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2007-04-10, 12:33 AM
Not long ago, I had been using a (low level) character in a campaign whose primary weapon was supposed to be nets. Now, he didn't actually engage in that much direct combat(being a second string spellcaster as well), but the idea was fun.

Now, if I ever bring him back I would want to optimize said use of nets. And looking at some other examples(bag of flaming dancing kittens in Homebrew, locking garrotes, others), I got to thinking about starting with some weapon enchantments. Then I got to thinking about an electrified net.

Now, if you enchant a weapon so that it adds an extra die of (insert element here) damage, when does the extra damage trigger? Flavor-wise, if an opponent was entangled by a net, wouldn't they be getting zapped each round until they manage to escape/break free? Would this happen by RAW? This would suddenly make a person with nets a bit more useful instead of just silly.

A second case would be the locking garrote(after the initial hit you can take an action to tie it in place). Unlike a net, this garrote keeps dealing damage while locked onto an opponent. Would this one work if the above did not?

2007-04-10, 05:35 AM
By RAW the weapon has to deal damage to gain any "Extra" damage.
But I think the idea of an electrified net is interesting.
The locking Garrote would definately keep getting the extra damage from a shocking ability, every time it dealt damage infact (I'd suggest acid rather than electricity though).

2007-04-10, 09:46 AM
Ouch. As if the locking garrote wasn't nasty enough.

2007-04-10, 09:48 AM
I do not believe it's in the RAW, but I would personally allow it.

Or, if your DM dowsn't like the idea, you could discuss adding little hooks into the net that can deal damage

2007-04-10, 10:03 AM
Acid damage? No, the locking garrotte should be made Wounding.

Shhalahr Windrider
2007-04-10, 12:57 PM
My gut reaction is a shocking net that deals damage every round a creature remains entangled should probably be a +2 equivalent rather than the standard +1.

But that's just my gut. No special analysis yet. So it may or may not be the best call.

I certainly like the idea anyway. :smallbiggrin:

Meat Shield
2007-04-10, 01:24 PM
Additionally you will want to make the net fibers mithril or adamantine - you don't want anyone snapping your pretty new net the first time out.

Returning (as an at will, not automatically) may be good as well, in case you miss or the target goes down. A house rule that a returning net magically prepares itself for the next throw may not be overpower, check with your DM.

2007-04-10, 04:24 PM
I would probably take a feat for quick/fast draw(can't remember the exact name, doesn't much matter though) on nets, to avoid that pesky time folding it for proper throwing.

Considering the base effect does not do damage, how would you suggest the flat weapon bonuses should be handled? At the very least the pluses would make it much harder to break, on top of mithril/adamantine. The bonus to hit would be nice, but what happens to the damage bonus? Does the net simply impacting the opponent suddenly start doing impacting damage?

Acid damage? No, the locking garrotte should be made Wounding.

... I'm now picturing a Net of Wounding. :smalleek:

Of course even worse would be ability damage to make it harder to escape.

2007-04-10, 04:57 PM
I think a Net of Wounding was in the AVP movie, wasn't it?
But yes, strength/dex damage would be pretty ideal, but there isn't an easy way to do it with existing special qualities that I know of.