View Full Version : Undead Graft Idea.

2015-03-16, 08:28 PM
Something like a tentacle arm that can form a basic clawed hand. It has slight reach. is made up entirely of negative energy. Does light to moderate base damage. with a bonus to hit and damage based off the characters will (wisdom mod). It replaces one or both arms. so two different versions of it.

Location: arm or arms
Availability: Undead only
Cost: -2Dex
Effect:Replaces arms with tentacle like limbs made of negative energy. dealing 1D6+wis mod damage. Bonus to attack based only off characters will(wis mod.) instead of strength or dexterity. They lose no item slots. you can still use weapons but now attack and damage that was given by strength is instead based off of wis. These arms also keep all special nonphysical attacks the arms had before.

Effect both arms: besides the above for both arms you get The ability to focus energy between your hands as a standard(1 attack) or full round action (what you would get with a full attack.) at a range of Wis mod X 10ft max. Dealing damage as the claws would. 1D6+wis mod negative energy.

2015-03-19, 01:28 AM
Here's a class completely based on grafting.


First, we don't know what game this applies.

Second, we don't know what type of attack this is, is it a weapon, unarmed or natural?

Third, grafts have a cost, even when used by DMs.

Fourth, there's no damage type.

Fifth, Wis mod and ignoring BAB? Why?

Sixth, lose no "item slots", you mean magical item slots?

Seventh, does this give you reach or not? You can apply all attacks at that reach as a FRA? "Dealing damage as the claws would" implies you are not even using the claws anymore.

I suggest looking for some references to serve as examples for constructing a graft, then write it in a similar fashion.