your Ki replenishes after a long rest
Darting strike - You may spend 1 Ki point to prevent opportunity attacks from the target of your next attack until the end of turn.
Diminish presence - You may spend 1 Ki point to attempt to hide as a bonus action with advantage.
Ki speed - You may spend a ki point to increase your speed by 15ft for 1 minute.

Fog Cloud - 1
Darkness - 1
Minor Illusion - 1
Spider Climb - 2
Mirror Image - 3
Blink - 3

9th level
Shadow Presence - when you are in dim or darker light you may teleport up to 30 feet from one shadow to the next as your movement action, or 60ft as a bonus action. and while in shadows you get partial concealment vs. attacks

13th level
Ghostly Presence - You may use Ethereal Jaunt once per long rest and do not suffer penalties when attacking insubstantial enemies, additionally you are resistant to scrying. scrying attempts against you must roll at disadvantage.

17th level
Poisons Master - You may add your INT modifier to the dmg of poison and half that to save DC. You may use 4 Ki points to increase poison potency by 50%.

Ki pool

3 - 2
4 - 2
5 - 3
6 - 3
7 - 4
8 - 5
9 - 6
10 - 6
11 - 7
12 - 8
13 - 9
14 - 9
15 - 10
16 - 11
17 - 12
18 - 13
19 - 13
20 - 14

EDIT: Also the Swashbuckler Archetype! taking elements from battlemaster fighter and bard to make a mobile and charismatic duelist

Swashbuckler Archetype for rogue

3rd level
Finesse dueling - When wielding a light finesse weapon in one hand and no weapon in the other, in addition to the +2 to damage rolls you also get +1 to AC and gain 10ft movement speed.
Cutting Wit- in battle as a reaction, you may insult the enemy subtracting 1d4 from their attack roll. You may also expend a use of the skill to add a d4 to any persuasion or deception roll. you may use cutting wit a number of times equal to your CHA mod per long rest.

7th level
Flourishes - You get flourish dice much like superiority dice. you gain 4 d6 flourish dice, you gain another at 10 and another at 15th level. these dice replenish fully upon a long rest, and you replenish 1 die during a short rest.

Dirty Fighting - You may choose upon an attack to expend a die and attempt to blind or prone them. Con vs. 8+DEX+prof.
Bloody Strikes - You may expend a die to do ongoing bleeding dmg equal to 2+ your proficiency mod (min 1) 8+DEX+Prof vs. Con save.
Cross Counter - As a reaction, you may expend a die to reduce the damage of an attack by 50% and make an attack against the target with advantage.
Goading Taunt - When you hit with an attack, you can expend a flourish die to taunt the target. The target must make a wisdom saving throw vs. 8+CHA+prof or suffer disadvantage on attacks against all targets other than you until the end of its next turn.

10th level
Effortless Charisma - You gain advantage on Acrobatics and Persuasion rolls, and gain resistance to charming effects.

15th level
Battle Mobility - When you hit an enemy with an attack, you may make a second attack against a different enemy if you travel at least 15 feet before doing so. Additionally, you can climb, swim, and crawl at full speed.

18th level
Pinpoint attacks - For each successive attack against a single target you gain +2 to your dmg roll up to a maximum of value of +10

**Also just as a note, these builds were made mainly because it was something I wanted to play, so the features aren't balanced to the idea of possibly multiclassing. they're meant for pure 20 rogues.

2015-03-02, 02:00 PM
This is a really nice idea, more Monk oriented than the one I did. Ill paste the link to you to see if you can use some inspirations to balance it out :smallwink:


2015-03-02, 06:13 PM
honestly I think your idea leans toward the monk playstyle than mine due to martial arts, untouchable (kinda like flurry of blows but with thrown), and paralyzing strike. I'm taking illusion/evasion spells and shadow step from the monk archetype but aside from that it would play just like a rogue. I do like the light armor restriction though for sure, I think I'll probably add that in.

Also, edited in the other archetype I had been working on. swashbuckler....I'm thinking maybe i should swap the level 10 and 15 features....I wanna get that flavor that allows for flamboyant actions with reliability sooner rather than later...