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2015-03-21, 01:08 AM
So forum. What are some of your home grown organizations for any D&D game? Also, what do you think of mine?

This was an AD&D 2E game playing a chavelier loosly based on Rhaegar Targaryen
Type: knightly order / occupational guild
The Order: In the original adventure I used it, it was the order of the Phoenix but for the resultant uses i just substituted the animal in question. The Order of the (insert name here or INH)is a Confraternal order of people of good and honorable standing, in service of the city state of Northrend(Faerun Northgate razed and rebuilt). As a whole, they seek to enhance the lives of those around them by providing protection and service to those that can't protect themselves, or are in need of assistance. The order of precedence in service is as follows:
King and city-state
Noble and citizen
Knightly brother, or fellow party members
Travelers and merchants

The Rank structure:
Initiates: Perspective members of the Knighthood. These members are held in a probationary status, but are expected to receive the respect and hospitality of a full-fledged member of the order from those outside the order. Initiates shall be held in this position for 2 years while they are watched and taken note of by other members. At the end of this period they will be brought before a council of no less than one Marshall and 2 members and their actions will be covered in detail to determine if they are to be made a member (this may take hours or a few days). They are almost always accompanied by a member of the order(always for official business).
Member: This level of esteem is granted to those that have proven they are of the quality of honorable and noble bearing that is the Order of the ( INH). Members have been recognized by their fellow brothers, and shall receive hospitality when they require it. They are required to uphold the order's ethos at all times, and will be reprimanded if they violate it. Members of the order shall receive hospitality by powers that recognize the order's authority, if required (regardless of their class) and, are expected to offer it to those in need who are also recognized by the city-state of Northrend and the Order of the (INH)
Marshall: These are the most senior members of the order. They may be of any section of the brotherhood. This rank is awarded to those that are recognized by other marshalls to be the epitimy of the values held by the Order of the (INH). This rank is not given lightly, it is only earned by those who have proven themselves to be able and honorable both in and out of combat. Those awarded this rank are considered Knightly, even if they are not true martial knights. The councel that determines new Marshalls will be conducted by; the Grand Marshall of the department the member is a part of, no less than 4 Marshalls, and 2 Members. The ritual takes several days (possibly weeks) of accounting all the known actions of the perspective member, and all Marshalls present must unanimously agree that all their actions hold to the standards of the order.
Grand Marshall (single star): This position is granted by the Lord Marshall in agreeancce of all other Grand Marshalls of the order present. Grand marshalls are the heads of their respective department (Knights, Auxilia, Adepts, Healers). They assume all responsibility for their subordinates and are entitled to administer punishments on matters relative to maintaining discipline within their department. They answer directly to the Lord Marshall in all matters. There are to be at least 2 Grand Marshalls per department. Requirements for this position:.fluff, blah fluff.
Lord Marshall (2 Stars): The Lord Marshall is the head of the order, and answers to the local governing body. This position is only a awarded by a vote of all Grand Marshalls, and must be determined by majority vote. Lord Marshalls are granted the authority to make decisions that can influence the very structure of the order with the approval of the body of Grand Marshalls (majority vote).

Order break down by department:
Knights (Cavaliers/Paladins/Samurai...etc.): Held in high esteem on account of their ethos restrictions and combat abilities. These units operate as surgical strike teams, removing the leadership of enemy forces and major threats to allied forces.
Auxillia: Fighters and other combatants not held to combat or ethos restrictions. These units operate by engaging others; tying them up for flanking maneuvers or preventing them from reacting to changing conditions. These units include Cavalry, Pike/Spearmen, and men at arms.
Adepts: Magical users that pose to bring a serious combat advantage to those they are working with.
Healers: Priests and Medical professionals that can provide combat support on the field and at base camps.

Liberty: Provide for the freedom of yourself and others to be free from oppression and fear.
Honor: Discover great respect for your brothers from those around you through meritorious actions; deeds, words, and intent.
Piety(Good Faith): Belief in and seeking guidance from something greater than yourself heps us to achieve enlightenment and peace of mind. A different perspective is not to be frowned upon, as long as it is not based upon the detriment of others.
Glory: Achieve approval for your brothers and yourself through honorable deeds and actions.
Unselfishness: Charity and voluntary help to others will grant us greater peace of mind.
Pride: Good appearance, stature, and respect for your brothers will bring us all honor.
Courtesy: Show respect to all regardless of Race, Religion, and Gender.
Bravery: Selfless action above all others. Do not avoid danger when the lives of others is at stake.

Code of Conduct:
Fealty and obedience to superiors.
Respect for peers and subordinates.
Cheerfully render service to nobles and citizens alike.
Defense of any charge unto death.
Glory and honor in combat.
Never be untruthful or deceptive.
Never knowingly consort with those who would do the nation, brotherhood, or populace harm.
Scorn those who oppose the ideals of the nation and brotherhood.
Seek out and correct injustice.
Ingenuity and clever thinking are to be rewarded.
Death before dishonor.