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2015-03-23, 11:59 AM
So, I really don't think that the "Shield Basher" is well represented by whats's in the book. Maybe I just feel like channeling my inner Captain America, but I like the idea of a guy that can mess people up with his shield. To that end, here's this:

Feat: Shield Expert
- You may treat a shield as a weapon, which deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and is considered light. While using it in this way, you may chose to apply any enhancement bonus (if applicable) to your attacks instead of your AC; This lasts until the start of your next turn.
- While you are holding a shield, when you make the attack action with any weapon other than the shield (including unarmed strike), you may use a bonus action to attack with that shield. you do not add your str or dex modifier to this attack.
- While you are holding a shield, if an enemy attacks you with a melee attack and misses, you may use your reaction to immediatly make either a single attack with your shield, or use a Shove.

The intention is to allow this to work with Dueling or TWF. With dueling, assuming longsword and shield and a 20 str, you'd get 1d8+7+1d6. With Twf and a short sword, you get 2d6+10. With Dual wield and a longsword, you get 1d8+5+1d6+5, and you add the extra +1 to your AC.

So? OP, UP, pointless?

Edit: Made a couple changes. Think this is better now.

2015-03-23, 01:11 PM
Seems relatively fair, at least at first glance. Definitely seems to work better with TWF than dueling; +strength to damage with the shield is going to be more damage than +2 to main hand. Need to clarify how long the enhancement bonus switch takes and how long it lasts- as it's currently written, a player could just keep switching it as a non-action to essentially get the enhancement bonus to both.

The choice between an extra attack and a shove on a reaction may be a bit too strong, but I'm not sure.

2015-03-24, 10:26 PM
Well it does seem more damage offensive than shieldmaster.