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2015-03-19, 11:11 PM
Post a way for your character to die in every post. In every new post, continue the story line and type out another way he or she dies.

The Chosen Undead awakens in a large underground crypt, at the tail end of a huge series of caverns and lethal creatures.
He pulls off the coffin and, a slab of rock falls on him and he dies.

2015-04-15, 05:04 PM
After a long sigh from the player, The Chosen Undead lifts off the lid once more and quickly dodges out of the way of an incomming slab. Relieved, he cautiously makes his way to the entrance but, unfortunetly, fails to notice a shelf in the dark which he bumps into, jostling a small pot and sending it to the floor, which shatters upon impact, releasing vengeful locust spirits that tear into his skin and consume his unholy flesh until nothing remains but The Chosen Skeleton.

Targ Collective
2015-04-30, 08:14 PM
This is a minor annoyance for the Chosen Skeleton. as a mage, he can regenerate flesh with a thought. Unfortunately the effort exhausts him and he becomes the Chosen Coma Patient.

2015-04-30, 08:49 PM
Chosen Coma Patient reawakens in the Undead Asylum. He lazily steps on his two feet and starts to make his way to the hallway. He bumps into the insane warden and is decapitated before he can react.

2015-05-01, 08:20 AM
The insane warden is possessed by the Chosen Coma Patient's soul. Sadly, he is still insane and jumps out of the window.

Did I mention the Insane Cactus Garden down there?