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2015-03-15, 03:13 PM
so over In This Thread I started, (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?403466-Casting-Stat-Switch-Up) I mentioned that i had a different view of what the Sorcerer Class should be. The mechanics of the Sorcerer class means its essentially a MetaCaster. I don't think this should be a stand alone class, and definately not a charisma based class (but do recognize that giving a full caster the casting stat of CON is a bit OP.

So here is my take on what the Sorcerer should be... (it will probably be awhile before I get a chance to test it, since we're expecting child number 2 in like 4 days)...

Within your blood lies the heritage of a powerful entity. This Being may have been a God or high ranking servant, a Dragon, a Fiend, or the random raw buildup of raw magic (known as SpellFyre) within your blood. Sorcerers tend to have a high Constitution signifying how the magic within their veins has enhanced them physically, frequently having to resist SpellFyre damage to their own bodies.

In order to take levels as a Sorcerer, you must have a pre-existing full spell casting class. Your levels as Sorcerer can NOT exceed the number of levels you possess from any single full caster class. Your spell casting ability for any Sorcerer spells or abilities will be that of whichever full spell casting class you have the most levels of (in the case of a tie, player may choose which class to use).

Sorcerer counts as a ˝ caster class for purposes of determining total multiclass spell slots. The Multiclass requirement for Sorcerer is Constitution of 13.
When you acquire Sorcerer as a multiclass, you gain proficiency in Arcana. If you already have proficiency in Arcana you gain expertise Arcana. If you already have expertise Arcana, you gain no additional benefit.

Cantrip – you gain Eldritch Blast as a Cantrip, this spell utilizes the spell casting ability of your highest level pre-existing spell casting class. You gain 1 additional Cantrip of your choice (from any spell list) at levels: 2, 4, 7, and 10. (If you already know Eldritch Blast, you may choose any other Cantrip from any Spell List.)

Additional Spell Slots – You gain an additional level 1 Spell Slot, that is independent of your normal spell slots. This Spell slot refreshes only after completing a long rest (cannot benefit from Arcane Recovery or Natural Recovery). You gain a level 2 Slot at Sorcerer level 2, a level 3 slot at level 4, a level 4 slot at level 5, a level 5 slot at level 7, a level 6 slot at level 8, and a level 7 slot at level 10.

Spells known – when you gain an additional spell slot, you also gain a spell of that level from any spell casting class you possess, and these spells must be spells you have previously cast. These spells count as always being prepared.
Font of Magic – You gain Sorcery Points equal to your Sorcerer Level. These can be used with Flexible Casting or later Metamagic.

Flexible Casting - Sorcery Points can be converted into low level Spell Slots and vice versa: Level 1 Slot costs 2 points, Level 2 costs 3 points, Level 3 costs 5 points, Level 4 costs 6 points, and level 5 costs 7 points.

@L2: Metamagic – you acquire 2 metamagic abilities (see PHB 102), you gain 1 more at levels 5 and 9.

@L3: SpellFyre – with magic flowing through your viens you can cast magic in its most raw form (Force). When you cast a damage spell, you may change the damage type to Force.

@L4: ASI

@L5: Elemental Conversion – You are adept at working with magic in its raw form, and can replace any of the following elemental tags with any of the other listed elemental tags: Acid, Bludgeoning, Cold, Fire, Force, Lightning, Necrotic, Piercing, Poison, Radiant, Slashing, or Thunder.
@L6: Magical Secrets – You learn 1 spell of choice from any class. The spell you choose must be of a level for which you have Additional Spell Slots (from Sorcerer), this spell counts as always being prepared for your highest level spell casting class. At level 9 you may select an additional spell.

Empowered SpellFyre – you can reach deep within yourself and put additional “umph” into your spells. Your damaging spells now do an additional amount of damage equal to your Constitution Modifier. AND your concentration spells last an additional round (up to the spell’s maximum) after you stop concentrating or lose concentration. Doing so strains your body however, and you take 1 + Spell Level of Force damage, this damage is taken immediately after you cast the spell and ignores resistance and immunity. Electric blue SpellFyre flames cover targets that are hit with spells that have affects additional to damage. Those effects remain the same as the original spell, though they may appear slightly different depending on how SpellFyre interacts with the target. (example: a creature hit by Chill Touch may appear to be “on fire” and the flames soak up any attempts to heal the target. Or a Creature hit by Ray of Frost, may have “flames” on their feet that seem to grasp into whatever surface the creature is standing on.)

@L8: ASI

@L9: 1 Magic Secret

@L10: Power Surge – You can increase the power of your simpler spells. When you cast a spell of 5th level or lower that deals damage, you can deal maximum damage with that spell. When you use this feature you take 2d8 Force damage for each level of the spell. This damage is taken immediately after you cast the spell, and ignores resistance and immunity. (Cantrips cast in this fashion deal 1d8 force damage to the caster.) In addition, if you take maximum damage from using this feature you are also stunned until the end of your next turn, even if you are normally immune to stun effects.

*I have a table made, up and will get that in here with edits*

2015-03-15, 03:15 PM
Notes of Emphasis:
1. Requires a separate Full Casting Class.

2. Sorcerer levels can NEVER exceed the levels you have in any single full casting class.

3. You only gain 1 spell known when you gain an extra spell slot. This spell MUST be a spell you have cast using your other full caster class and MUST be the level for which you just gained an Additional Sorcerer Spell Slot.

4. You gain 1 Additional Spell Slot over the normal maximum for each spell levels 1-7. These slots refresh on a Long Rest and can NOT receive the benefit of Arcane/Natural Recovery. (mechanically these slots make up for lost slots and lost sorcery points)

5. Spell DC and Spell Attack Bonus is calculated using your pre-existing full caster class.

6. Eldritch Blast functions as a class cantrip for whichever full casting class you utilize

7. Eldritch Blast could potentially benefit from 2 modifier bonuses (ex = Evocation Wizard/Sorc, or Knowledge Cleric/Sorc), this would only occur at Effective Character Level 20 and 16 respectively, AND does minimal Force damage to the caster.

8. Your Cantripis after Eldritch Blast can be chosen from any spell List and function as a class spell for whichever full casting class you utilize.

9. Power Surge does less damage than Overchannel but gets no “Freebie”, does damage when used on Cantrips and has the possibility of stunning the caster (fairly high chance with cantrips @12.5%)

10. The Concentration portion of Empowered SpellFyre has not equivalent that I am aware of.

11. The Sorcerer levels listed are essentially doubled for Effective Character Level, so an ability gained at L7 is really Character Level 14 as a minimum.

2015-03-15, 06:14 PM
The fact that this class seems to require multiclassing to be effective means it's going against the design philosophy of 5th Edition.

2015-03-16, 04:35 PM
The fact that this class seems to require multiclassing to be effective means it's going against the design philosophy of 5th Edition.

Any caster that wants meta casting currently MUST either:
A.) Choose Sorcerer
B.) MC into Sorcerer at some point

To me, sorcerer seems simply to be a caster class built around being a meta caster... which I'm fine with. I however do NOT think that should be a stand alone class.

For instance, in my current campaign world, DragonBorn Sorcerer's don't exist. I have allowed the Wild Sorcs, but that leaves a bit to be desired IMO. The reason for the ban, is past history within the setting... To input the class into the world, I'd need something else.

This is my attempt to put Sorcerer meta-magic into the game without requiring wild mage, in a fashion that makes sense to the game world I run... I do realize that means its a bit campaign specific, but figure I'd post here to see if anyone sees any balance issues? Besides a caster giving up access to 9th level spell slots, I dont see too much of an issue.

I envision the class being a L10 Wiz (or Cleric) with 10 levels of Sorcerer... Caster specialization of raw magic through the spells they have cast...

2015-03-16, 04:40 PM
Any caster that wants meta casting currently MUST either:
A.) Choose Sorcerer
B.) MC into Sorcerer at some point

To me, sorcerer seems simply to be a caster class built around being a meta caster... which I'm fine with. I however do NOT think that should be a stand alone class.

You are correct. Sorcerer's are the "Pure" magic users of the world: they manipulate magic in it's raw form and, as such, can mess with it at a base level (Metamagic). Wizards are "Refined" casters: They study the million different formula and patterns required to make magic work for those not born with an innate connection to it (Traditions), and as such cannot interact with it at the base level.

What you have here is a Prestige Class. 5e isn't the place for prestige classes. Metamagic isn't a thing every caster is SUPPOSED to have access to.