View Full Version : Priscilla the Dark Souls Half-Dragon Character Sheet???

2015-03-17, 06:50 PM
Well i was thinking that Half-Dragons on D&D and H.D. On Dark Souls are pretty different. Since none of those where Giant Scythe wielding Fluffy tailing Chicks. So i was thinking about. How could her Character sheet\Race\Monster\NPC would be in a D&d World? She would be like a Ice Dragon\Giant Sorcerer or something like that?

- Ice Breath weapon
- Icewalk
- Ice immunity & vulnerability to Fire
- Oversized weapon & Rock Trowing
- Some Ice Theme Spells and Such...

Well im surprised that no one tryed to make this crossover of Worlds to make a great NPC or monster...

What do you Guys think?