View Full Version : 10th-12th Level gear

2007-04-09, 08:12 PM
My group is currently 10th to 12th level. I was just wondering, how much gear should they all have? I know the WBL table exists, but there have been some areas richer than normal, and other far below. This was mostly caused by the loose campaign setting that allows them to drop a mission and go 2 weeks away to buy barrel upon barrel of caltrops instead. They are all C-N alignment so I let them run free a bit. There are major things going on that will come back to haunt them if they get too far off plot, but anyway.
I was wondering how other parties are equipped by this level range. It's a DragonLance style game if that matters. :smallsmile:

2007-04-09, 09:27 PM
could you tell us what classes there are? It would be easier to recomend anything that way.

2007-04-09, 09:28 PM
with loads and loads of neat stuff. rod of ropes, rings of feather fall, rings of jump, ioun stones are always good, and pooling cash to buy the worlds biggest bounceball!

2007-04-09, 09:50 PM
and pooling cash to buy the worlds biggest bounceball!
I need to get that for my hulking hurler ;P who wants to play dodgeball?