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The Shattered
2007-04-08, 11:13 PM
Eye of the Wolf
Eye of the Wolf is a dull glowing sapphire orb with a slit pupil and dragonic runes around its perimeter (Honor, Strength, and Destruction).

Type: Artifact
INT: none..Yet
Ego: none
Alignment: Neutral
Communication: None
Primary powers:
· The Eye acts as a tweaked version of the Gem of Seeing but constantly and it sees the auras so you can tell if the persons
alignment and if they are undead.
· It grants the effect of + 4 strength.
· The Eye also acts as a ring of spell turning.
· The owner of the eye cannot be subject to any draining ability blood drain unincluded.
· The Eye also gives a Energy Drain (Su) can be used once per round.
· The Eye tends to flare and wane with the users attitude and 5/day the user may cast an illusion that makes his eyes look like they are aflame this grants him a 30ft Fear effect for the remnant of the battle.

Ferrus the evil Lich sacrificed half of his power to gain the Eye but in his weakened state he was set upon by his generals after the battle Blademaster Gires was the soul owner of the Eye and as the war was waged Gires fled barely with his life by the power of a wish ring, and when he fled to the under dark the Overking pounced upon the opportunity surely, he argued, one of Ivid’s reputation could see the value of an agent with his unique magical and physical abilities? Indeed he could; upon arrival in Rauxes the renegade general was quickly accepted into the ranks, and soon rose to
become the Overking’s most feared agent. Gires Anhara was no more, and the dark legends of "The Black Sash"
were born.

This long sword is exquisitely forged and razor sharp; it is identified by the imprint of a shield on the hilt.
Type: Long sword +3
INT: 14
Ego: 24
Alignment: Neutral Good, powers only function for good aligned characters
Communication: Speech; Common
Primary powers:
· Wielder may Fly (as cast by a 12th-level wizard), once/day
· Detect Magic at will, 100-foot range
· Detects any mind-altering ability (spell, psionic, natural ability or other) within 100 feet, automatically (wielder
does not need to concentrate)
· The ability from which it gets its name: When being worn (not necessarily wielded), it provides absolute,
unconditional immunity to any mind-affecting attack on the wielder (I underscore the any: nothing can affect
the wielder's mind). This includes, but is not limited to, all telepathic psionic abilities, most spells of the
enchantment/charm school, all attack spells of the charm sphere, Slow spells, all appropriate natural abilities,
and a few poisons.
Special purpose: Slay all evil creatures that attack the mind. If any evil creature attacks the wielder's mind, the
attack is reflected back with its power amplified; the attacker must make a save versus death magic or die, its mind

Mindshield was the creation of Dartillion a man who made a deal with a Quorie? when he was cheated and beaten he commissioned for Mindshield to be made uncaring if he died fighting knowing that his creation would wreak havok on all psions and eventualy destroy all psionic creatures.

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 12:04 AM
Please if you have a soul you will criticize these artifacts and if you don't we will destroy your soul and cast it into the abyss!!

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 12:08 AM
Please:frown: :frown: :smalleek: ?

2007-04-09, 12:30 AM
they seem a bit overpowered... how much would they cost (sorry, not any good at calibrating that type of thing)
I like everything else about them... either of those would be an awesome treatuse type item for a dungon crawl.

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 12:33 AM
Ummm I don't know this is my first time doing this so can you please help and show me how?

2007-04-09, 12:39 AM
they seem a bit overpowered... how much would they cost (sorry, not any good at calibrating that type of thing)
I like everything else about them... either of those would be an awesome treatuse type item for a dungon crawl.
Artifacts are kind of supposed to be overpowered and broken. That's why it's left up to DM's to see if parties get them.

2007-04-09, 12:41 AM
Also try waiting more than an hour for a response at this late on a sunday...

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 01:03 AM
We want to say thank you for the info and advice Krimm and Cybren

2007-04-09, 02:02 AM
Fluff please?

wolf eye
+4 str... enhancement bonus? what type?
how is it used? do you hold onto it? or is it something you place in a vacant eye slot like eye of vecna?
does the int/ego leave the eye if you abandon it?
it detects mind-affecting stuff, how does it communicate this to the wielder?
30 foot fear effect--cone? and what is the save DC?

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 02:54 AM
Well the Eye is an artifact so its uber and the + 4 str acts as a racial trait, the eye replaces one of your eyes, yes it has no ego but the int does leave, and it speaks Telepathicaly, and the fear effect is a field. Now remember these our the first ones that we made and Mindshield is another artifact.

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 03:01 AM
So we wondered how good are they?Good flavour and spice or spoiled?

2007-04-09, 03:51 AM
Without any Fluff, i can't see how they could have flavour, but they are far from spoiled.
fluff= description and history and stuff

the mindshield seems overpowered in comparison to any artifact in the DM guide with the whole death thing. Personally I'd just have the attack re-directed at the caster. Or if that's not powerful enough-- have the DC increased by like 5 or 10 or something-- the idea that someone casting slow on someone with an artifact = death seems a bit much.

the wolf eye- if it has no means of communication and doesn't act of it's own i can't see why it would be an intelligent item

overall mechanics-wise you need to clarify some of the things i said in an earlier post.

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 04:27 AM
Okay jlousivy I dont have a DM guide I have a MM and a PH so this is realy hard to do cut me some slack okay? MS is ment for a epic level party and the eye has the Int of 0 now okay?

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 04:30 AM
Darkthorn is a 27" long, midnight-blue short sword made of a non-ferrous adamantine alloy which does not
reflect light. Forged with such skill that the blade, hilt, and pommel appear to be made of a single piece of
material, the sword's craftsmanship is superb in every detail. Intricate runes are carved along its length, the handle
is wrapped with the black, leathery hide of an Eidilion from the Abyss, and set within the sword’s pommel is a
dark green stone that pulses with dark veins. (This stone is actually the essence of the Eidilion, and was used to
give the sword semi-sentience.)
The scabbard is equally unique, and appears to be made from the same indeterminate metal, etched with intricate
patterns of silver-nickel alloy and set with black opals. The blade makes no sound when drawn from this scabbard.
Type: Artifact or relic; Short sword +4
INT: none
Ego: none
Alignment: none
Communication: none
Primary powers:
· The sword improves its wielder's armor class by 1.
· Neither the sword nor the scabbard will radiate magic or evil, though both will be detectable if they are
touched while an appropriate spell is used.
· Both sword and scabbard are immune to the effects of acid, heat, or rust, and suffer no ill effects from magic
unless the magic is specifically directed at them. Even then, they have an innate magic resistance of 45% and
make saving throws at +5.
· The blade’s most unique feature, however, is that of doubling: Upon command, Darkthorn may be divided into
two separate swords, and the wielder’s AC will be improved by two places instead! The only stipulations are
that the sword's magical bonuses must also be divided, and both swords must remain in the hands of their
owner; should one of the swords leave their wielder’s hand, it is instantly reformed with the other half.
Dividing and reforming the sword takes only 1 second but it may not be done more than once per round. (For
example, Darkthorn may be divided into two swords, one being +3 to hit and damage while the other must be
+1 to hit and damage. Each sword must retain some magical bonus, however, and both blades are still
considered to be +4 for determining what creatures they can affect.)
· Darkthorn will shed light equal to full moonlight whenever the wielder so desires. The radius of this light can
be as small as a 1' or as large as 20' depending on the possessor's needs. Several other powers are also
available by mental command, including:
· There is also little doubt that the evil purpose of its original crafter remains within the weapon. Poison stays on
the blade twice as long as normal.
· While the sword is within 20’ of its wielder, his/her alignment is always cloaked to detect as neutral.
· The blade’s bearer is also protected from the adverse effects of light or light-based magic.
· Darkthorn powers are varied, and there is little doubt that it is linked in some measure with the psyche of its
wielders. When a wielder of the sword reaches 11th-level, for instance, the sword’s magic bonus rises to +5.
Major powers:
· Casts True Seeing once/day at the 10th-level of ability.
· Casts Dispel Magic once/day at the 10th-level of ability.
· Casts Statue on its wielder once/day at 14th-level of ability.
· Finally, the sword can channel a Vampiric Touch once per day at the 10th-level of ability, adding this damage
to that of the blade and strengthening its wielder in the process.

Darkthorn is clearly an assassin’s weapon. Forged by the drow Mastersmith Darylth of House Anhara as the
crowning achievement of his life, the sword saw frequent use amidst the dangerous intrigues of Rhysiquenn.
Weakened by the act of creation, Darylth died soon thereafter; nevertheless, House Anhara rose to the rank of 6th
House in the city over the next few centuries, before a failed advancement attempt against the city’s fourth house
led to their utter destruction.
Narrowly escaping the carnage with the aid of a powerful Wish ring, Blademaster Gires of no house at all made a
fateful decision: he would head for the sunlit upperworld, trusting in his magical blade and his skills to protect him
from the dangers of that hellish realm. Linking up with an emissary of Overking Ivid amidst the tunnels of the
Underdark, he offered to put his skills to good use. Surely, he argued, one of Ivid’s reputation could see the value
of an agent with his unique magical and physical abilities?
Indeed he could; upon arrival in Rauxes the renegade drow was quickly accepted into the ranks, and soon rose to
become the Overking’s most feared agent. Gires Anhara was no more, and the dark legends of "The Black Sash"
were born.
Over the next couple of centuries these legends grew with each fateful retelling, and the dark elf’s network grew.
By the reign of Ivid III, the Black Sash were now an elite unit of the Overking’s most feared killers, trained and led
by their mysterious namesake. Whole villages disappeared at their dark leader’s command, and even powerful
Paladin-lords of Nyrond fell before these expert assassins. Yet none feared and hated them more than the elves of
the Grandwood, who suffered greatly from these cadres despite inflicting heavy losses in return. Never did they
guess the true reason why.
Thriving on the intrigues of the Imperial Court and protected by powerful magical disguises, the dark elf made
himself quietly indispensable. By the reign of Ivid IV, "the Black Sash" was no longer known as a singular
assassin, and such tales had receded into legend. Yet Gires Anhara remained, cloaked behind false facades and
spinning the Overking’s dark webs of treachery with consummate skill.
Gires Anhara has almost certainly survived the Wars and "The Great Terror," though his present location is (as
usual) a mystery. Perhaps he now serves Duke Szefferin of Almor, though a string of mysterious deaths among the
elves of the Grandwood suggests another possibility. Or perhaps he remains in Rauxes yet, at last the true Patron of
a feared house of killers, loyal to no-one but himself. Regardless, the sword and its wielder are surely a
combination to be greatly feared.
XP Value: 9,000

WOOT more sweet stuff and I know the back ground is related okay.

The Shattered
2007-04-09, 04:35 AM
This long sword has the symbol of a pentagon within a circle etched onto the base of the blade.
Type: Cursed long sword +4
INT: none
Ego: none
Alignment: none
Communication: none
Primary powers:
· All opponents of the wielder suffer the “Curse of DeathBlow” on the first successful hit by the sword. The
“curse” inflicts -15 hps damage from the victim’s base and current hit point totals. The removal of base hit
points means the victim can only recover lost hit points to the new base total (the old base -15) from healing,
natural or otherwise. The “curse” also lowers the victim’s STR by five. There is no save for either effect.
These effects may be removed by a Remove Curse cast by a 10th-level or higher spellcaster or any Wish.
· The wielder’s attributes all increase by four (or 10%/bonus pt. for attributes that would be adjusted above 18)
when using the blade.
Minor powers: none
Major powers: none
Special purpose: none
Curse: Anyone attacking with the sword must make a saving throw vs. Spell or change alignment immediately to
chaotic evil. The following alignments grant bonuses to the saving throw: LG +4, NG/CG +3, N/LN +2, CN +1,
NE/LE +0. If the character’s alignment is changed, he must make a System Shock roll or go insane. The
character’s previous alignment determines if any penalty to the SS roll is applied: LG
Background: The DeathBlow is one of the most feared weapons ever mentioned. The people who have hear of it
and the story know its powers well. Most fear it. Most wielders go insane. The story of the blade is a gruesome
tale of a evil servant who killed his good king with the same sword. After that the servant went insane and killed
innocent townsfolk. Before the army got to him he swore a curse on all who touch this sword.
Notes: Original Story and Sword by Steven Latawiec (Duke of Senton). - SELATA One question - why is the sword
also called the Sword of Haste? Nothing in its powers speed anything up. - Editors
XP Value: unknown
:smallbiggrin: yess we have another!

2007-04-09, 06:06 AM

They're all good, for your first time making Artifacts. However, their descriptions are incomplete and their powers slightly vague. Yes, this is criticism, but you'll never get any better without it.

My first piece of advice is to get ahold of a Dungeon Master's Guide, whether you buy one or borrow it from a friend or just sit and read through it in a bookstore or comic shop. You should read through the entire Artifacts section. Read every description of every Minor and Major Artifact. Read about how Artifacts can be destroyed and about the different ways of making them. Then look at your own Artifacts.

- Does their "fluff" match up? Meaning is their sufficient history to explain their existence and why they are Artifacts? If not, add some.
- Are they powerful enough to be worth the trouble to get? Are they just too powerful to give to a player? Remember, as the DM, if you give a player a nearly indestrucible Artifact which lets them easily beat the snot out of every bad guy you have, the game is quickly going to become boring for both DM and players.
- Do they make sense? You wouldn't give the Sword of Unholy Darkness and Evil the ability to grant the wielder Smite Evil 5/day would you? By the same token, the Artifacts should make sense within their descriptions.

Another book to look into is the Arms and Equipment Guide. It is 3.0, as opposed to 3.5, but there are a good number of new Artifacts in it to look into. The Regalia of Good, Neutral (or Balance, whatever it is), and Evil; the Rod of Seven Parts; the Crazy Lantern Thing that I can't remember the name of.

Finally, if you're still having trouble with the Artifacts, send me a Private Message and I'll can answer any specific questions you have. I've got something like 26 pages on Microsoft Word full of homemade Artifacts; Minor, Major, and Holy-Crap-I-Can't-Believe-I-Gave-That-To-My-Players-Boy-Was-That-Stupid. I enjoy creating them and others have told me that I'm rather good at it.

Holocron Coder
2007-04-09, 09:43 AM
Can't comment on the artifacts themselves, so how about this:

Format your posts so that they are more legible (see the Homebrew posting sticky). Additioanlly, don't use run-on sentences. Periods are there for a reason.