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2015-03-13, 03:56 AM
Based around the Character Yukari Yakumo from the Touhou series. But not quite as broken as her. The Prestige Class is a support class based around Versatility and Modification of items and magic.

Feel free to mention typos, anything that seems like it could break the game, or needs a minor tweaking/rewording.

Disciple of the Gaps

D&D 3.5/Pathfinder Custom Prestige Class

"I have devoted my life of the service of a Goddess you’ve never heard of. But she gives me powers to manipulate reality and even magic itself beyond words."

There exists a very obscure religion of "The Lady of the Gaps" a woman who can freely travel between the planes and realities, manipulating everything around her, even other gods with her strange tears in reality dubbed "Gaps" by her worshippers.
Many do not believe in the mysterious lady, many believing her to merely be another god in disguise, and her abilities are far too outlandish for most to comprehend. Those who do believe, and have a little luck, can find others like themselves and learn to use these gaps as well from scrolls left to them by the Lady of the Gaps.

On Disciples of the Gaps

Knowledge Religion DC 15
Clerics who have Bag of Holding like spell.
Knowledge Religion DC 20
They’re a weird kind of cleric using strange holes to warp around or retrieve items.
Knowledge Religion DC 25
The Holes they use seem to be like Bags of Holding, but also allow travel if entered
Knowledge Religion DC 30
They follow a strange religion based around a mysterious woman who makes “gaps”
Knowledge Religion DC 35
The Lady of the Gaps is a mysterious figure how grants them their powers, allowing them to alter things that enter their gaps and travel great distances.

The Lady of the Gaps
Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Travel, Creation, and Magic.

Knowledge Religion DC 30
The Lady of the Gaps Is a goddess few have heard of or worship due to the secrecy with which her disciples keep the knowledge of her existence and teachings.
Knowledge Religion DC 35
The Lady of the Gaps is a goddess who can move between dimensions and grants a similar ability to her disciples. She is known to collect dying species and whisk them away to her personal dimension to preserve them. None have returned from said dimension

Prestige Class Requirements:
Must be Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral, or True Neutral. The Lady of the Gaps only allows those who look at situations with an untinted moral lense to learn her ways. Finding those who believe themselves extremely self-righteous or unashamedly evil to be troublesome to teach and continue to gift with her abilities.
If for any reason your alignment changes from one of these alignments, you lose all abilities related to your gaps until it is changed back. You do however gain an additional +4 to resist any alignment change (Except for DM mandate on player behavior driven alignment change), this increases by an additional +1 every two levels of this class .
Lawful followers usually stick to the tenants of the Lady, to keep an open mind and look at all possibilities regardless of their apparent absurdity or strangeness. This results in them often coming off as quite strange as they consider many bizarre options and explanations for a scenario. They will refuse to blatantly explain their gaps if possible, wanting to keep the secrets only between those who truly believe in their goddess.
Neutral followers usually keep the word of the Lady's existence silent, keeping their abilities secret from all but those they must reveal them to. Or using them freely for personal convenience such as travel, personal space, and storage,
Chaotic followers usually use the Gaps impulsively. Using them to help make their incredibly whimsical lives easier. Though they will personally decide whether or not to mention where they found their powers.
Must be able to cast Teleport as a Divine Spell.
If a Disciples of the Gaps multi-classes into a class with Domain Spells, they may only gain bonus spells from one domain, their primary domain becomes Travel. The use of Gaps taking up all spell slots they would use to receive those spells. If they would only gain one domain from their Additional Class/ Prestige Class, it is automatically Travel, and the use of Gaps takes up that domain's spell slots.
They must worship the Lady of the Gaps.
Clerics of the Lady of the Gaps compulsively choose not to have access to the Gaps, taking a more traditional method to worship her. They may choose to Prestige into a Disciple though at later levels, the above restrictions to domains still applying.

Main skills
Wis (for Gaps)
Strength (For Damage)
Dex (for AC)

Class Features
Gain the class skill “Use Magic Device”
BAB: Continues as though you leveled up as a Cleric
Base Saves: Continue to level up as if you were a Cleric
You continue to gain caster levels and bonus spells as if you were still leveling up as a Cleric. You do not gain any higher level spells beyond those you could cast before you prestiged into the Disciple of the Gaps.

Gaps: A disciple of the gaps may slip between realities, planes, locations, or ideas. They create "gaps" in reality to cross between, manipulating those that pass through them. Little is known about the gaps other than their existence.
Gaps appear to be black, round, flat voids with red pupiled eyes staring out from them. Tied at the top and bottom with blood red ribbons. The ribbons cannot be removed and appear to be part of the gaps.
Gaps may appear facing any direction and do not need to be applied to a surface.
Retrieval/placement Gap: To retrieve an item from a gap is a free action to put something inside one is a Standard action.
Location Change: Opens two gaps. One at your location and another location as an at will ability (still requires only one Daily Gap use) Anyone/thing entering one gap will appear out of the other gap instantly. Anyone may look through these kinds of gaps and see out the other side.
Disciples gain use of gaps equal to their WIS Modifier, and gain an additional Gap every other level beyond and including, first ( 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th , etc.)
Any creature may exist in a gap for Rounds Equal to twice their Constitution Score. Save for a Disciple of the Gaps, who is may be inside a gap indefinitely. All others are absorbed into the gaps, lost forever. They may not be reincarnated, resurrected, or otherwise brought back to life or brought into another dimension if they perish within the gaps. Their souls doomed to wander the gaps until they are called upon.
They may not affect events on any plane from within a gap unless they have a gap open to that dimension and can see their target. They may not scry, or have any form of divination/magic used to locate them/another person while they are within the gap. The gaps are all but a separate reality, separate from the planes on all levels.
The initial distance between any two gaps is 500' +50ft/level of Disciple of the Gaps.
The size of a default Gap is a 5 diameter (gaps have no depth in the real world and appear two-dimensional when viewed from the side). To increase this size, a Disciple of the gaps may expend an additional use of their daily gaps use to increase this to a 10’ diameter gap, and another to increase it to 15’ diameter and so on. Opening and Closing a gap is a Standard Action (though requires only one use of a gap to open it, the closing does NOT require an additional use).
Closing a larger than normal gap takes rounds equal to the amount of additional Gap uses expended to create it. A 15’ gap would take 2 rounds to close. A 10’ would take one additional round.
An opponent may be forced into a gap. They receive a Reflex save to dodge entering the gap. The DC for this is 10 + WIS Modifier +1 per Disciple of the Gaps Level. Once inside, they may move freely about the gap, and attempt to escape during their next turn.
To hold open two gaps beyond the first round after they are created, you must make a Concentration Check (DC 15). This check can be adjusted for the situation, and is a standard action. To hold open multiple larger gaps, add +2 to the DC per size larger the gaps are. Holding open two 10’ gaps incurs a +4 increase to the check. (+2 per larger gap). Holding open two 15’ gaps incurs a +8.
Opening a gap does not invoke an attack of opportunity, interacting with the gap in combat does not either. If you attempt to pull an object out of a gap, or run into on, you do not invoke an attack of opportunity.
A foe tossed into a gap may attempt to hold it open, or force their way through a gap no more than 2 size categories smaller than themselves, by making a strength check to hold it open or get it to the original larger size. They may not make it larger than it was when it was initially created. (if a large creature goes through a 10’ gap, they can turn around and attempt a strength check to get it back to it's 10’ size). Every attempt to open a gap by force gives its creator a chance to counter the Strength check with a will save. The DC of the will Save is equal to the total Strength check of to person forcing the gap open.
If an individual perishes within the gaps, all of their possessions are lost to the Gaps, nothing of their body or items they were holding or had on them will be left behind (Their soul is taken to the dimension of The Lady of the Gaps. This excludes Experience Points you'd garner from defeating the enemy.

Uses: Gaps, may cross the following boundaries
(1st) Location: Gaps may be used to cross between any two locations, transferring items across them. The inside of a gap is similar to a Bag of Holding.
(3rd) Shape & Sharing: A disciple of the Gaps may put a weapon into a gap, then pull out any weapon of the same category (Simple, Martial, Exotic, etc.). If the weapon they insert is a Masterwork weapon, the weapon they pull out will also be a Masterwork weapon of the new Weapon type. Any enchantments on the weapon also carry over to the new weapon. A weapon may not be "upgraded" to masterwork or with additional enhancements if inserted into a gap. If the weapon is made of a unique material (crystal, darkwood, cold iron, etc.), the new weapon will be of a similar type. If a +1 Masterwork Cold Iron Club is inserted into a gap, they may pull out a +1 Masterwork Cold Iron Staff, +1 Masterwork Cold Iron Knife, etc.
It must be the same size or one size category up or down as the weapon initially inserted (it may not then be shrunk or expanded again from the modified size except back to it’s original size, or one category up or down from there).
You may insert a medium longsword, pull out a large longsword.
You then can only make the large longsword go down to a medium sized longsword when placed into another gap.
This does not grant them proficiency with the weapon or armor they pull out.
If anyone other than a gap user, or a character “anointed” by a gap user attempts to use the altered item, the item returns to it’s original state.
(3rd) Gap Anointing Ritual : You may do a ritual that takes 1 hour to make a number of characters equal to your number of Daily Gap Uses (total, not current) to become “Annointed” by drawing an eye like those that appear in the gaps on the center of their forehead from your own blood. They then may use Gap altered items as long you the Disciple still considers them an ally. You may only do this ritual once per day to one person.
(5th) Manipulation of Magic: Any rod may be inserted into a gap may be fully charged once per day. A wand may not be charged. Any wand, or magical device or have its assigned spell swapped out for another spell of the same level. Each change requires opening a new gap per item.
For example, a Wand of Fireball may be inserted into the gap, then pulled out as a Wand of Tiny Hut. If you open another gap, you may change a Wand of Lightning Bolt into a Wand of Fireball. Inserting any wand into the already used for modification gap will simply store it, not change it again.
This applies for Eternal Wands as well, resetting their Twice-per Day use limit (once per day), and allowing you to change their base spell. (Ebberon only)
If any armor the party has has a spell-like effect on it, you may swap that effect for a similar effect. A Belt of Healing (1st level Cleric spell) may be turned into a Belt of Summon Monster 1 (1st level Cleric spell), with the same amount of charges (3) per day.
The Class the spell is pulled from must be chosen at item creation. Speak with Animals as a 3rd level Bard spell, as opposed to Speak with Animals as a 1st level Druid/ Ranger spell.
You may only create items as if you were your own class, a Cleric may not make a wizard/sorcerer based wand and manipulate its spells from there. A Cleric with the Magic domain may create a Wand of Magic Missile, but may then only use other 1st level spells available to Clerics as a pool of reference for Spell Change.
Only a gap user or anointed individual may use the altered spell. When another attempts to use it, it returns back to it’s original spell.
If someone steals a Wand of Fireball that was originally a Wand of Tiny Hut, the person using the stolen wand will use the Tiny Hut Spell. When the Disciple gets the Wand, it is now a Wand of Fireball again.
They may not switch to domain spells they do not have access to.
If a Cleric finds a Wand created by a wizard, they may modify the spell the wand/rod casts to any other spell from the Wizard/ Sorcerer spell list. DC20 Spellcraft check to grasp what kind of magic user made the wand.
This does not allow for changes to the +X modifier of a weapon or armor, or magic device.
(7th) Distance & Dimension: A Disciple of the Gaps may set a number of locations equal to his total amount of daily gap uses. He must have visited said locations at least once in order to set the gap at that location. To mark a locations as a Fixed Gap Point, a Disciple must stand at the location for one hour, this marks where his gap will appear. Using this ability from any locations beyond the base reach of a gap costs the use of two daily gaps, but will always safely move anyone who goes through the gap to the selected location. A disciple may dismiss a fixed Gap Point at will, but must return to the location and repeat the ritual to reestablish the location as a point. This ability may be used to cross planes, requiring two daily uses to make a cross planar trip. In addition, you no longer require the concentration check to hold open two 5x5 gaps. Any larger gaps still incur the previously mentioned penalties.
(9th) Properties: A Disciple of the Gaps may freely manipulate the form of any weapon or armor they insert into a gap, They may insert any weapon into a gap, and pull out a weapon of any form, made of any material, still up or down only one size category (Same rules as the Shape section).
It may not then be shrunk or expanded again from it’s modified size. This does not allow them to change enchantments of a weapon or allow the addition of the Masterwork trait. You may insert a Medium sized Longsword, and pull out a Large Longsword. You may not then insert the Large Longsword, then pull out a Giant Longsword.
Example: A Disciple may insert a +1 Masterwork Knife, and pull out a +1 Masterwork Cold Iron Longsword, or +1 Masterwork Crystal Spiked Chain.
Example 2: A Disciple may insert a +3 Enchanted Masterwork Iron Chestplate, and pull out a +3 Enchanted Masterwork Mithril Chainshirt.
(9th) Divine Favor: For showing their loyalty to her, a Disciple of the Gaps gains the ability to cast the Miracle spell from The Lady of The Gaps once per day. You are still required to have all the spell components for the Miracle Spell in order to cast it.

Disciples of the Gaps tend to be stand-offish with True Seers, as their magic fundamentally undermines that of the True Seer. True Seers find the Disciples an enigma, their true nature masked by the gaps and the gaps always feel "off" to a True Seer, as the gap is a tear in the fabric of reality.


Q: Couldn't the gaps be used to kill a Tarrasque?
A: Theoretically yes. If you could get it into a Gap large enough (Which would expend a lot of your Daily Uses) and close said gap (which will take a few rounds and it's allowed to try and get out so have fun with that massive will save you'll be attempting to keep it inside), you COULD Kill the Tarrasque with little to no effort. Though you wouldn't get any any loot. You're better off "killing" it (getting down to some ridiculously big -HP amount), then dropping it in a gap so it can't escape. But given her collection based nature, The Lady of The Gaps may whisk it away to her dimension for safekeeping, rather than let it die in a Gap.

Q: Isn't this class a bit powerful?
A: It's managed by the fact you have limited magic (a bit better than a paladin as you stop at 5th level spells [6th it you wait a few levels and don’t want the 9th level ability and Miracle]), and using the Gaps as an offensive technique takes away a lot of your gap uses and can go terribly wrong. You also have a bad case of MAD, as you want high WIS, DEX, and potentially STR to be a useful party member in combat. Outside combat, you’re very valuable as you can switch up armor, weapons, and spells on magic items.

Q: What was the basis for this class?
A: Aside from me being a fan of the Touhou series (small surprise) I like adaptability in a class. These abilities turn the cleric into not only a good healer, but let them grant further support to the party via means of instant evacuation, and spell/weapon/armor flexibility. Any new monster you run into may be able to make the party flee, but after some research, they can come back, decked out with appropriate gear without having to have spent a fortune on it.

Q: Are the gap their own dimension?
A: Yesno. They are rips in reality, time, and space. You can only access it through a gap a Disciple made, or The Lady of The Gaps created.

Q: What happens if a Lich put his Phylactery inside a gap? Wouldn't that render him unkillable as nobody could get at it?
A: Kinda. If a lich mind-controlled someone to put it’s phylactery into a gap, they have to leave the gap open, as the lich cannot control the person from closed gap space to order them to open a closed gap. Since he has to appear somewhere, he'd need a Fixed Point Gap to store it (which other disciples could find), so he needs to appear somewhere specific to get back to the Place he desires to be on as he has no ability to manipulate anyone/thing whilst in the Gap. Also, the Lady of the Gaps likely wouldn't allow a disciple to become a lich. She'd take away their abilities so if they did die, they'd be stuck in the gaps for all of eternity.

Q: What happens if you throw a Warforged/golem/nonliving thing/thing that does not need to breathe inside a gap?
A: If they are not a Disciple, or anointed by a Disciple, or familiar or item created by a disciple, they will perish after the number of rounds equal to twice their Constitution
Score has been reached. If they have no Constitution score for any reason, they use their Charisma Score instead.

Q: Can I drop a monster from a portal into another that’s up reeeally high and make them fall to their doom?
A: Yes if they fail the reflex save. This will deal a ton of fall damage and be messy, you monster.

Q: Why didn’t you make it so a portal has to be applied to a surface?
A: Flexibility, also it would only sometimes stop someone from dropping an enemy out of the sky.

Q: Can I drop a boulder on an enemy?
A: Yes, requires two gaps though and someone to help you push the boulder. You also need the gaps to be wide enough to let the boulder pass through them.

Q: Can I use the gaps as a way to return arrows fired at me?
A: Yes, but you must stand directly behind the gap to make the projectiles get redirected. You must make a successful attack roll against an opponent who fired the arrows in order for them to hit the enemy.

Q: Can I use a gap to redirect Magic Missile?
A: No, the missile will go around the gap.

Q: Can I move a gap once it’s been created?
A: No, you must close it and/or create a new gap.

Q: Can I enter from the (no depth) side?
A: Yesno. you must enter from a 45 degree angle like a gate or door. Otherwise there is no effect.

Q: What if I summon it in water?
A: The water will not move. You have to actively move the water (using a bowl or something) or will it to move (think “I want water to pass through this gap”). You may drain a body of water like this, but unless you have a decent reason (DM discretion) The Lady of the Gaps (DM) will revoke your powers, or just actively make the water refill from another gap so there is no effect. I suggest just making the enemy fall into a gap and appear 500’ under water. They’ll probably drown before they resurface.

Q: Can I make it so someone’s blood/fluids can’t pass through a gap?
A: No, you monster.

Q: Could I dump lava onto an enemy if there was a source of lava nearby?
A: Yes, you monster.

Q: Could I dump an enemy into lava?
A: If they fail the reflex save, yes.

Q: What if I open a gap inside a wall?
A: No. You will not be able to pass through the gap because there is a wall there. You can make a gap facing a wall. Feel free to re-enact a Roadrunner and Wilie E Coyote stunt by telling someone of lower intelligence that it’s just a dark room.

Q: Can I store food in the gap?
A: Yes, it will dry out or go stale after a while though.

Q:What if I throw a portable hole into a Gap?
A: The portable hole will vanish.

Q: Does the gap have a front and back?
A: it has a front (where you can see the eyes or other side of the second location). And a back, which will also have the same appearance as the front. Both sides may be used to enter/exit a gap.