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2015-03-21, 11:05 PM
These ideas just popped into my head, please comment on any imbalances you might find.

Favorite Possession
You gain exceptional pleasure from a specific delicacy of your choice, be it fine literature, an exquisite drink, a special meal, et cetera, to the point where it provides you with mental clarity.
Benefit: By consuming an item of the chosen type worth 10gp or more, you are allowed one use of this feat within the following hour. This feat can be used to gain one of the following benefits

+2 to any one skill check (+4 if it is charisma based)
Regain 5 HP
+2 to your next Attack roll
+2 to your next Damage roll
+2 to your next Combat Maneuver
+5 temporary HP for the rest of the encounter

Special: Consuming a delicacy takes one minute, during which you may not perform any other actions. No matter what form the delicacy may take, you may only gain one use of this feat from a particular item (there's no point in reading a poem twice, after all).
You may take this feat multiple times. If you select the same delicacy as before, the bonuses are doubled (following normal multiplication rules), and the minimum cost required to gain a use of this feat with that particular delicacy is quadrupled.

2015-03-25, 01:49 PM
I saw no one had replied yet, and having the same issue right now too (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?405399-Master-of-Rings-(PEACH)), I wanted to at least post something back to you.

I really like the concept of this feat. I think in one way it's rewarding to actually be rewarded for having a favorite something for your character. I think in the other way though, my only concern is that it becomes a necessity, neigh ritual, before you really do anything noteworthy.

Going into the boss fight? Hold on, guys, it's haiku time. I loves me some haiku.

It would get to the point that the PC will always, always, always, be doing that activity. Or at least every hour. Because why wouldn't they? Yes, it costs a feat, and I suppose that helps balance it, but I'm not sure. It's a feat that gives you unlimited access to nifty bonuses to anything worthwhile.

Have you playtested around with it yet?