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2015-03-21, 08:14 AM
I just released my new prestige class PDF book for the Pathfinder RPG. It has 12 prestige classes as well as a chapter on playing liontaurs as a race in Pathfinder. It has NOT been playtested, however, so I'm not only looking to give it away for free, but I'm also looking for playtesters to give it a whirl.

The final version of the book (release planned for mid-August) will also be free, but playtesters will get a warm thank you and shout out in the credits, so you got that going for ya ... and I'm hoping some people will want to give it some play time and criticism. I'm dedicated to the proposition that prestige classes can be fun and attractive without power inflation!

I'm running a couple playtest games myself via play-by-post, so I'd welcome volunteers for that too.

Please click to check out this free 80-page, 30,000-word PDF. (http://cayzle.com/splat) Contact me here or via email at [email protected]

The book is "Cayzle's Little Splat Book Of Prestige & Class."
http://cayzle.com/splat/PrCBookBetaCoverSmall.jpg (http://cayzle.com/splat)

2015-03-23, 10:13 AM
I've got enough interest to run a playtest but I have room for more. Email me or respond here if you want in. [email protected]

I'll be using the standard Pathfinder point buy method to generate ability scores, with characters having 22 points to spend. Your characters will be 12th level, in order to give you a decent chance to try the prestige classes.

We'll be playing one post per day, one round per post, every weekday, for about 2-3 months I'm guessing. Nonstop action! I'll make some allowance for vacations and emergencies, but if you cannot commit to posting every weekday through the end of June, please do not join! There will be no players fighting players, but there is a competition component, a kind of a race. So you have to compete with each other AND work together to survive.

Every character has to have one prestige class from my book, and not just a 1-2 level dip. I'd prefer each player to pick a different prestige class from my book!

I'm going to allow all Core Rules and the Advanced Players Guide freely, except no Alchemist. No prestige classes other than the ones in my splat book. Advanced Players Guide archtypes are fine, but only those. No base classes except those in the Core Rules and the Advanced Players Guide -- no gunslingers, no psionics, etc. Characters will have , but with limits on charged items, scrolls, potions, and how much you can spend on a single item.

There are a couple good places online to get the rules, but I find this one is easiest for those who need a refresher: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/gettingStarted.html. Bookmark it! Click through the links in the upper left column!
And of course, my splat book is here: http://cayzle.com/splat. I've already found (or been alerted to) a few easy-fix typos and problems, which I'll fix in a 0.91 release before we start.

2015-03-25, 01:10 PM
The playtest game is starting at this forum on erfworld.com:


We have 8 players already, with room for up to four more. Here's some game info:

Brief description: You are contestants in the 277th running of the Games of Prestige & Class! Up to 12 champions compete for reknown as they race to see who can defeat vicious enemies and pass horriffic challenges to win the prestigious Classy Crown. In this three-day challenge, on the first day you compete alone, on the second, in small groups, and on the third, as one large group.

Character Creation: 22 point buy method for Ability Scores. PC Level 12.
Races Allowed: Core Races and Featured Races from the Core Rules, the APG, and the Advanced Race Guide are allowed but not Uncommon Races or those made from scratch using the Race Builder. Of course, liontaurs from my splat book are allowed and encouraged. Alternate Racial Traits are allowed.
Base Classes Allowed: Any from the Core Rules or the APG, except no Alchemists. None from other books. Multiclassing is gladly allowed ... some prestige class builds even require it.
Permitted Archetypes, Feats, Spells, Etc.: Any from a Paizo published source, except no Synthesist Summoners and none that reference forbidden classes (for example, none referring to grit). You may not take item creation feats that create permanent magic items.
Prestige Classes Allowed: None except from my book. Each character must have one, and only one, of my own prestige classes. No 1-2 level dips are allowed; you should try to take just about as many levels in your prestige class as you can. Each player will submit a preference list with the PrCs they are willing to playtest, in order from most to least. Those lists, plus random rolls, are used to resolve any conflict in who gets to play what.
Wealth: Each character starts with a budget of 108,000 gp. You may buy any item from any published Paizo source, but not more than 25,000 gp per item. If you have an item creation feat, you may buy items you can make at a cost of 75% of book price (not 50% as usual); on the other hand, you do not need to make any spellcraft checks to craft your item.
Posting Schedule: We'll be playing one post per day, one round per post, every weekday, for about 2-3 months. If you cannot post in an emergency, please try to get a friend or another players to make a substitute post for you, or at least post a possible contingency order for the day you are missing.
PvP and Competition: No character (or minion of a character, such as a familiar or a summoned creature) may attack another character. Area attacks (such as fireballs) that damage allies will significantly hurt your victory point total. You have to compete with each other AND work together to win.

If you are interested, now's your chance! write to [email protected]