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2015-03-17, 10:09 AM
My brother is looking to start a game with some friends. He wants this to be based on the boko GRUNTS! (High Fantasy Orcs who get their hands on firearms). He has asked me to help him create some firearms and campaign specific sub-classes as I have played done a bit of DMing.

He wants the bard to be a spy type subclass, but everything he wanted to give it already existed in the other classes. I have come up with a set of abilities that he really likes, and I would like to get everyone's thoughts on this sub class. Thanks!

I am AFB and forgot the levels that bards get their 3 class abilities.

College of Espionage

Extra Proficiencies:
Bards of the College of Espionage get proficiency in small firearms and one skill.

<Insert Ability Name> Level 3 (?)
//This ability typically adjusts the traditional use of Inspiration dice by enhancing or expanding its effect.

Whenever someone expends a Bardic Inspiration dice, the Bard may use his/her reaction to move up to 15 ft. and make a stealth check, even in battle. Stealth restrictions reduced to light obscurement.

//Use of the inspiration dice distracts those who see it (really inspired!). This allows him the opportunity to slink away and re-position.

<Insert Ability Name> Level 5 (?)
//This ability increases utility or number of actions. Extra spells known or extra attack.

Whenever a bard of espionage hits an enemy, they get disadvantage on the next spell he casts against them.

//This is a little strong, but there is resistance against it. And I don't really have an exciting alternative at this point.

<Insert Ability Name> Level 14
//This is the capstone of the sub-class. Should be cool and useful.

Whenever the bard hits with advantage, he/she may roll one Bardic Inspiration Dice and add its result to the damage roll.

//This is a combination of the College of Valor's first ability and the College of Lore's capstone. It doesn't allow the bard to roll for
//ability checks or attack rolls. It is very selfish, but combos well with his first ability.
//The main balancing factor for this is it can be used at most 5 times/day, and will probably have to take a back seat
//to the first ability at least once to use.

Again, thanks for any constructive help.

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