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2015-03-09, 08:03 PM
I was thinking it would be between 3-5 levels. Pretty much advance your spell casting and saves as your class. Maybe have a slightly nerfed BaB.

But give Unholy grace, power, and toughness over those 3-5 levels. I was thinking 4 levels would be about right with one dead level. gaining nothing on it. so like this.

Race:any undead
Spells: must know a divine or acrane necromancy spell of each level you know.
Special: must have visited the negative energy plane or maybe be on it to meditate. not sure on this one.
Special: must meditate for a x days or weeks to focus Negative energy into yourself.

1:Unholy Toughness(Cha mod X HD= Hp bonus)
2:Unholy Grace( Cha mod = Deflection AC and save bonus.)
4:Unholy power (Cha mod = Attack bonus and damage bonus.))


1:Unholy Toughness(Cha mod X HD= Hp bonus)
3:Unholy Grace( Cha mod = Deflection AC and save bonus.)
5:Unholy power (Cha mod = Attack bonus and damage bonus.))

I think it might need more requirements. to balance it out tell me what you think.

2015-03-09, 11:03 PM
How about something like...

Type: Must be undead.
HD: Must have at least 5 HD.
Special: Must have meditated on the Negative Energy Plane for one week.
Special: Charisma 12+

HD: 1d12
BaB: Half
Saves: All Good
1. Unholy Ability
2. Unholy Ability
3. Unholy Ability
4. Unholy Ability
5. Unholy Ability

Unholy Ability (Ex): At each level, the <Insert Class Name Here> gains one of the following abilities. Each may be taken only once:
-Unholy Toughness: You may add your Charisma Modifier to the hit points gained from each Hit Die.
-Unholy Grace: You gain a deflection bonus to your AC and Reflex Saves equal to your Charisma Modifier.
-Unholy Power: You gain a profane bonus to your attack and damage rolls equal to your Charisma Modifier.
-Unholy Might: You gain DR 10/magic. Additionally, this class gives full BaB instead of half.
-Unholy Magic: Every level of this class advances the spellcasting of one other spellcasting class you have. Choose which class this applies to upon gaining each level. If you did not have any spellcasting prior to gaining this ability, this ability instead allows you to cast spells as if you were a sorcerer of your <Insert Class Name Here> level.

2015-03-10, 01:44 AM
Sounds wickedly powerful o-o I was afraid mine was OP though. XD I would love to use that PrC. Not sure if the DM would go for it though. I can try. then if its no I can always slowly whittle it down until he does like it. I do love it though. Make for some silly OP lichs. XD Okay copy paste and asking time. Will come back and check other responses.

As for a name I think Scion of the damned sounds cool enough. I think Scion means something of around what this does.

Also Unholy Grace isn't something I made up. It is an undead ability that does what i listed above.

2015-03-10, 07:17 PM
It's really not that OP, given that you essentially have to play a sorcerer necromancer to get the full benefit.