View Full Version : Roleplaying Thoughts on the first session of a new game. :)

2015-03-07, 03:26 AM
I've recently started a new pathfinder game, as a player(finally). Originally, I was worried because of certain incompatibilities between my character and that of one of the newbie players, but the GM split up the group.

We start the game in a sort of festival, and my character(who I'd conceived as being extremely ambitious) immediately goes to share a drink with the most well dressed drunk he can find, asking about the local high society, and potential zoning permit(my character wishes to start a bank, as a means to fund his research).

After some banter, the town is invaded by some suicidal goblins who thought it was a good idea to crash the festivities. While everyone else is off everywhere else on the map, I'm over by myself with my 6 hp. The goblins, however, fail to notice me and focus on killing livestock... The fight went on for the rest of the session, and ended with my character pointing his spear at the throat of the only survivor.

We have now captured the only remaining goblin through a combination of luck and intimidation. My character(Beleon) intends to extract information from him in the most creative ways he can think of, and possibly even break the goblin down so much that becoming Beleon's henchman sounds like a good idea. Beleon could potentially spend hours having "fun" with this goblin, or just a few minutes, which ever is more practical, and he prepares his spells at twilight(it is currently noon).

Beleon has also appealed to the party rogue, hinting at a cut of the bank profits in exchange for the rogue's services.

Overall, I'm hoping that I role played alright, and I'm wondering what I should do with the goblin I've captured. Everyone else did great too, this group so far has been fun to game with.

2015-03-07, 08:31 AM
Sounds fun so far. :smallsmile:

2015-03-09, 11:17 AM
Sounds like you did just fine. Your clearly roleplaying as you only prepare your spells at twilight, when you could just say eff it and prepare now(I assume your a cleric or druid based on your weapon and preparing spells).

As far as what to do with the character...well how evil is your pc?:smallamused: You could do anything from spare their life to waterboarding to cooking them in a roux.

2015-03-09, 12:36 PM
He's a faithless Cleric, which surprised the other players.
Beleon is driven by ambition, willing to achieve his ends by any practical means(be it chopping off fingers or sleeping with the king's son/daughter. He's willing to work in both worlds, criminal and legal, and ruthless in pursuit of his goals.

Outwardly, he presents himself as a charismatic and friendly halfling, and in terms of personality, this isn't just a smoke screen. He'll exchange friendly banter even with someone trying to kill him.