View Full Version : Vistani as a background, need help.

2015-03-23, 10:43 PM
What I've got so far:

Skills: Perception, Survival (history? Arcana?)
Tools: Gaming Set
Languages: Vistani Can't

Features: Here's where I'm stumped. I want a feature based on planar travel, and traveling in general, but have no ideas that would be balanced.

M Placeholder
2015-03-24, 02:29 PM
Im assuming this is for a Ravenloft Game? If so, the vistani are not meant for a player race. You can play as a Half Vistani, but not a full one, as the Vistani are a key element of the setting. So for a background, I would rule out Vistani.

I would have a traveler background instead, with the skills Survival and Insight, the tools survival set and language proficiency, as you have picked up many tongues in your travels through the plane of mists.

Any feature based on planar travel would probably involve travel to the border ethereal, but there is no way I would have any ability that actually let you escape from Ravenloft. Ravenloft is a prison, and it lets people go only when it wants to.

2015-03-24, 03:36 PM
This is based more on 4e Vistani.