View Full Version : Pathfinder Cleric Archtype: Acolyte of Balance

2015-03-23, 12:48 PM
So here is my idea for a new archtype for the Cleric Base Class.

Acolyte of Balance.

The Acolyte must worship a deity which has either the Healing or Death domain or one who promotes a balance of life and death. (I play in a campaign where the DM doesn't really care for deities and such. so didn't give this part much thought)

The Acolyte must select the Death and Healing domains.

The Acolyte of Balance can at the beginning of each day choose to channel either positive or negative energy. When the choice is made they must also decide what effects their channel spells have. For Positive they can choose to Heal living creatures OR damage undead creature and vice-verse for negative energy. The type of spells the Acolyte can spontaneously cast is also effected by this choice. This replaces a Clerics standard channel energy ability.

Lastly due to the Balance like nature of their beliefs Acolyte's of balance do not have an aura ability. But are not restricted from casting spells of any alignment.

So please tell me what you guys think.