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2007-04-11, 11:42 AM
As the sun rises, you rise out of your familiar beds and find a none to familiar letter laid on the feet of your bed.

The contents are simple and straightforward.

"You have been assigned to me, Jack. Please report to my office as soon as you are ready, and no later than the eighth hour. Your mission will be discussed there.


Jack. The leader of the Gray Guard, the trainer of the single sword. He has lived for so long that no one knows his real name, not even himself. Given the name Jack from the rhyme "Jack be Nimble" he has no magical abilities, but is so skilled at the mundane that he can behave in such a manner as to appear to be magic.

He's also considered to be the most strict and unforgiving of all the instructors from the academy.

In other words...

You got what might be called the worst case scenario.


When the time comes, and you enter his office, he has set up a circle of chairs. He is seated, leaning back in his chair, eyes closed. His hair is black, with the roots beginning to take on shades of gray. His face is still muscular and young, though weathered and scarred. His clothing simple, consisting of shades of shades of gray and black. A sword is cradled in his arms.

He does not move or even react as you enter. At least not until everyone arrives. If anyone tries to ask a question, just as they begin to open their mouth, he raises a finger to his lips and gives a soft "sshh".

As everyone arrives, he opens his eyes. They are a light shining gray. Rising to his feet, he begins to speak.

"Welcome my pupils. I will be your contact from now on. Why am I not teaching anymore? Simple, as of last night, the Gray Academy is closed. The student who have not graduated have been sent to other school. Dalboz was the one who closed it. You have been assigned to me because each teacher has been assigned a team. Each instructor may use his team in any manner they wish, from research assistant to a go-for. For me, you will be field researchers. Unlike other contacts, I will not be easily contacted. I will also be working, so I expect you to follow your own leads and I will assign you more general tasks.

I should also let you know, that the Capitol City of the Elven Empire, Al'sharessa has fallen to the Maacain...

It was midnight the night before last that they broke through just north of the border of the Elven Empire, in the Tangle Wood Forest. There are no survivors. We only have this information because X'ain smelled the rift and went feral at the scent of Maacain blood, running all the way from Alamora to Al'sharessa in one night just to fight." Jack says all this with a militant formality. Nothing is said with any significant tone, his voice never faltering as he states so simply the death of hundreds of thousands of elves.

Jack stops talking for a moment. Allowing the information to all sink in. Then slowly, his eyes slightly wet at the tips, forces himself to smirk a little.

"X'ain... piking skulker is loonier than a spire god.

Now, As for your assignment, this is simple. I want you to find where the rift they used to get through was, and gather as much information as you possibly can about it. Myself and a large number of other instructors are going to be hunting down what remains of the Maacain army that broke through. According to Amrien it was only a fraction of their main force, so be sure to keep an eye out for new rifts and additional Maacain forces. If you find any, get the message to Malgarath Junior. Oh uh, you don't know him by that. The big Dragon who's your Headmaster. He'll be remaining at the academy, so contact with him should be relatively easy.

Now, we must make this brief, I have a long ride ahead of me, and likely so do you. Do you have any questions?"

2007-04-11, 12:29 PM
Loc ponders what was said for a moment, thinking of the elves that died and why the school was closed.

"Well seems ta be simple nuf lads, Jack do you have any maps of the area or any information that may help us find this...rift?"

2007-04-11, 12:36 PM
Jack glares at you angrily.

"That's a stupid question. Go find one in the library, or a multitude of other places. I know as much about the exact location as you. All we really know is north of the Elven Nation's borders and that they headed towards the capitol. Perhaps you should head to the Capitol and try to back track them. That's not my job. It is yours."

((OOC: Just to make sure you realize, this isn't personal, Jack is kind of a jerk, and very short tempered))

2007-04-11, 01:24 PM
Loc is slightly taken aback but not to much as he remembers lessons with Jack.

"Alright Jack donna go getten ye panties in a wad, I was only wonderin out loud.

(O.O.C. Not taken personal.)

2007-04-11, 01:37 PM
"Sir. You will call me sir. And unless you want to have a very unpleasant time with me as your contact you will do well to show some respect you impudent little pup."

2007-04-11, 01:56 PM
Loc flinches relizing he had gone to far quickly tries to smooth it over,"Very sorry sir, I really should keep my mouth in check, always been a problem, very sorry.

2007-04-11, 02:00 PM

I knew I liked this guy for a reason.

Merrion clears his throat lightly. "Sir" he says while raising his hand uncertainly. "In the interests of speed, are there any horses, carts, or similar that we could use, or shall we just march?". He puts his hand down.

2007-04-11, 02:07 PM

"Just to be clear, around how many Maacain can we take before our odds of surviving go down drastically?"

{{If this is common knowledge, I'll delete this}}

2007-04-11, 02:24 PM
Jack turns to Merrion.

"I'm afraid we cannot spare any horses. We have nothing but a handful of training horses and the few which the belonged to the instructors, all of which are needed to get us into position to intercept the army. I hear Ross Dattar, Rebbecca, and Irnaak left a few of their beasts in the stables, though I'd advise against trying to ride those types of monsters unless you have no other choice. I can though provide you with an enchanted wagon. It's a sturdy wagon, once used by an old farmer to ferry hay. It moves along by it's own volition and can obtain reasonable speeds. It is all I may offer, for my horse is the only other creature I have permission to give you and Lotus allows none but me to even lay hand upon her."

Turning to Mal, Jack continues to speak.

"I believe you're on equal footing with the typical Second Level Maacain. You could probably each take one on your own, and as a unit take a Third Level Maacain. A First Level Maacain should offer no considerably trouble unless they swamp you."

((OOC: These are not levels as in character levels, these are description of types.))

2007-04-11, 02:28 PM

Before meeting Jack.

A knock banged on Fiona's doors at the seventh hour. It was Maireth, and he stood calm and patiently before the door. He waited for Fiona to answer the door, and if needed, would knock again a few times. If she is not around, he will go seek her out, but he will first try here. If she opens, Fiona will see a familiar face, yet not as familiar either. While it seemed like Maireth, the face was different. No longer was the skin red, or at least not to the normal eye. Only an observant gaze could tell that it was a clever application of a disguise to hide the red color of his skin. The horns were not visible either, covered with hair this time around, and all in all, Maireth looked like an elf now. Still dressed in the same garb as yesterday, he will ask Fiona about the offer he made the day before.

If she accepts the offer which Maireth made the day before, an offer to improve her looks over her current one, then Maireth will apply his skills of disguise. While he is not the most formidable disguiser, he is neither bad at it, and will work towards making Fiona look like a human female instead of her current outlook. The result will still be a big, burly and stout woman, looking like a strong farmer's wife, and the looks will not be exceptional, but they will be a vast improvement to any normal gaze, glance or observation on Fiona. She would look a tenth smaller and thinner, but that would not be enough to make hide all the height and weight from view. But the ugly looks will be hidden however, leaving only Fiona's personality to offend others instead of her looks aswell.

If Fiona does not take up on Maireth, he will shortly try to convince her to do so nontheless, but if she then still does not take up on the offer, Maireth will take his leave. Fiona will then only see him again at the eight hour, when they are with Jack.

At the meeting.

Maireth is one of the first to attend, and remains silent all the time. Any others coming in might notice how Maireth has changed compared to the day before. No longer is his skin red, but it looks normal, like that of an elf. His horns are neither to be seen, and his appearance looks mostly like that of an elf. Except for one simple thing. His red eyes which glow in the light.

While Maireth presence is clear, he is calm and relaxed. Maireth knows of Jack's reputation, as he knows of many the reputation. Hence the silence and calm until Jack speaks up. Maireth listens carefully, and makes sure to look at the reactions of others up until this point. With the other questions, he adds one of his own. "Sir, may I then assume our next contact will be initiated by you?"

2007-04-11, 02:28 PM
James Ferguson

JF smiles, his blue and green eyes alight. "Well then, our first task to save the world! I assure you sir we'll be there and back again before you hardly even notice that back wasn't there to begin with!"

2007-04-11, 02:45 PM
Jack turns to Maireth

"You will not recieve another contact for some considerable time. Likely after I die. Which is likely to happen eventually. If at that point you're not already occupied with your own work, I suggest speaking to Malgarath Junior, or failing that, someone even higher up, like Malgarath Senior, or even Dalboz or Amrien. Assuming you can find any of them."

Jack then turns to James Ferguson. He opens his mouth as though to speak, then thoughtfully closes it again.

2007-04-11, 03:02 PM

Slapping his knees as he rises from his chair, he pulls his robes around him.

"Well sir, I won't waste any more of your time, as I've some research to do about our task. I wish you luck, and hope that you find your way back to our academy."

with that, Mal leaves to the library, to learn as much as he's able to about the Elves and the late elven capital.

2007-04-11, 03:07 PM
Loc quickly stands as well, taking his leave and walking out with Mal.
Turning to Jack he says, "Best of luck to ye sir hope to meet ye again afor we die."
turning to the rest of the group, "I'm going with Mal ta see if i can find any maps."
Loc walks out with Mal to the library.

2007-04-11, 06:18 PM

When Maireth knocks on her door, he finds Fiona already dressed in sturdy grey and brown clothes. She seems mostly recovered from the excessive drinking she indulged in last night, though her eyes are still a bit glassy.

She arches an eyebrow at him, though it is hard to say if it is motivated by his disguise or his early visit. She listens patiently to his offer.

Shaking her head, she taps a finger to the side of her "nose" and answers in a firm voice : "It doesn't deceive all senses, you know." Maireth notices that her breath carries only a whiff of alcohol, mostly drowned by mint now.

Her voice softens : "I called you a freak, I think, yesterday. Sorry for that." Surprisingly, she is almost shuffling her feet - in embarassment ?
"I will accept your help if my looks make me a liability. In the meantime... I'd rather not. I am also too tall to make a believable human."

Maireth insists. She refuses again, this time more curtly - though still politely.


Among the first to enter Jack's office, Fiona backs into one of the corner and tries to make herself inconspicuous. But her height and the fur that flows on her whole body, including up to the sides of her face, make it all but impossible. Yet her presence is not imposing, for she is more wiry than hulking.
Invisible to all but the tallest, two small horns crown the top of her head - but she has been known to wear a hat to cover them.

Her green and golden eyes do not waver from Jack while he is talking. She has a mixed reaction to the mention of X'ian, smiling knowingly and giving a slight shudder at the same time.

Her mind is working furiously.

"Sir, are there any signs that identify the proximity of a rift ?"

2007-04-12, 12:06 PM
"Try to find zero level Maacain, and if you do, trace them back to their source." Jack says curtly.

2007-04-12, 12:19 PM
((OOC: Mal and Loc, tell me what kind of things you're looking up, cause there's a Looooot of Elven history))

2007-04-12, 01:00 PM
((O.O.C. Im just looking for maps))

2007-04-12, 01:03 PM

"Right, well sir, unless you've found out that the Maacain are all weak to fire or something like that, I think we should be about ready. Oh... where's this carriage, and what's the command word to control it... sir?"

2007-04-12, 03:13 PM
I'm looking up elven tactics first, trying to find out why such an old civ would fall so easy, or, rather, to find out how strong a Maacain force would be needed to take them out.

Since Loc is taking care of maps, I Need to find a text that could give me the most info on the Maacain. (read: A masterwork tool for Know:Maacain)

2007-04-12, 03:34 PM
((O.O.C. Do we need to make a search check or something Talfry?))

2007-04-13, 12:38 AM
"The cart is in the stables, besides my horse. To activate it, merely sit in the driver's seat, and speak the command word "Tikaw". Stearing is done by the driver leaning in the direction he or she wishes the cart to go."

Most people know well enough that the Elves are considered the best tacticians on the face of this world. The elven Capitol of Al'sharessa has stood the testament of time, with standing every assault upon it since it's construction. It once had towering stone walls, sanded smooth, with only a single large gate to allow entrance and exits, a gate with with three portcullis.

The Maacain's assault was simple. A single level 8 Maacain charged alone from a distance and with a single attack, dove through the wall of the city, and proceeded to continue destroying it until an impressive stretch of it was gone and it had been slain.

The next wave of Maacain was several hundred thousand level four Maacain, a few hundred level six, and a single level nine. These numbers poured through the gap in the wall with ease, tearing apart the standing army like scissors through paper. The total destruction of the city took less than an hour.

Near the end of that hour, various denizens of this world arrived, X'ain, Illian the Elven Archwizard, Arnold the knight of the Vanguard and his regiment of mounted soldiers, and various other somewhat less significant names. They were able to destroy the majority of the remaining Maacain, though the level nine and the majority of the level six had left. This is probably what Jack and the others where off to pursue. A level nine is the equivalent of an epic level hero, something the likes of which only Jack can handle.

2007-04-13, 01:24 AM

It seems this is all the guidance we are going to get.

"Sir, please stay alive as long as you can." She says that with a smile - she will get a foul reply anyway. She bows stiffly, turns about and goes out of the room.

She heads for the stables. If we are going to use the carriage, I might as well check it out.

2007-04-13, 02:13 AM
(Any luck on the textbook? Oh, and are there spellbooks from whence I can steal spells?)

2007-04-13, 03:23 AM

"Well sir, it seems we've got our work cut out for us." Merrion stands and bows. He then turns to the others. "I'm going to head to the library and check up on things, then to the carriage. I'll meet up with you folks there."

With that, Merrion leaves.

((OOC: He's headed down to check up and make sure the others have maps of the city, then going to the carriage with his gear and ploping down in the driver's seat, waiting for the others))

2007-04-13, 04:44 AM
James Ferguson

JayFerg seems oddly pensive for a moment, "Yes..." he says, "I can see why we're here...The sea of time roils against us, the certainty of the past, of the destruction that could not be, paralleled only by the uncertainty of the future, on how we few possibly hope to succeed trailing in the wake of such destruction, fearing while hoping, in our almost futile attempt for victory, for another blast...always on the brink of death, that's what makes life interesting, no?" JF runs one of his hands through his wild, long white hair and seems to pull himself out of his musings. Addressing Jack directly he says "Sir, I hope you don't mind if we leave immediately. I'm truly happy to be able to say I've served under before, Talason forbid, my being is destroyed in this time."

Whipping about, to further exhibit his myriad of dispositions, JF tersely announces, "I'm heading to the cart to get it ready. Merrion, please, tell the others to hurry up. Let's be on our way before we miss our window of opportunity."

2007-04-13, 07:24 AM
Maireth Crimson

Rising gracefully out of his chair, Maireth nods towards Jack, which aptly becomes a slight, polite, bow towards him. As he rises again, his glowing eyes look at those of Jack. His voice is soft and low as he speaks. "Good luck, sir. May you be succesful, and it is my hope that we will make you proud when time comes. Fare well."

A moment passes, and then Maireth makes his way towards the exit of the chamber. He strides gracefully, and he nods to Merrion beyond the exit. "Merrion, we will see you there then." With that being said, he too will make his way towards the stables, alongside Fiona and James Ferguson. On the way there, however, Maireth will seem to think of something, and look to take something to write with and on along, thinking that might come in handy.

2007-04-13, 10:36 AM

Loc has his map of the Elven Nation and the surrounding territories.

Mal has his notebook from the Maacain course for his Maacain related required information.

Since I have three or four people going to the cart, you're going to have to race there to be there first (I mean, assuming you're claiming driver's seat). It can even be a walking race if you all decide that you just rush there, but if one of your decides to break into a sprint, it's obvious. Highest running speed wins if you all run, otherwise highest running speed of those who run wins. Failing that highest walking speed. If all the speeds are the same, highest dexterity wins. It's not long enough for constitution to be factored but that would normally be the kicker.

2007-04-13, 01:34 PM
((OOC Merrion's not going full speed. He'll take the driver's seat if no one else has claimed it, but if someone who was there when the commands were told to us gets there first and wants it, so be it. Merrion's going to make sure he's got a map of the Elven capital itself, or that one of the others has such a thing, so if someone else is racing, they'll get there first))

2007-04-13, 03:57 PM
Loc finds the map he wants and the librarian uses magic to make him another copy. (He has already done this with the other maps Loc wanted)

2007-04-13, 04:25 PM
OOC: Jf's not running, but hustling on a mission. If he gets there first he will likely "take the rains" to get moving as fast as possible.

2007-04-13, 08:05 PM

"Well Fiona, myself will be difficult to reach, but Dalboz will likely be where ever a headquarters for the battle is formed, leading armies and opening swaths of unprecedented forms of devastation. Amrien will likely be either alongside Dalboz or off on a solo mission the likes of which even I cannot handle. Though if you need to speak to someone, he'd be easier to talk to than Dalboz, or at least as a means of getting to Dalboz. He will not be constantly wrapped up in tactical briefings and battle strategy planning. He will only participate in combat and spend the rest of the time making himself useful or sleeping. Not that he needs to anymore...

Who else did I say? Malgarath Senior is currently missing again, but I have no doubt he'll show up again. Probably will even be pretending to be evil. Don't worry, just ask him for help.

Malgarath Junior will of course be here at the school

I might not have mentioned Slaad, but he might be helpful to you. You may have seen him around campus. He was the instructor to a very small handful of students due to his unique weapons instructions. I believe his style is called "Over sized Weapon Specialization." and by the nine hells, have you seen his sword? It looks like a great sword that Headmaster Malgarath would use. That creature is a scary beast. Personally, I'd avoid him, but he has more connections in the continent of Al'hannara than anyone else. He rules most of it with his merchant empire. He probably has a boat available if you need to get to the far continent, or other means, and will be able to take care of you if you must travel there.

My friend Fub will be able to help you. His son Relg was a student here. He teaches outer realms survival, chain wielding, and unique physiology based combat tutoring. If you need to do Planar Travel, he's probably going to be the easiest one to find. I can even offer you a scroll to summon him. He invented the spell himself because he thought it would be funny to be randomly summoned in the middle of an important battle by an apprentice wizard to fight goblins or worse, larger than average bugs.

Fiona might have a way of getting in touch with her teacher, X'ian, and he's quite fast. If you have to cover huge distances and can find him, he's a good choice.

Well, if that's all the information you shall need, there are monsters that need to have vital body parts severed.

2007-04-13, 08:56 PM
Retcon 2 :

"Thanks a lot, sir. The scroll may indeed come in handy, since my utterly pessimistic persona is telling me that all the people you mentioned will probably be out of reach exactly at the moment we need to contact them."


At the stables :

Fiona arrives first, considers the cart from every angle curiously, then starts to check if it's in a good condition. She doesn't give a d*mn about driving.

2007-04-13, 10:45 PM
Loc thanks the librarian and goes to gather his gear which he left in his room and sits down to think...or talk with his mother.

"Hey mom...I just wanted to tell you about my mission...even though you probly know all about it...anyway wish me luck and say hi to all your angel friends...bye"

With that Loc takes his sword and walks slowly to the wagon, stopping at the garden to pick a rose. When he gets there he looks solomly at the wagon and throws his gear in.
"All ready."

2007-04-13, 11:24 PM

Confident that the group now has maps of the elven capital, Merrion heads for the wagon, ready to go off into the sunset.

2007-04-14, 12:49 AM
Maireth Crimson

Not moving as fast as some others, Maireth only arrives after Fiona and James Ferguson, and spots James Ferguson at the driver's seat. Taking it easy, considering not everybody is there yet, he will check up some last things before making himself comfortable in a passenger seat, where he will be waiting for Merrion, Loc and Mal. As they arrive, he will give a nod to them. When Merrion arrives, he asks. "Do we have everything now?"

2007-04-14, 01:29 AM

Adding his notes and text book to he mule, he hitches it to the back of the cart. Not interested in driving, he hops up into one of the seats.

2007-04-14, 02:12 AM

"I think we're all set." Merrion plops down in the wagon, shifting his polearm around until it fits. He then reaches into his backpack, and pulls out a spellbook, which he begins to study.

2007-04-14, 03:56 AM
James Ferguson

JayFerg whips his head back at everyone in the wagon smiling like a maniac, his mis-matched eyes and wild white hair only adding to the effect...but then again, you're all used to this, being in his class. "You all ready?" He confirms, "Tikaw," he says, in a manner, leaning forward with excitement, bespeaking that his generally jovial, occasionally seemingly oblivious manner has returned. You're all used to his wildly divergent myriad of dispostions, however, almost comfortable with the fact that that's him if you've known him well for long...though that still might not alleviate any worries you have about him driving, despite his solid past record of responsible character.

Once the wagon is moving on the road, JF seems about to spill some innoucuous observations importantly only to home, but seems to pause in his own body language and glance seriously at Loc saying, "You'd best get what maps of the Elven city you have ready. The main roads ought to lead us straight there...but I'd like to know the general lay of the land where we're heading despite the obvious destruction we're sure to see."

2007-04-14, 04:03 AM

Annoyed by all the motion, Merrion puts his book away. Reading in a pitching and bouncing wagon is evidently not an easy thing to do.

"I think we should figure out where we want to go. This may seem crass, but the fate of the world is at stake... I say we pick through a bit of the rubble, find where soldiers were, and equip ourselves with some useful gear. Any smithies, barracks, things like that... all might house things we're going to need if we plan to stop an army."

"Also, we might want someone a little more stable to do the driving. Just a thought."

2007-04-14, 04:12 AM
OOC: Pfft, says the Necromancer no one wanted to group with to the perfectly legitimate and/or insane varied personality cleric! Sounds overly complicated, like life...or Terry Pratchett. But seriously, I put the IC info there to help you form your character's response to the situation, but at the same time if you know JF you know he's solid for any task. His divergent apparent moods have never gotten in the way of him completing any task (plus he's usually been discreet in official situations), thus his oddly amusing or annoying mannerisms have often been overlooked at the Academy for his qualities/abilities. There you go, opine away!

2007-04-14, 04:17 AM

She takes a seat and a half, is very conscious of it but refuses to let it show. She is intrigued by JF, who wasn't part of her (rather tiny) circle of friends, but at the same time senses that annoyance will soon tinge the curiosity.

"What about reaching the capital first, Merrion ?"

She lowers her voice : "By the way, sorry for calling you a freak yesterday. Y'know, I was drunk."

Still, his remark calls for a stinging repartee : "'someone more stable' ? What is that supposed to mean ? I only see nutjobs here."

If we're going for verbal abuse, then yet again my character fits this campaign alarmingly well. Another nickname of hers : foul-mouthed Fiona.
And yes, she means both the apology and the insult.

2007-04-14, 04:38 AM
Maireth Crimson

Calm and confident, Maireth seems at ease in his seat, and was looking at the scenery they were passing through before Merrion spoke up. He seemed indifferent about the motion, and it was not appearant if he was just looking outside, or just staring while thinking of other things. He does seemed relaxed in his own way for the moment. While James Ferguson spoke earlier then Merrion, Maireth did not turn his gaze from the outside of the wagon.

When Merrion spoke, however, Maireth did turn. He nodded at the earlier comment, about equiping the group with things they might find in the wake of destruction. "I concur, Merrion. What is left there should not go to waste if it can serve a greater purpose in our hands." Were his eloquently stated words, though Maireth did not respond to the comment about who should be the driving. He did not seem interested in that matter, as long as the driver did not do an extremely poor job.

When Fiona speaks of nutjobs, Maireth faces her and raises an eyebrow as he makes eye contact and the glowing red of his eyes seem to pierce straight through, hinting towards annoyance as she made an insult barely followed by an apology. His demeanor shifts as he speaks up though, with a soft and easing undertone. "I am sure that Merrion referred to the swinging of the wagon, did you not?" A moment of silence follows, giving Merrion enough time to respond. After Merrion has spoken up, Maireth will continue.

"But Fiona has a point, we still have time before we reach our goal. We should use that time to get to know each other and to form a strategy of how we will tackle any hostilities we might face. With a well laid out plan based on our capabilities, we can tackle any opposition better, safe us from confusion in the middle of fights and combine our methods to form a synergizing way of taking out said hostilities. We must not be tempted to leap in unprepared, because it will doom us to either defeat or a more costly victory, which will set us up for a more difficult fight to follow. We can talk about it now, or later on, as I assume the journey will take it's decent while. Disregarding if we speak about it now or later, I want you all to give a moment's thought about your own abilities and how they may aid the group you are in. Order the knowledge you have about yourself, so that when we talk about it, you can properly state that, and we can decide on the best course of action to take if we do face hostilities for which no immediate time is given to further prepare."

2007-04-14, 06:41 AM


"My little group had a phrase; 'We can do anything!' ... Tomorrow.' While it used to refer to our near-lethal procrastination, as we advanced thorough our schooling, it now means that with a little time to prepare, I can take care of most everything.

For the most part, I love setting other creatures out to do my nefarious bidding. *Heavily Fake Evil Laugh* No really, Conjuration spells, Subschool summoning, 101-129, that was my major. While my powers are most wonderful and arcane, with more practice, I'll be able to grab guys from the outer realms that can do even more than I can.

Anybody else care to share?"

2007-04-14, 07:52 AM

She meets Maireth's glare with a blank look.

Her thoughts start drifting away while he's speaking. Preachy, bossy. Well, at least he's reasonably smart.

The blank look reappears, directed at Mal and his peculiar humour.

She has a sharp gesture, as if to sweep away Maireth arguments. "Discipline, yes. And adaptability. Plans, no. They just don't work."

She pauses, lets it sink in. "I go toe-to-toe with the enemy."

2007-04-14, 08:32 AM
Maireth Crimson

A frown rises high on Maireth's face at Mal's laughter. It declines when Mal states what his main ability is, and Maireth gives a nod in gratitude towards Mal. He turns towards Fiona then, as she gives her reaction. When she has made her statement, Maireth seems to keep it cool, but also with a cold expression towards Fiona. Piercing words are directed at her bold statement. "Plans will indeed not work most of the time if the participants of said plan think it will not work. It is through those executing a plan that the plan stands or fails in the first place. Naturally, there can be factors that were not accounted for when the plan was created due to insufficient information, but at such times one has to adapt to the situation, and make due with what one has. Depending on the situation, plans can still be in effect, or must be adapted enough, but without plans at all, luck becomes a more important factor then skill. And that is why I ask each of you what your main asset is." A brief moment of interruption, as Maireth looks at those around him, finishing with Fiona, before he continues in soft, but clear words.

"Suppose one is fit with bows, while there is another, better suited for melee. Without knowing what each can do, the melee'er might charge straight forward and block the way for the archer. If they had known eachother abilities, the melee'er might take the abilities of the archer in consideration, and not stand between archer and foe to provide the enemy cover of the archer's arrows. And this, is only the basic of planning, of which I hope each of you is familiar."

Taking a breath before continuing, Maireth relaxes somewhat, and continues to talk with soft and low tones. "My focus lies in Necromancy. Spells of that nature are available to me, but currently, not many are available to me, as I still have much to learn. Therefore, for now, I will rather rely on bow and arrow, or provide some support in the melee range. Unfortunatly, I am not exceptional at either, hence why I prefer the bow and mentioned support, as I will certainly not be the first to charge in. In the range of melee, I will use this." After he says that, Maireth raises his hand. For a few seconds, it seems to glow black, before he let's it rest again and continues on. "Furthermore, I can heal Merrion, and he can heal me. Conventional curing will not heal me, only inflict spells have that ability. I will use my spells only when truly needed, because my capacity of spells is not as numerous as I would like yet."

With his own abilities stated, he looks at Fiona and then Mal, adressing him this time. "Mal, you talk about summoning. If we were to face foes, does this mean that you will summon first and foremost, and rely on it, or will you use additional methods of combat besides that?"

2007-04-14, 08:36 AM
"Well I fer one like ta get em at a range with ma bow then I like ta hack em inta stew meat! But really you got a good idea there Crimson, Im better with ma sword but if need be ill stay back and give ranged support..Anyway I was thinking I could try and flank em of to the side a ways and attack with ma bow maybe stayin hidden and if need be I kin use ma sword."

Loc checks the map to plan a route and tells james to go left at the first crossroads.

2007-04-14, 10:09 AM

She shakes her head silently at Maireth's rebuttal. He missed my point and but repeats it. Discipline and adaptability. Didn't mention knowledge since he had. Should've. Oh well.

She sits still, but can feel her fingers itching for some action.

2007-04-14, 12:37 PM

*mild blush*

"Ach... Well, like you, my control over the creatures I bring is limited. They might last for a few seconds, and I can only bring them a few times a day. As such, until I can finish this *tabs his chest* I will be relying on my bow as well. I will be able to help out whomever we send into the fray though. I have a nifty charm to double their size."

2007-04-14, 12:45 PM
James Ferguson

JayFerg is mostly wrapped up in driving the cart carefully, but responds to the discussion behind him saying, "Aye, well you all know how I do. My abilities are nowhere near their peak...but my specialty lies in the arts of blade magic and divinical casting."

OOC: Though I should note, due to Dex and planning, I only have AC 15 until 2nd level, when I get my WIS bonus (to 19). So I'm not that great of a meleer at the moment... ;).

2007-04-14, 01:27 PM
It's a long journey from the Gray Academy in Alamora to Al'sharessa in the Elven Capitol, and at the rate the wagon puts along it'll be a long while, so you have a chance to chat.

If you don't want to chat, just say so and I'll skip forward.

2007-04-14, 02:12 PM
ready to skip

2007-04-14, 04:30 PM
ya im good to...

2007-04-14, 04:52 PM

Merrion just grins and lets others try and determine the meaning of his stability comment. When it comes to party tactics, however, he speaks up. "I'm a fighter. I can get in there and throw down with the best of them. Can take care of keeping myself alive too... let me handle the self healing, please. I'm not quite normal in that whole regard, especially in regards to the effects of cure spells. Also, I'm working on the whole magic thing. We'll see how that goes."

((OOC: Fighter is not his class, it's just a description. Also, his oppinion of JF's stability is his own to decide. And I'm ready to skip))

2007-04-15, 01:11 AM
Maireth Crimson

Nodding to the others, Maireth speaks up again, with a flowing, soft tone. "So, if we encounter hostilities, I may assume our roles are as follows. When we first spot foes, those using ranged weapons will assault them, those specifically being Mal, Loc and myself, while Merrion, Fiona and James Ferguson protect us until they get closer, where upon Merrion, Fiona, and possibly Loc leap into the fray depending on the situation, while James Ferguson will provide support in there, and Mal and me will see how we can aid best as things go in melee, as we might be able to pick off other things with the bow. If they flee, it seems like especially Fiona, and then Merrion and perhaps James Ferguson can go in persuit, while Mal, Loc and me will see what we can do from a ranged perspective. If, on the other hand, we are forced to flee, we should stick together first and foremost, where James Ferguson can provide support with healing in this regard, and must be safeguarded. Does this sound alright to each of you?"

ooc: If the others just agree with this, and not lengthen the conversation, I will be read to skip too.

2007-04-15, 03:01 AM

"Fine with me. You can feel free to help keep me alive Maireth... just don't want anyone else trying it! Personally, I'm working on something so that none of us get stabbed, but it's going to take a while." Merrion then works on figuring out how to get comfortable in the bouncing wagon.

2007-04-15, 03:35 AM
Maireth Crimson

With a slight smile on his face, Maireth nods towards Merrion. Unlike Merrion, Maireth seems to be have no problem to be seated fairly comfortable in the wagon, despite the bouncing. Watching this momentarily, Maireth does add a few sentences to it, with a kind tone to it. "Good to hear. If you have worked it out, do not hesitate to inform us. And I think, and hope, that anybody here would be willing to aid such an endeavour."

2007-04-15, 04:03 AM

She feels the need to object again, but this time she tries to be more conciliatory : "I agree it is good we have a general idea of each other's abilities. We all thank you for your initiative." - anybody frowning at those words will earn a glare - "but I have to point out the situation you described is... too ideal. That we'd spot the opponents from afar and that they'd stay together... Not going to happen. Ambushes, and ranged attacks, and decoys... that's warfare.

She's probably not aware she's undermining Maireth's nascent authority...

How can Merrion be a fighter if fighter is not his class ? cf. Miko the samurai :smallwink:

Oh, and something I forgot to describe about her :
She has two sheaths strapped to her back, one across the other.

2007-04-15, 04:39 AM
Maireth Crimson

Nodding towards Fiona, Maireth seems to agree, and his words add to that aswell, on a friendly tone. "I concur. You make an excellent point Fiona, thank you for bringing it up. We should make a point of tackling those points aswell. For a battle that does not start as far away, it will mean that what I said earlier still applies, but that the first part can be skipped. It would mean that the melee would occur faster, without us gaining a chance to shoot first. You, Fiona, Loc and Merrion would be faced with immediate combat, while Mal might have to take some distance if he wants to wield his bow. Same goes for me, though myself and James Ferguson might be able to join in. Those who take some distance must be watched though, as we do not want them to be taken out so easily."

A moment of pause, before Maireth continues on. "Now, if the opponent does not stay grouped, it can actually work to our advantage. Mal and myself can use our bows to shoot at those who are scattered. And possibly Loc aswell, depending on the situation." With that, he looks at Loc. "Though you might opt to melee aswell, depends on the situation I'm afraid." With that, he adresses the group again. "Important will be that those shooting will pick on target, as that way, they can down one more easily. Furthermore, we must take care to not become too divided ourselves, lest we be conquered through that. I suggest that in cases where people take up to shooting, that those stand together, so that if attacks decide to force those in melee by avoiding the ones doing the melee combat, they can aid eachother. Those who are in melee, try to at least make sure one other is fighting the same foe, so that flanking can be established, and you are not too scattered."

Taking a deep breath before continuing, Maireth looks at the others, to see their reaction. "As for ranged attacks, it will allow those of our own with ranged attacks to fire back, as those in melee approach. That would mean Mal and myself, but I suggest Loc sticks with us in that case, because if anybody decides to make use of unprotected shooters, they can face Loc, where I will aid." Maireth looks momentarily at Loc, seeing if he agrees.

"And there are ofcourse further standard tactics. Look out for eachother, aid those in dire need, try to establish flanking. Melee'ers should try and work together against the same foe, while those working with ranged weapons should pick a different target then the melee'ers, so they will not shoot in melee, and should pick the same target as eachother. Ideal for those with ranged weapons is to take on mages that way, while those in the melee fend off those with brawn." This part was stated a bit faster then the other parts, as Maireth sees these as reasonably standard things.

"As for ambushes.. well, suppose we were to be ambushed right now, by some archers, what would each of you do? What would you take into account, think of in the mean time aswell? Focus on your own, look at others? And what advice would you have towards the others of your group?" With this, Maireth tries to see what each will come up with, and what tactics they might employ. A secondary goal is to perhaps establish some kind of group bond with this interactive option. After having said this, his first gaze actually goes towards Fiona. It seems like she might be able to input quite some useful things.

2007-04-15, 05:45 AM

Mal had received some martial training, but that wasn't his most interesting subject. He still remembered what to do.

"Well, in that case, I would drop off the side of the wagon, to gain cover from the attackers, calling out the enemy's presence as I did. Then I would return fire as well as I could.

What should we do?"

2007-04-15, 05:46 AM
James Ferguson

James Ferg shakes his head at Maireth's comments. Preachy Maireth, isn't that what they'd called him at the Academy? Maybe that was just him...he used to call lots of people lots of things in his head, but sometimes he accidentally called them names that weren't theirs. Names of people of people that didn't even exist...anymore, or was it yet? JF rub his temple for a moment.

Calling back again he says, "You make the mistake of thinking that I need protected. It's true my abilities are a little rusty...but they'll warm up soon enough. If archers were to spring from the bushes this very moment, assuming they ambushed us in such a fashion that we simply couldn't blow dust in their faces with this baby, I'd likely roll from the cart myself to present less of an open target, dipping about the battlefield to confound their attacks even further, and perhaps cast an obscuring mist over the group of attackers nearest me, so they'd have to engage us close range...admittedly, my effective range."

OOC: Ready to move on soonly.

2007-04-15, 06:08 AM

"Ow." Merrion had started to sit up, but hit his head as the wagon hit a small rock on the road. "So: squishy people, get behind the not squishy people, and hurt the bad people. Healy people, stay near your not squishy person, and make sure he or she doesn't become squishy. Not squishy people, keep the bad people away from the squishy people.

And everyone... pointy end goes in the bad guys." Merrion gives Maireth a salute. "On it."

2007-04-15, 06:41 AM

She may look a bit distracted during Maireth's speech because she is also taking in her companions' facial expressions.

"Good thinking, though in too many words for my taste." Her half-smile takes the sting out of her words.

"Since from my experience I make a more obvious target than most of you, I'd have arrows coming my way, so I'd probably go for the nearest bowman. Then again, if there is an obvious leader to the group, I may try to take him out quickly. So basically I'd evaluate the situation and react at the same time - that's what I've been taught."

She leans forward : "Maireth, I don't remember you taking tactics classes : were we in different semesters or is it just a hobby of yours ? Just asking out of curiosity."

Addressing everybody : "Also, remember that retreat is a valid solution. I'll look out for all of you - as long as everybody does the same, we'll be fine."

2007-04-15, 08:10 AM

"Well, you can count on me! And whomever I bring in to help, of course. I'll be doing more of that later, though..."

2007-04-15, 08:26 AM
Maireth Crimson

He nods to the others as they answer, and when Fiona starts to talk and mentions the many words, he does give a friendly smile back, but at the same time reflects what he said, and gives a short sigh coupled with a nod. A more grim expression comes over his face shortly, considering his long windedness. When Fiona leans over, he responds. His first tones have a slight sad undertone, after which they soon become normal. "Well.. I could not attend the classes." An uneasy silence falls from Maireth, before he continues. "Books, combined with some other classes covering related topics and.. some other things have supplied it for me. Unfortunatly, it seems that lessons from my diplomatic courses are intervering with the ability to provide such information as efficient as possible. Still, planning is important to me. To leap in unprepared" For a brief moment, only the most observant can see that a small shiver seems to run over Maireth. "it gives me a bad feeling." And the dot at the end of the line is that, a bold dot, stating that Maireth will not continue about the subject of why it gives him a bad feeling.

"Anyway, thanks for answering, everybody. Let us hope that all will turn out alright for us." The last sounds indiffirent, but to those attentive ones, it might seem like Maireth seems a bit, sad?

2007-04-15, 09:47 AM
Loc nods affirming he likes crimsons plan.

"Sounds solid ta me, I plan ta be as good a bowman as a swordsman so I can be ready to do either. As to what I would do in an ambush..I suppose I'd leap inta that ditch over there and see I can spot em then I would see if I can find a small cliff or something ta snipe from or charge em more than likely I'll just charge em, but if tha enemy is close and in sight I'll go mellee unless told not to."
ooc Im going to use ranger feats on bow and fighter feats on melee

2007-04-15, 09:59 AM
Maireth Crimson

Giving a warm smile towards Loc, it seems cheer to Maireth up a little. His voice sounds more confident, and warm as he speaks up. "Good to hear Loc, I know you will do fine." He then looks at the others, one after another, with a smile. "We all will do fine. Let's make the best out of it, team."

2007-04-15, 12:30 PM
The party is in high spirits as having spent the entire trip through a long and featureless canyon preparing themselves totally for any ambush. Which is fortune, because as Maireth states, "Let's make the best out of it, team." an bolt of shining purple energy whizzes past his nose. The group quickly rallies, finding themselves facing a phalanx of Maacain. The beasts quiver and scream as they pour down the canyon, running directly at the advancing wagon.

There are only about twelve of them, but a formidable force you realize non the less. All of the Maacain are level one, and seem to lack a level two to control them, so you assume they'll fight much like frenzied animals.


Combat Initiate!

Enemies: 12 Level 1 Maacain all of which seem to be slightly battle worn.
Allies: Animated Wagon (Sorta)


2007-04-15, 12:38 PM

"Aiyah! Duck for cover lads!"

On Init 14 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=977874), Malwill shout out, jumping off the back of the wagon, using it as cover, all the while drawing his bow. If he's able, he will let off a shot towards 'B'. Attack 21, damage 3 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=977877).

I forgot I had Init +3, not +2. the invisible castle will show one less...

2007-04-15, 12:40 PM
Maireth Crimson

Intiative: [roll0]

Reacting as soon as possible to the situation, Maireth follows Mal's lead and leaps off the back of the wagon with him to use it as cover, while drawing his own bow. As he leaps down, he seems to mutter something. "Typical." Unfortunatly, he is not swift enough to be able to shoot as of yet, but at least he stands ready. Maireth will look at each of the targets, the reactions of the others and the way they came before stating with a strong voice. "Let's do this!"

2007-04-15, 12:52 PM
((OOC: Please identify targets by letters))

2007-04-15, 01:13 PM
init=5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=978039)
"Ach! But aint it supprising! Lets get em lads!!!

Loc draws his greatsword and moves to attack maacian A
Attack=20 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=978042)
Damage=11 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=978052)

lol i dont if its just me but every time i click on those invisible castle links it shows something else...not what i got
EDIT: I figured it out now.

2007-04-15, 03:21 PM
Mal hit's a Maacain in the back, it lets out an unearthly shrill, but does not fall.

Loc cleaves a Maacain directly in half.

2007-04-15, 06:52 PM

"Wha... oh hell. Alright, Maireth, stay near me. Taking point!" With that, Merrion jumps down, charging at the closest Maacain with his Glaive in hand. His attack, however, is a punch in the creature's face, which he follows up by setting himself ready with his glaive.

((Initiative [roll0]. Note that my character sheet said he had a +6 initiative mod, because I forgot to remove the Improved Initiative bonus from an earlier version. Merrion will move forward to attack Maacain A if he's still alive at this point, B if not. He's making a charge move, trying to stay on the road and putting himself between the Maacain and the rest of the group.

Charge attack using Charnel Touch to hit [roll1], Touch attack, dealing [roll2] negative energy damage.))

2007-04-15, 06:53 PM
((That was a critical threat with the Touch Attack... confirming the crit with [roll0]. If confirmed, attack does an extra [roll1] damage.))

2007-04-15, 10:21 PM

She could sense conflicting currents in Maireth's words, but she wasn't good at reaching out.


At a turn of the road, a group of Maacains pops up. Fiona swears under her breath. One hand on the side of the cart, she jumps out, then runs towards the closest foe, drawing a sword in the process. An ambush... I hate it when I'm right. Though I hope they are not decoys.

She charges towards D. She activates the Island of Blades stance : as long as she and someone else are adjacent to an opponent, they flank him (+2 att).
Attack (short sword) [roll1] Dam [roll2]
AC 16

2007-04-16, 04:39 AM
James Ferguson
[ Init. 8 | AC 15 (Flat 14/Touch 11) | HP 9/9 | Special Conditions: 20% cover. ]

I'm going to assume that the Maacain are easily outpacing the wagon then? I mean, avoiding a potentially deadly ambush by just speeding away would be the most logical thing to do, but assuming the situation is as so...

Inite 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=978809).

Reacting a bit after the others, JayFerg acts as his instincs tell him rather than through any meticulous planning of thinking. Stopping the cart, he rolls off of it to his left, providing the most momentary cover to think and move. Having to stick to the basics of blade magic for now, he, as usual, adopts his Child of Shadow form. Moving another 5 feet over so as to make the required footwork of his form and have a clearer line of sight to the battle, shadows seem to leap about JF, and he takes in the situation.

Child of Shadow = Cover as long as I move 10 feet.

2007-04-16, 09:15 AM

Cursing the frontliners for jumping straight into the fray, Mal jumps onto the cart (5' step?) and looses another shot. His elevated position allows him more control over his accuracy.

[roll0] If a hit, [roll1]

2007-04-16, 03:47 PM
Merrion cleaves into a Maacain, getting it's body stuck on his sword, pulling through, he manages to fling it's dead corpse back into the charging crowd of Maacain.

2007-04-16, 04:07 PM
James Ferguson (Rd. 2)
[ Init. 8 | AC 15 (Flat 14/Touch 11) | HP 7/9 | Special Conditions: None.]

Gladly noting his allies are cutting right through the enemy, JayFerg twists his blade about in the air, making it produce flames from seemingly nowhere. He then charges the closes Maacain (A? B? D? I dunno who's left) swinging his burning blade into the fray.

OOC: Charging and using Burning Blade to add 1d6+1 fire damage this turn if I hit - [roll0], dmg [roll1], Fire - [roll2].

2007-04-16, 04:53 PM
((OOC: SCREW the map))

The Maacain charge forward, splitting apart in a trained pattern, each of the remaining ten charging towards a different person, with the additional four attack those in a forward position.

Merrion strikes down one of the ones that had been hit with arrows with his glaive before it can get to Maireth on the cart, but all the front liners have to deal with two Maacain slashing with their their purple fire soaked talons.

Two strike at Jay Ferg, one catches his leg while the other whizzes past his head. (2 damage)

Merrion is flanked by a pair, neither of which he succeeds in blocking, so they charge in and slash gashes into his side and leg. (7 damage)

Mal is surprised to see a Maacain leap completely over the other's fighting and into his face. He knocks it aside but not before it knicks his chest. (1 damage)

Fiona stands strong, immediately killing one of the two that comes after her, and successfully parrying away the second.

Loc is fortunate, the two Maacain coming after him seem to lose their formation, knocking each other aside as they charge at him, allowing him to simply leap over them.

Maireth's Maacain was killed by Merrion.

2007-04-16, 07:58 PM

In case any Maacain move through Merrion's threatened area (he's weilding a Glaive, which has reach, here's the results of his attack of opportunity: [roll0] to hit and [roll1] for damage.

2007-04-17, 06:10 AM

No time for her to wipe the blood that splashed in her left eye... She turns her attention to the remaining creature and tries to strike it down.

Att 1 [roll0] Dam [roll1] (sword)*
Att 2 [roll2] Dam [roll3] (unarmed)

* Crit non confirmed : Crit threat ; Damage (1d20+3=7, 1d8+2=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=981603)

edit: if this enough to kill it, Fiona takes a 5' step to provide flanking.

2007-04-17, 08:16 AM
Attack=8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=981712)
Damage=15 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=981713)

Loc will strike at the closest maacian to him.

2007-04-17, 01:16 PM
Maireth Crimson
Round 2, Initiative 13, HP 7/7, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

Scanning over the ones in combat, Maireth notices how Merrion has been struck the fiercest of the lot, as both Maacain attacking himwere able to pack quite a punch. "How are you faring, Merrion?" Asks Maireth in regards to Merrion's health, considering Maireth has some healing options open for Merrion, though Merrion is not in the most profitable location. Therefore, the arrow that Maireth flings on his bow is aimed at a Maacain next to Merrion. If Merrion attacked one, and it did not die yet, he will target that one, otherwise he will target the other.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-04-17, 03:36 PM

Merrion staggers from the blow, obviously surprised by how potent the little buggers are. "Ack. Get close to me in the future! I got it for now." He takes a step back and makes a quick motion with his hand before resetting with the glaive. His wounds begin to seal up.

((5' step back from the bugs. He's using charnel touch to deliver Inflict Light Wounds on himself, healing for [roll]1d8+2[roll] damage. In case of attacks of opportunity due to reach next round, here's his glaive attack: [roll0] to hit for [roll1] damage. He was at 5 hitpoints before this heal. I forgot how squishy level 1 characters can be!))

2007-04-17, 06:30 PM
James Ferguson
[Init 8, Round 2 Pending]

Gladly noting his allies are cutting right through the enemy, JayFerg twists his blade about in the air, making it produce flames from seemingly nowhere. He then charges the closest Maacain (A? B? D? I dunno who's left) swinging his burning blade into the fray.

OOC: Charging and using Burning Blade to add 1d6+1 fire damage this turn if I hit - (1d20+7)[20], dmg (2d6+4)[9], Fire - (1d6+1)[3].

Re-post, sans charge (update -2 to my Attack roll for 18 and normal AC of 15).

Also, don't mean to be a pain just checking, did you remember to roll for my 20% miss chance (concealment due to moving 10 feet in my turn with my stance).

p.s. Actual rolls took place in previous post, I just pasted the resulting info so the quote didn't show code instead of results in the quote.

2007-04-17, 06:57 PM
Messed up that healing roll. Should be [roll0].

2007-04-19, 04:08 AM
James Ferguson tears through a Maacain's carapace covered body with his flaming sword, Fiona cuts one of them in half and knocks away one that leaps at her face with a powerful left hook. Merrions strikes that Maacain out of the air, leaving it to twitch on the ground.

With only six of their number remaining, The Maacain all leap and dart back, bouncing off the canyon walls and back together in the center.

From about ten feet away from the wagon, the Maacain all charge up a bolt of purple energy and launch them at the party, one for each member.

The bolts are slower moving than arrows, but something about them seems to make them drift through the air towards their living targets.

Fiona shifts but is unable to avoid the purple dart. Surprised at first at how little the actual impact hurt, she is suddenly bucked over in pain as her entire body is consumed in a blue and purple fire. 8 damage.

Merrion is fortunate enough to easily side step his arrow, and Maireth puts great effort into avoiding it, unprepared for any further damage.

James Ferg tries to knock the bolt away with his blade, but as his blade catches fire he quickly becomes consumed himself. 9 damage.

Loc is struck the worst, a direct bolt to his face as he fails to dodge it, 11 damage.

Mal nimble side steps the bolt aimed for him, and as he knocks back an arrow, notices the Maacain have gone limp and collapsed to the ground.

All the Maacain have slumped over and stopped moving. They all appear quite dead.

Everyone gains 500 xp and 1 Corruption Point. If the Maacain knocked you unconcious, gain 2 Corruption Points instead.

2007-04-19, 05:25 AM

"What the ?" And then her body spasms. Daaaaaaamn - the shock subsides - they did warn us about that."

Sword in hand, though her grip is weakened, she limps over to the bodies, severing each head quickly. She's swearing all the while : "Those sons of b* ! How dare they come and try to * us over with *, only worse, and * * after * * and * * !"
She wipes the gore on one of the bodies.

Now breathless, she turns towards her group : "Everybody alright ? Well, I'm not !" She takes a deep breath, and it seems she's going to start a new swear-marathon, but she relents.

HP: 1

2007-04-19, 07:53 AM
As Fiona busies herself with the decapitation, she finds a thirteenth dead Maacain, apparently it was the one who expunged it's life to attack in the begining. Fiona can't finish her task of decapitation because she approaches the next Maacain body, it erupts and burns away with the same blue purple fire as before.

2007-04-19, 09:13 AM

Returning his arrow, Mal rushes over to Loc, checking to make sure he's alright.

2007-04-19, 11:08 AM
Maireth Crimson

For a brief moment, Maireth rolls his eyes at Fiona's reaction. He looks at the damage done to the party and turns to James Ferguson. "James Ferguson, try to see what you can do to take care of yourself and those hurt in the group. I know you three.." And with that, Maireth looks at James Ferguson, Fiona and Loc. "..are not doing fine. But let's hang tight, team. Merrion, let us check if the Maacain are really dead. Better to be safe then sorry." With that being said, Maireth moves next to Merrion, and gives him a short pat on the shoulder, holding his hand there for a moment, as negative energy flows through Merrion, healing him just as his own touch can. As soon as Merrion is healed, either by Maireth's touch or their combined healing, he removes his hand, motions to Merrion, and moves towards the Maacain and study to see if they really are dead.

Which they appearantly are. Nodding to Merrion, Maireth will see if he can pick up his arrow aswell, before looking about, after which he turns back to the remainder of the party, taking steps towards the wagon. He will look specifically at the actions of James Ferguson, and if it seems like things are going better, Maireth will speak up. "Let's move in the wagon, and heal up in there while we continue on our way." With that having been said, he motions to the wagon, and moves further towards it. While doing so, he continues to speak. "With these Maacain, it might, or even most likely will mean that there will be more in the vicinity. Perhaps a rift. We are currently in a canyon, so it would probably be best to continue along the path to see if we can find out more about this situation. Everybody, when you are alright, let's all try and watch to our surroundings to see if we pick up anything."

2007-04-19, 12:00 PM
Until someone takes care of the injured, we're not moving along. My bad.

DM Rampage

The group climbs back into the cart, finding nothing left of the Maacain save for scorch marks on the canyon's earth. As you begin to travel you notice more and more of the scorch marks till the canyon itself seems to be almost like it were carved from black stone. As the canyon falls away, you finally come across an immense plain, for a moment you are stunned, as far as your eye can see, everything is scorched a dark black, and yet, skittering within this expanse of darkness are seemingly hundreds of the small Maacain you encountered earlier. For a moment, you see your life flash before your eyes, then, you notice quite a distinctly different flash, as a column of steel passes through the army of Maacain like a scythe through stalks of grain, followed by explosions of blue purple flame.

You strain your eyes and see in the distance a tiny figure, standing amidst the swarming masses. The figure is blue and white, it seems to move like a swordsman, but the thing which it wields cannot possibly be called a sword. A column of steel that reaches far into the heavens, and yet passes through the air with the ease of a summer breeze. It scythes through landscapes and foe as though there were nothing there, leaving only devastation in it's wake. As the tides of darkness begin to expunge in bursts of blue and purple, the figure slowly lowers it's gaze towards you, and even though it seems so desperately far away, you can feel it's eyes examining you, looking you over, judging your strength, and you can see them...

Glowing a shallow red.

The figure beacons.

2007-04-19, 02:40 PM
James Ferguson

Bleeding on the ground, James Ferg coughs a bit, trying to get ahold of his senses.

OOC: Stabilize %, call low even though I'll probably fail, [roll0].

Edit: I am now at -3 hp. Can I get a heal check please?

2007-04-19, 03:39 PM

With a curse, she notices the form of the schizo guy lying on the ground. Limping back towards him, she kneels, and proceeds to stop the bleeding. If anybody else seems to need help, she will take care of them. Only then will she tend to her own wound.

Gently, she takes JF in her arms and let him lie in the cart, a bundle of clothes his only mattress. Turning around, she starts sniffing the air.

Take 10 on Heal check : success.
Oops, didn't see you had taken damage before... Though it makes Zweans' post funnier.
Btw, Fiona has Scent, and now she knows the scent (if any) of Maacains, so if she notices anything...

2007-04-19, 03:47 PM
I reiterate this post... and edit it for appropriateness

The group climbs back into the cart, loading the unconcious and injured and finding nothing left of the Maacain save for scorch marks on the canyon's earth. As you begin to travel you notice more and more of the scorch marks till the canyon itself seems to be almost like it were carved from black stone. As the canyon falls away, you finally come across an immense plain, for a moment you are stunned, as far as your eye can see, everything is scorched a dark black, and yet, skittering within this expanse of darkness are seemingly hundreds of the small Maacain you encountered earlier. For a moment, you see your life flash before your eyes, then, you notice quite a distinctly different flash, as a column of steel passes through the army of Maacain like a scythe through stalks of grain, followed by explosions of blue purple flame.

You strain your eyes and see in the distance a wide and powerful figure, standing amidst the swarming masses. The figure is blue and white, it seems to move like a swordsman, but the thing which it wields cannot possibly be called a sword. A column of steel that reaches far into the heavens, and yet passes through the air with the ease of a summer breeze. It scythes through landscapes and foe as though there were nothing there, leaving only devastation in it's wake. As the tides of darkness begin to expunge in bursts of blue and purple, the figure slowly lowers it's gaze towards you, and even though it seems so desperately far away, you can feel it's eyes examining you, looking you over, judging your strength, and you can see them...

Glowing a shallow red.

The figure beacons.

2007-04-19, 03:54 PM

Feeling the stranger's gaze impossibly detailing her features, she grins her best feral grin. Her heart is not really in it though.

"I don't think we really have a choice..."

2007-04-19, 05:15 PM

"We always have a choice. Just a question of how many good ones. How's JF doing? Let's keep him and anyone noticeably injured in the wagon, and keep them down. Meanwhile, I think it's best if I do the majority of the human shield thing for now. Maireth, you may want to consider doing some of the same... we're the only ones who can take punishment all day long.

But anyway, I think that guy down there seems to be... well, the enemy of our enemy. Let's head on down, but be prepared for anything."

Merrion makes a quick motion with his hand, the same one he made during the fight, and then waits in the cart, glaive in hand.

Casting Inflict Light Wounds and holding the charge for future use.

2007-04-19, 05:24 PM
James Ferguson

<before leaving>

Coming to his senses, and wiping the sprayed blood out of his pure white hair, JF tells Fiona, "Thanks...they got me good with that bolt."

He holds a hand over his wounds, and conjures the essence of his life back, casting Cure Light Wounds for [roll0].

He then turns back to Fiona, saying, "Now let me see what you've got there..." similarly holding his hands over her wounds for [roll1].

Noticing Loc limping his way back into the cart as well, James Ferg walks over to him, and gives him a few quick mendings as well (3 Heal Minors, so 3 hp). Rubbung his hands together, he says, "Well, we're as patched up as we'll ever be. Let's hit the road!" While jumping back into the cart and waiting for everybody to assemble, after which he says, "Tikaw."


Seeing the literal cyclone of death in the distance JF comments, "Now that looks like a man I'd like to meet...let's hope he's on our side."

2007-04-19, 06:09 PM
OOC: Reroll request for healing by james. Gooo... Dice Roll!

*throws dice out the window*

Now to go find them.

Be back in thirty minutes.

Right, I'm back now, and they were a seven. an improvement over a three.

Since James Ferg is driving, and he has stated his interest in approaching, we move on.


As you approach the figure, his form slowly becomes recognizable. Broad rippling muscular shoulders, a body so perfectly muscled and toned it looks like it was carved from diamond by microscopic organisms. Mostly white scales that were all once a sky like blue. Shining white chainmail leggings trimmed with gold, and a tasteful though dominating holy symbol of Garrett dangling from around his neck. Dimly glowing red eyes and a sword that's taller than the academy. Most importantly, and what immediately strikes recognition into your mind, is his face. A horribly ugly reptilian mug that looks like it were the incestuous offspring of a cross of the of an iguana and a frog's children. His sword shrinks to the size of a dirk and he sheeths it at his side. He begins to approach you, the ground seeming to shake with each of his steps. He gives you a terrifying if friendly smile, and says in a deep bass...

"Hello Children! I'd like to pretend it's been a while, but it's really only been a day since you left the academy. Though I think only one of you is big enough to have ever even been my student. How are you Fiona? Keeping strong I hope? I understand if you don't remember me, though my names not too hard. Slaad! Former Captain of the Grayguard, and current Archpaladin of the order of Garrett. Actually, I was sent here by none other than your boss, he wanted me to deal with these Maacain before you were killed quite dead. The rift turned out to be considerably larger than we had ever imagined. In fact, the entire Elven Nation is off limits to anyone without an approved level of hero's license. And sadly, your clearance is still novice." Slaad pauses, and begins to look over the group.

"You children look rather shook up, come, rest, I shall heal you if you'd like. We'll discuss the nature of your mission in a moment. Also, if you'd like, I can remove the taint from your bodies, apparently these creatures are now able to inflict it in person."

With that, Slaad begins to lay hands on each of you, closing your wounds, and if you wish it, proceeding to free you of any corruption you've received. He then proceeds to find himself a seat on the wagon, causing it to bend and buckle under his weight. facing inwards, and offers everyone to do the same.

"It turns out that sending new recruits to find rifts was a foolhardy mistake, those who have actually succeeded in finding one have been slaughtered long before we could find out about it, the rifts open to quickly and their numbers are just too numerous. In fact, the majority of the graduates received exactly this task, and only about a third of the graduates are still alive. A grim number... but there is hope. It turns out that in the efforts of a trio of higher-ups to seal off rifts in some demi planes, they have succeeded in trapping numerous Maacain inside in divided and limited numbers in closed spaces, offering what might be a far safer place for young ones like yourself to begin to learn how to fight. In fact, that is what Jack sent me to give you THIS for."

Slaad reaches into a pouch on his hip and withdraws a gray metallic octagon. He places it lightly in the middle of the group for all to see.

"This is Jack's Portal Key. It leads to his private demi-plane, which a wizard helped him create about... oh, I dunno, two hundred or so years ago. He's quite enamored with it, and when he found that Dalboz and Ross had bound a number of Maacain inside it, he immediately took me aside and asked me to find you to clean it out for him. He made it seem like he was worried about you, but I know his priorities. I warn you, don't mess with any of his stuff. Jack will kill you. And don't expect me to protect you if you do. He'll kill me too. Jack's scary."

Slaad yawns and looks to the group.

"I suppose in the end I have to say it was a pleasure seeing you kids again. I've been fighting for three days solid now. It's good to see friendly faces. I wish you luck in your upcoming battle. Oh, and here."

Slaad fishes a set of four potions out of his pouch.

"The blue ones are healing, the swirly black and green one is for your cart. Don't tell Jack I gave it to you. He purposefully gave you the busted cart to make it harder. Now, I have to run. There are plenty more of these monstrosities around the countryside. I suggest that as soon as you are ready, use the portal key and get out of here. If you don't you may find yourself surrounded by more Maacain than you can handle.

He stands to leave, then, with a moment of thought, turns and gives Fiona a big bear hug. "Don't let anything anyone says get you down beautiful, just remember, violence, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems."

He steps off the cart, and makes ready to leave, withdrawing the impossible weapon once again.

"Oh yeah! You activate the portal key by saying "Maxov""

2007-04-19, 06:25 PM

Merrion, always a bit uncomfortable around paladins, giggles slightly when he watches Slaad's sword change sizes, but manages to avoid saying anything about it. "Um, how does a cart drink a potion?"

2007-04-19, 06:59 PM
"You just kinda... pour it..." Slaad goes through the motions of uncapping a pretend bottle and then liberally pouring it's contents on a pretend object. "Like that. Though you may want to save the potion. It doubles as a dispelling potion, which might be useful."

2007-04-19, 07:03 PM
James Ferguson

JF smiles at Merrion's, baffled at anyone couldn't see how a cart worked with a potion, "Why it's wood," he says, "Same as any other living or formerly living thing it absorbs substances, much like you infuse dead things with the essence to live again, sort of. Just pour it on, it ought to work, right Master Slaad?"

OOC: Since I never shared it before, here's the portrait I found for my character. It's alright, not amazing like some of the other pictures absolutely perfect I've found on the net for some of my other characters...


Edit: Okay, that worked out really weird, half the picture is cut off and somehow I got two spoilers...whatever. Just accept it.

2007-04-19, 07:05 PM
"Exactly" says Slaad the Slaad, nodding towards James Ferguson.

2007-04-19, 07:11 PM

"Thanks, James."


When they get closer to the sword-wielding madman, Fiona can't help grinning. "That's Slaad."

"Hey, no way they'd kill us so easily !"

But shocking news follow : "Only a third ?". Fiona's face twitches. My friends... No, I won't ask about them. No weakness. I just hope...

"I wish you luck in your upcoming battle."

"And luck unto you, crazy dragon ! Seen my toothpicks ?" She points at the swords on her back.

"Don't let anything anyone says get you down beautiful, just remember, violence, the cause of and solution to all of life's problems."

"Ah, stop it, handsome, you're going to make me blush !" The latter is delivered in a stern tone that contrasts with the actual meaning of her words. You can tell this is something of a ritual between them.

2007-04-19, 07:36 PM
"I'm sorry you don't have time to grieve. The number of your friends who are dead are almost in the thousands. I cannot begin to comfort you over this. I can only say that now is not the time to falter. Work so that others shall not share their fate. Become stronger, and then join us on the battlefield."

Slaad turns to go, and as he speaks his voice becomes dark and grim, "Amrien spoke to me earlier. I asked him simply if he though we would survive. He told me frankly... 'No'. He's never been wrong about a battle before. Ever. But you and I, we will prove him wrong. For as long as I have my steel, I will continue to slay these abominations. I look for the day you come to fight alongside me. Or... near me anyway. I wish you good luck.

Oh, and if you get into trouble, remember what the Jack of fable is famous for!"

If you have any further questions, catch him now, because he's about to leave.

2007-04-19, 08:28 PM

"But wait, what does the potion do to the cart, other than making it wet?"

2007-04-19, 08:41 PM
"Why, I would think that'd be obvious. It dispells the curse that Jack had someone place on it and returns it to the Wagon that I, Dalboz, and Amrien used to use back when we adventured."

2007-04-19, 09:13 PM
"Well that was one heck of a fight...Ach was I sleeping?

Hehe sorry about not posting earlyer but my internet has been going screwy...are we healed totaly?

2007-04-19, 10:25 PM

"Err, right, of course. Well, either way, we're going to Jack's little hidey hole. Sounds like fun."

2007-04-19, 11:05 PM

"I wonder how many skeletons he keeps in his closet...

See you around, o Masssster !"

2007-04-20, 02:17 AM
Maireth Crimson

Lookg forward as they approach the figure, Maireth turns to Fiona as she states who it is. A slight frown shifts on Maireth's face momentarily, before they are with him. When Slaad begins to talk, Maireth tries to listen as attentive as possible, and nods at appropriate times. When the mention about deaths comes up, however, Maireth's face turns blank and expressionless. Maireth himself obviously does have feelings about this, but he has no intention to show them to others. How strong Maireth's feelings on the inside are, one can only guess.

While he did thank Slaad as he was healed, Maireth does not seem too talktive. Eventually though, after a while, and not during, but only after the mention of survivability, Maireth's face seems to gain back some fluidicity as he speaks up towards the peculiar person in front of them. "Thank you again, Master Slaad, I wish you luck. However, I do have a question. You have just healed us from this taint, do you know any other methods of removing it aswell? Because we will not be able to depend on you solely, and we will face more Maacain."

2007-04-20, 05:04 AM
"Healing the taint is difficult, I could train your healer to do it, but we do not have the time. Look for any of the teachers and basically any healer of a significant power to heal it the same way. For now it is your only means of recovery."

2007-04-20, 05:26 AM
James Ferguson

JayFerg cross his arms over his chest, looking slightly perplexed but eager to move one, "It's dissapointing to be so...insignificant. If we're ever going to stop these extra dimensional invader we're all going to have hone and learn new abilities...I hope to learn that ability from you soon, Master Slaad."

Nodding his assent that the instructions were understood and discourse essentially over, JF picks up the potions Slaad had given the group, "These had best be served with those without connections to the divine...or the ability to take care of their own wounds. Loc? Fiona? Mal?" Handing them away, he goes on, "But I'm sick of staying in one place! We've a reality to save and saving that reality necessitates that we exit this reality and enter a reality where reality is outside of reality yet really being non-real it is still it's own reality and the invaders from another reality and have taken its domain to cut off the respite our master has from our own reality as he endeavors to save our own reality in attempts that in so far have proven more real than our own."

He smiles and says, "You all ready?"

2007-04-20, 05:40 AM

She accepts a potion and secures it as best she can in her backpack.

Unfortunately, she hasn't developed adequate mental filters yet, so she tries to follow the twists and turns of JF's sentence, only to end up where she started... with a nascent headache at the back of her head.

Aaah, cut it. "Yep, ready."

Except if Jalil wants to say a word, I think we all had our turn. DM's call.

2007-04-20, 05:53 AM
Except if Jalil wants to say a word, I think we all had our turn. DM's call.

Woopses, I apparently said Merrion instead of Jalil. How did I get those names mixed up? We may never know...editing...

2007-04-20, 06:16 AM
Jalil is the nick of the player who plays Mal, our ranger/conjurer (I think). I think you were ok and NOW you are mixed up. :smallwink:

Refer to this post when in need : http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2355252&postcount=299

2007-04-20, 06:23 AM
I'm just gonna keep trucking along then

With a final wave, Slaad bends his legs, let's out a loud grunt, and leaps forward. The ground beneath where he stood is buckled in, Two enormous cracks in the sold stone earth. Slaad is gone, soaring through the sky solely by the force of his own powerful legs.

The party is left alone with the potions and a portal key.

2007-04-20, 07:22 AM
Maireth Crimson

Not at all baffled by James Ferguson's speech, as Maireth could follow it, a smile seems to appear on his face when James Ferguson finishes, and especially if he sees any confusion from others. After that, his eyes follow Slaad as he soars away. Now, an emotion can not be determined easily from his face, but eventually, Maireth turns back towards the group, and more specifically, the gray metallic octagen, the Portal Key. He leans over and grabs it in his hand, after which he looks at the group once more. Speaking in soft tones, he adresses the group shortly. "We best make haste. James Ferguson made a good statement about why. I am ready aswell, so if there are any objections about leaving now, please state so."

And if nobody objects, Maireth will speak in an audible, yet low and soft voice, the following word. "Maxov."

2007-04-20, 09:58 AM
The metal octagon begins to glow with a soft white light, and then a circle begins to trace in the ground around your feet, encompassing the entire group and the wagon. As the circle closes, the octagon flares up and you are all blinded for a moment. As you come to, you find yourself standing to the entrance of what appears to be the most impossibly perfect fortress you have ever laid eyes on. It's walls are thick polished steel, the grounds are surrounded by a seemingly bottomless pit with perfectly flat sides and the corners rounded to make escape impossible. The towers of are all perfectly rectangular, closing together in a pyramid shape at the top.

The plane is bizarre beyond belief, above is an empty night sky, while around you is a landscape composed of what appears to be metal, appearing to have grown in beautiful crystalline structures.

The entrance to the fortress itself is solid metal plate, but it is raised right now and within you can see activity.

There are a small number of Maacain that seem to be guarding the entrance. Five of them, four are the same kind of creature you had to deal with earlier, while another stands awkwardly on two legs, and continuously emits an irritable thunking noise.

The main entrance is quite obviously the only way in, seeing as there appears to be no windows or doors anywhere but within the wall of Jack's "home". Meaning you'll have to deal with these creatures. Fortunately, none of them seem to have noticed your arrival, and so far you have not seen any activity to suggest otherwise. You have the upper hand in this situation.

2007-04-20, 10:26 AM
Maireth Crimson

Amazed by what he now encounters in his vision, Maireth is put off by all that is to be seen for a while. Looking about, he seems distracted, but when he notices activity, his gaze immediatly turns towards it. Slowly taking in the surroundings as his attention remains at the activity which does not seem to have noticed them for now, Maireth soon turns to the others. His voice is hushed, as he does not want to warn them with too loud a voice either.

"Seems like we will have to take them out first. We have surprise on our hand, so let us make use of that. Mal, Loc and me can shoot while the others get into range. Let us target the bipedual one first, because the sooner we take that one down, the less chance it has to warn others with it's noice. After those with melee prowess get in range, the shooters will target the other ones. Alright?" He looks at the others, while he moves out of the wagon, and holds his bow tight.

2007-04-20, 10:43 AM
"Right im with ye Crimson"
Loc then readys his own bow.

2007-04-20, 11:08 AM
OOC - Let's roll Initiative and actions to come for combat already to save time. We can change it if there are objections.

Maireth Crimson
Surprise round, HP 7/7, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

Initiative: [roll0]
If the others agree with the plan & Maireth's position:
Ranged Attack vs bipedual [roll1], damage [roll2].

2007-04-20, 03:12 PM

Loc takes initiative and fires off an arrow of his own.

Initiative: 12
Ranged Attack on Biped: 18
Damage: 3

HP: 12
AC: 15, 12 Touch, 13 Flat

2007-04-20, 03:24 PM
Init=15, HP 12/12, AC 14(Touch 10)

Merrion shrugs, then realizes people are starting to shoot and darts forward into the fray, taking a swing with his fist at the best available target.

We're in range to be charging in, yes? I wasn't sure about that. Anyway, Merrion will go along with the plan, and thus charge. Initiative [roll0]. Charging attack with Charnel Touch [roll1] to hit with a touch attack, dealing [roll2] negative energy damage. Attack is targetted at the bipedal one if he's still standing, otherwise he hits a standard Maacain. Merrion's AC is 14 this round, 10 touch AC, due to charging.

2007-04-20, 06:45 PM
Init 15, HP 9/9, AC 16

She looks around, taking it all in. My first true planeshift - the ones back at the academy didn't really count.


A sword in each hand, she charges what must be a higher level Maacain. A miscalculation makes her swing too wide.

Initiative (1d20+4=15)
Att;Dam (1d20+7=12, 1d8+2=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=990014)

2007-04-20, 08:22 PM
((OOC, if Amodman doesn't reply soon, I'll go ahead and NPC him too.))

2007-04-20, 08:32 PM
((OOC, if Amodman doesn't reply soon, I'll go ahead and NPC him too.))

OOC: Something tells me his plan is "charge in and hit with greatsword" anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem.

2007-04-20, 08:41 PM
((Let's go with that then.))

JamFerg charges in the fray with his greatsword, swinging it down with all his might upon what is clearly a level 2 maacain.

Mal fires an arrow, aiming to pierce directly through the featureless head of the creature.

James Ferg connects solidly with the standing figure, as does Mal's arrow. Loc's and Maireth's arrows reach their target easily as well.

The bipedal creature slumps to the ground, but the creatures around it immediately begin to scurry into action, riled by the death of their leader.

Surprise round over.

Loc Prepares to fire a second arrow, knocking it onto the string.

Mal draws another arrow, knocking it along side Loc.

JF continues to wield his sword with powerful roars, striking out at the Maacain.

2007-04-20, 09:00 PM
James Ferg connects solidly with the standing figure, as does Mal's arrow. Loc's and Merrion's arrows reach their target easily as well.

OOC: Merrion charged and used a Charnel Touch attack. He didn't shoot an arrow.

2007-04-20, 09:03 PM
[OOC: how... to the point. edit: ninja-ed. That was meant for Talfrey. :]

Init 15, HP 9/9, AC 18

She doesn't like to miss so she turns her anger on the closest Maacain. Grabbing him, she turns around and throws him to the ground, between JF and herself.

Mighty Throw: Touch attack; Trip check (+4 Dex, +4 size, +4 maneuver) (1d20+4=15, 1d20+12=21) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=990341)
Assuming it works, the Maacain is prone (-4 AC against melee, +4 AC against ranged, -4 attacks, standing up provokes AoO ; and we have +2 because of flanking)

2007-04-20, 09:06 PM
Init=15, HP 12/12, AC 14(Touch 10)

Pressing the attack, Merrion charges again, this time at the nearest available level 1 Maacain. He swings his fist at the creature, sending a pulse of energy through said fist in an attempt to snuff the creature out. His fist connects with the creature's face, sending the pulse directly into its brain. After this he quickly sets his glaive, ready to attack any others that get close. He grins, obviously having a time of it.

Charnel Touch Attack: [roll0] to hit with a touch attack, [roll1] negative energy damage if it hits. In case of attacks of opportunity from the Glaive's reach, [roll2] to hit, dealing [roll3] slashing damage if it hits.

2007-04-20, 09:08 PM

OOC: Dangit, forgot you can't add rolls if you've already made some. Trying again:

Woo! Another critical threat! Confirming the Charnel Touch threat with [roll0] touch attack, dealing an extra [roll1] negative energy damage if the crit is confirmed.

2007-04-20, 11:02 PM
James Ferguson
Init - [roll0], HP 9/9, AC 15 (11 Touch, 14 Flat),

OOC: Lol, sorry, I was away from home today? Normally I'd use my maneuvers often, as that's what they're there for, and I just remembered I took the Psionic Weapon feat too! Lol.

After ending his ferocious charge towards the enemy, James Ferg continues his dance of death through traditions handed down since time unkown. Pulling his sword back and twisting it about in deceiving angles, it appears for the Maacain nearest him to somehow have been engulfed by darkness, and in an instance JF comes forward and snaps his blade down on the enemy, releasing the energies he had been weaving as well into the eyes of the Maacain.

OOC: Performing my Clinging Shadow Strike, which deals an extra 1d6 damage if successful, and also with a successful strike the Maacain must succeed a 15 Fort Check or have a 20% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks if it survives.

Attack - [roll1]

Damage - [roll2]

Strike Damage -[roll3]

2007-04-21, 01:41 AM
Maireth Crimson
Round 1, Initiative 24, HP 7/7, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

As Maireth swings another arrow on his bow, he smiles with the sight of the Level 2 Maaican being already defeated. He turns for a brief moment towards those beside him, Loc and Mal, and speaks up swiftly as he targets the next Maaican. "Remember, we must target the same creature until it is down, and preferably those who are not fighting with others yet, unless those are in danger. So, follow my lead." And with that, an arrow soars through the air, directed at one of the Maaican that seems to be farthest out of range of the melee'ers at current, while not being behind any cover.

Ranged Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-04-21, 04:44 AM
Fiona throws a Maacain to the ground, Loc hits one of the skittering creatures with an arrow, and Merrion hits the same beast with a blow from his channel spell. Unfortunately, the other warriors in the party find themselves having difficulty forcing their blows to connect with the beasts, and as each leaps to attack, they find all four of the remaining Maacain still standing.

With a shrill shreak, the beasts leap towards the members of the party in Melee.

Powerful talons rake at Merrion's face, but with some fancy footwork and a well placed parry, he knocks away the violent monster.

Fiona is startled to find a Maacain leap upon her back, and with a long talon carve a gash across the bottom of her neck, just above her armor. (5 damage)

The Maacain on it's back seems to struggle with righting itself, and then with a kick of it's legs sets itself upright.

Finally a Maacain with a long whip-like tail leaps upon James Ferguson, wrapping it's tail tight around his neck. (Grapple Check: 14, Roll opposing grapple check please.)

2007-04-21, 04:50 AM
Doom de doom doom doom...

2007-04-21, 04:56 AM
Init=15, HP 12/12, AC 16(Touch 12)

"It works better if you actually hit them, Maireth!" Merrion is grinning, clearly enjoying himself. After dodging the beast that currently wants to eat him, he yells "Sit, bad doggie!" and slaps the thing on the head with his hand.

Charnel Touch attack against the Maacain that attacked him. [roll0] Touch Attack for [roll1] Negative Energy Damage. In case of AoO due to reach: [roll2] to hit with his Glaive for [roll3] slashing damage.

2007-04-21, 04:58 AM

Critical Threat Again! Critical theat with the Glaive this time (I sure hope one of them provokes an AoO for moving through the Glaive's reach, or tries to stand up in range!). [roll0] to confirm the crit, dealing an extra [roll1] points of slashing damage (X3 Crit) if the crit is confirmed.

2007-04-21, 05:01 AM
Maireth Crimson
Round 2, Initiative 24, HP 7/7, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

Grumbling after his miss, as if fate had wanted to be ironic after what he said, Maireth nods towards Merrion. While he does see the humor in it, Maireth does not seem particularly enjoyed. And thus, swift his hand as another arrow is flung on the bow, and soars through the air to the same Maaican.

Ranged Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-04-21, 05:13 AM
Init 15, HP 6/9, AC 18

In a hurry, so just posting the rolls for now : (+2 thanks to flanking)
AoO : Att [roll0] Dam [roll1]
Crusader's Strike : Att [roll2] Dam [roll3] Healing [roll4]

2007-04-21, 12:44 PM
Merrion's charnel touch catches the parried Maacain off balance and he succeeds at gaining a powerful grip on the creature's face. It's face smolders from the touch and the creature desperately makes to escape, opening it up to a powerful downward slice from Merrion's glaive, which neatly divides the tiny monstrosity in half.

Maireth's arrow flies well off course and splinters against the side of the fortress, it's broken shaft falling deep into the seemingly bottomless moat.

Fiona leaps upon the Maacain that just stood up, and promptly pummels the beast back to the ground, where it lies stilled and unmoving.

Loc's and Mal's arrows catch a Maacain in the chest as it leaps mid-air, sending it flying backwards, slipping over the cliff and falling into the darkness.

James Ferguson struggles with the Maacain wrapped around his neck. Unable to loosen it's grip, he feels his skin begin to burn beneath the binding touch of the Maacain's tail. (2 damage)

((OOC: Only Maacain left is the one around JF's neck.))

2007-04-21, 01:00 PM
Maireth Crimson
Round 3, Initiative 24, HP 7/7, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

Holding his bow to the side, Maireth decides not to use it this time around. His face looks grim because of his many misses before. No, this time around, perhaps he will have more luck. His hand flares black, and he readies himself before he charges towards the Maacain attached to James Ferguson. Holding his bow to the left, and with a hand surging with black, negative energy to the right, Maireth makes his charge. And as he arrives, his hand flings to the Maacain, to hopefully strike true this time around.

Charge Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2007-04-21, 02:01 PM
James Ferguson
Init 18, HP 7/9, AC 15 (11 Touch, 14 Flat), Special Conditions - Grappled.

"Erf..." mumbles JF, struggling with the Maacain, getting very annoyed at this point.

Escape Grapple - [roll0]

OOC: No AoO from Grapply Initiation?

2007-04-21, 02:05 PM
James Ferguson
Init 18, HP 7/9, AC 15 (11 Touch, 14 Flat), Special Conditions - Grappled.

"Erf..." mumbles JF, struggling with the Maacain, getting very annoyed at this point.

Escape Grapple - [roll0]

OOC: No AoO from Grapply Initiation?

James breaks free of the Maacain's grip.

You missed

2007-04-21, 03:22 PM
Init=15, HP 12/12, AC 16(Touch 12)

"That's it Maireth, smack it with your bow, you might do more damage that way!" Merrion calls as he sees Maireth charge in, bow in hand. He then darts in and tries to slap the last standing Maacain on the back with his hand, adding a bit of a flourish, and of course adding the usual charge of negative energy along with it.

Charnel Touch attack, [roll0] to hit with a touch attack for [roll1] negative energy damage if the hit is sucessful.

2007-04-21, 03:33 PM
The group succeeds at pummeling the unfortunate Maacain to a most unpleasant death, and have succeeded in wining their second battle, this time with almost no injuries!

2007-04-21, 03:49 PM

Merrion stretches a bit, holding his glaive in one hand. "Well, see, that wasn't so bad! Anybody dead?" He looks around grinning, shoving his hair out of his face as he does. He then claps Maireth on the back. "It was a good plan. I was just teasin' you, spoo... um, Maireth. You know, you really should let people give you nicknames. No matter. So, onwards and upwards?"

2007-04-21, 04:00 PM
Inside the keep is a courtyard, there are doors to either side, and stairs ascending up into the main tower at the far side of the courtyard. There is no other activity within.

2007-04-21, 04:02 PM
James Ferguson

Running a hand over his wounds James Ferg comes back over to others, mumbling something about "Preachy" when he heard Merrion mention nicknames for Maireth. Looking up, he says, "Indeed, onward!"

OOC: Two Cure Minors to bring JF back to full.

2007-04-21, 04:07 PM

"So, I'm thinking door number one here, on the left. We clear out this whole area... no sense heading straight in when there's forces still behind us to catch us and flank us, you know? Left wall trace. Won't get lost as bad that way, too." Merrion taps the top of his head. "See, I learned something in school!"

"And while I'm at it, lemme try something. I think it'll help. But, um, if I start acting really greedy for a while, I appologize. This will only take a minute or so. Don't interupt. This is delicate and I'm still working out the kinks."

Merrion moves off into the left side corner, takes a piece of chalk out of his pocket, and begins drawing a small circle on the ground. He then takes out his spellbook, checking it over, and begins drawing a diagram in the circle. When this is complete, a monsterous form begins to materialize in the circle...

2007-04-21, 05:04 PM
James Ferguson

James Ferg nods at Merrion, "One or three sounds good to me...I'd say we could split up if we didn't know what we were up against..." He gives a gaze about the complex as well, saying, "I'm surprised the Maacain even took this place, Jack's home and all...the defenses. I wouldn't want to be the invader here!"

2007-04-21, 05:19 PM

Loc leans over Merrion's shoulder, looking at the circle.

"Whatcha' be doin' laddie? Are yeh gointa summon a munster ta' help us wit'der Maacain?""

2007-04-21, 05:38 PM

"Something like that..." Merrion grins a little, but is obviously paying attention to the creature that's forming out of the circle. The creature rises on two legs made of worms. The head of a female dwarf wearing a fine crown stares at Merrion, while the two other heads, one a lion and one a bull, gaze about the courtyard. Her fingers are covered with jeweled rings, and her muscular body is covered by all sorts of regal finery. Strangely, she is holding shut the mouth of the lion head, which is softly growling. In the other hand she holds a hot star shaped branding iron.

Merrion kneels to the creature, and as he does so removes the leather glove from his left hand. He presents this hand to the creature, while speaking softly to it. The creature tips its dwarven head to him, not a bow, but an acknowledgement. Merrion's left hand becomes a fist, and the creature's brand strikes the back of it, the flesh sizzling. Merrion bears his teeth, staring at the creature, still on one knee. The dwarf head stares back into his eyes as the creature seems to flow through its own body, through the branding iron, and into Merrion's hand. The dwarf head is the last part to flow through.

All that is left is the chalk circle on the ground and a star shaped brand on Merrion's left hand.

Merrion stands up, holding his left hand for a moment before replacing the leather glove. He looks about the courtyard, slightly more regal than before, still nursing his left hand.

"I hate that part. I really do." He grins at Loc, and then bursts into flame. Yellow flames cover his body, and he radiates heat. The grin returns to his face as he looks over his body. "So... onwards and upwards, folks?"

Bound Aym. Binding check [roll0]. Yehaw.

2007-04-21, 07:04 PM

She executes her usual gruesome task : cutting off heads. The scowl on her face should be enough to indicate what she thinks of it, and yet... well, it's because you never know.

Noticing Merrion's ritual, she joins Loc and observes the proceedings with curiosity.

Once he is done : "Who's got sharp senses here ?For whenever we need to scout ?

Thing is, I do, but I'm very noticeable..."

2007-04-21, 08:35 PM

"You're noticeable? I'm on freaking fire here!" Merrion is obviously enjoying this. "I say I take point, and we go through this here door. If we see bad things, we hurt them, until there are no more bad things. So let's do it!" He takes a moment to kick the diagram, smearing the chalk about and ruining it for future use.

2007-04-22, 02:52 AM
James Ferguson

"Good plan, Merrion!" says James Fergo, moving to slap Merrion on the back, but stopping and thinking better of it. Otherwise, though he seems to be generally complementing the plan of action.

2007-04-22, 03:39 AM
Maireth Crimson

Merrion got a direct glare from the glowing red eyes of Maireth, as he might have come to expect. Not amused by nicknames in the slightest, Maireth states something which sounds as if he has stated repeatedly, and the undertone is annoyed. "Crimson will have to do for that purpose." A short pauze, before Maireth turns towards the building once more. "Onward it is then." Meanwhile, it seems as if he did not notice what James Ferguson mumbled.

Standing in the courtyard, Maireth speaks up, but adressing nobody in particular. "I wonder how Jack got the Maacain here like this. Or, what they are doing currently? In his domain so peculiar." Contemplating it for a few moments, Maireth then disregards it for now as he mumbles. "No time to contemplate that further." With that, he turns towards Merrion, who seems to be busy with something.

Observing the ritual besides the other ones, Maireth also let's his glance go towards his surroundings, taking the sight in more then observing any particular activities. He seems to frown at the creature so summoned, but continues to observe. As the ritual progresses, Maireth studies it, until it is finally over. Looking over Merrion, Maireth's brow rises up as the flames burst out. Showing no further surprise, Maireth does seem to smile.

But his attention seems to move towards Fiona as she speaks up, and he shakes his head. "I will not be suitable for scouting, I am afraid. I doubt we will need that now though." With a slight grin, he turns towards Merrion, considering his noticeable comment. Listening to the suggested course of actions, Maireth seems to shrug. "Well, that is the point. Anyway, if the spaces will be more cramped from now on, there will be less room to use a bow. Because of that, I might join in melee, and that might be a good thing for Loc to do, depending on the room we will have."

2007-04-22, 05:36 AM

Merrion's pleasure is somewhat contagious, and Fiona finds herself smiling. "I guess I'll go first then." She sheathes her two swords, then extracts two long daggers from her pack. Training's never over, right ? Crazy X'ian. I wonder where he is right now.

She starts by sniffing around, trying to see if she can find trails or an indication of the numbers they may have to face. It's surprising the noise hasn't attracted anybody yet. She pauses to listen.

I think we also get back to full HP when we level up ? It might be an old houserule from my group though.

- Not sure what rolls to associate with Scent : Search ? (would be 1d20+4) [note: sniffing around means 'with her nose up in the air', not 'like a terrier'.]
- [roll0]

With her Dex, she's actually not too bad at MS/Hide (despite the -4 size modifier !). But she's underestimating herself.

2007-04-22, 10:18 AM

"Whoah... I just had an out-of-body experience... anyway. Just for future reference, guys, if we do get the drop on anybody else, let the archers shoot first. That way, you won't start an arrow collection with your back. Good idea?"

2007-04-22, 10:24 AM
Maireth Crimson

Nodding to Fiona as she states to go first, Maireth already moves along. But as he moves, he turns to Mal as he speaks up. And with that, he gives his own response. "While that sounds good at first, it has it's disadvantages. Those who are faster in reflexes might lose this advantage in reflexes and timing if they have to wait for those shooting, where the enemy might even gain an advantage because of that delay. Instead, it would be better if those who can shoot fast enough shoot at the preferred target, where after those reacting slower, acting after those charging in melee, chose another, standing off target so that they will shoot nobody in the back. Point is to find the right target, and shoot together at the same one."

2007-04-22, 10:28 AM
No, just gain the new HP. Points already lost don't heal.

As for scent, it used to be wilderness lore... I bet it's survival now, or whatever tracking uses, but the checks are much easier to make.

If you don't have Survival, it's just Wisdom.

Oh. and I'm working on the description, but it's slow going, I'm exhausted right now and I'm trying not to fall asleep and spending time describing it makes me tired. Not that it's boring, but too long doing one thing and I get bored.

2007-04-22, 11:52 AM
The left door leads to a room that is clearly one of Jack's pride and joys. It is a simple room, with simple tasteful furniture, a simple and tasteful design, and more importantly, a sword mounted on the wall every three feet. Each of these swords has it's own plaque and a description. Some burn with intense fire, others seem forged from glass, others seem to be nothing but mundane weaponry, regardless, you now realize why Jack was so worried.

I'm sorry, I just got tired of naming them all and giving descriptions, so I edited that part out. If you REALLY want, I'll give you a list of names and a word or two to describe them, but transcribing the two pages of written notes on these things in a legible format isn't something I want to do right now, sorry.

2007-04-22, 11:59 AM
James Ferguson

James Ferg is awed for a moment, inspecting one of the more interesting pieces (the glass sword on fire?). He reaches out to touch it...but thinks better of it instead. He'd tempt fate, but he'd not tempt Jack. He glances about for anything seeming out of place, "Let's hope the Maacain haven't started to loot anything out of here yet...if they can. A magnificent weapon in the hands of a master...it's a scary thing to behold."

2007-04-22, 12:49 PM

Like James, Mal admires the blades, but thinks better of trying to take something from Jack.

He looks on to possible exits.

2007-04-22, 01:07 PM
Maireth Crimson

Walking past the blades, Maireth is compelled by the sight. So much to see, and so wondrous. But his thoughts are disturbed as James Ferguson speaks up, and he swiftly turns his attention to the matter at hand. "Indeed. Perhaps, haste is in order then, as we do not know the state of things outside this room." Looking around, Maireth sees if there are any doors at all, or if this is just a room with one entry. Whatever the case, he seems to wonder something. Looking about, and thinking of the Maacain, Maireth seems to mumble. "I wonder how and why Jack let it come to this with those Maacain." But still, there is no further time to contemplate that, as they will have to move on. To defeat more Maacain.

2007-04-22, 01:44 PM
The large Sword room has only one exit, a small set of stairs leading into the main room, the middle door from outside. Besides the way you came in, there are no other exits.

2007-04-22, 02:21 PM
Maireth Crimson

Looking at the small set of stairs, Maireth's eyebrow perks up. "If that goes to the same room as the door in the courtyard, we might be able to attack from different flanks at once. That way, we would not have to struggle through one door either. How does that sound?"

2007-04-22, 07:28 PM
"Well lad flanking sounds good but ye need ta remember we aint got just whole lot oh experience here soooo I'm a thinkin we need ta keep tagether fer now."

What changes do i need to make to my sheet?

2007-04-22, 09:53 PM

"Indeed. Splitting up would be dangerous. But I wonder if Jack would mind if we just borrowed one of those swords, just for the time being... I'm sure they would help a great deal in the current fight, and we are saving the world after all." Merrion's eyes dart from one treasure to another.

2007-04-23, 12:31 AM

"One second... Hope I don't die..."

Mal concentrates on the swords, trying to discern the types of magics cast on them.

Cast Detect Magic. I know the swords will shows up hot, but I'm looking for some kind of abjuration effect between the swords and the walls.

2007-04-23, 01:21 AM

"Oh, come on ! Would a devious bastard like Jack leave his precious swords inattended ? Let us be off."

Survival (1d20+10=19) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=994512) - forgot to just take 10. Means I can know if Maacain were around there 4h ago. More if hey have a strong smell.

2007-04-23, 01:25 AM
James Ferguson

"That's exactly what I was thinking, Fiona," says JF, "Otherwise the Maacain would probably already have these...though there's obviously something he was worried about them getting their hands on, even if it is just his mundane stuff. Let's do it to it, as they say."

Moving in the direction of the exit.

OOC: Taking point if I have to, I have AC now ^_^.

2007-04-23, 04:39 AM
Maireth Crimson

"I concur, those swords will most likely have some form of protection. Though I wonder if we should even be worried about Maacain getting their hands on them. The ones we have seen so far did not seem particurly bright enough to be able to wield these things." With that, he starts to walk with James Ferguson. "I still think approaching from two sides in that room might work to our benefit. One door only has so much space, and if the Maacain await us on the other end, we might not be able to employ all our offense as they block further passageway for the entire group. And shooting over shoulders is not the best alternative either." Looking at the others, he then shrugs. "Hopefully we will face a better situation though." He will stand near James Ferguson, but will not stand next to him. He does not bring enough offense or defense at current to warrant standing in the front line, so he will wait for the others to get ready. "Open the door when we are ready then?"

2007-04-23, 09:03 AM
Mal, you detect nothing.

2007-04-23, 09:13 AM

"Nothing, eh? Let's try something..."

With that, Mal tries to remove one of the swords from the wall, grimacing, bracing himself for what may come.

2007-04-23, 10:22 AM
Odd response for not detecting any Abjuration between the swords and the wall. More accurately Mal, the swords are all glowing with Magic, and there's a small amount of magic in the very plane itself, but nothing binding the swords to the wall, nor anything around the wall that would appear to be a magical trap.

2007-04-23, 10:31 AM
[ooc]In that case... allow me to edit.[/ooc[

2007-04-23, 11:35 AM
Mal reaches up to the wall, grabbing at a sword which has an interesting name plate that simple states it's name as, "The Jabberwocky Slayer". Bracing himself as he pulls it off the wall, the group stands in shock for several moments, expecting him to burst into firey death, or be repeatedly impaled by spikes from more mundane and non magical traps...

They are surprised to find neither.

Taking a closer look at the name plate, it says "Caution: Vorpal"

2007-04-23, 11:43 AM

She turns around, sees Mal [Jalil is the player, Tal !] holding a sword and exclaims : "Oh no he didn't !".

Hard to know if she means Mal or Jack leaving his weapons unprotected.

2007-04-23, 11:43 AM
Maireth Crimson

Letting out a deep sigh, obviously of relief as nothing happened, Maireth then turns angry towards Mal. Taking broad steps, he stands before him and rises over him, with angry flaring eyes. His face seems darker, and the atmosphere grows more intimidating around Maireth as he speaks with sharp, angry tones. "Mal! It is a good thing that nothing happened, but that is no excuse. There could have been something deadly, as there are still mundane traps to care about aswell. I do not know why Jack did not better secure his weapons, but we could have been in a place where the host had secured his weapons in a most lethal way. A protection we would not have detected. That was imprudent behaviour you showed, which, in a different situation could have put us in significant danger. What were you thinking?"

2007-04-23, 11:46 AM
List of Swords in the room...


"Evil's Blade"

"Heaven's Judgement"

"Darksteel Eternity"

"Evergreen Blade"

"Endless Depths"

"The Jabberwocky Slayer" Empty Rack

2007-04-23, 11:51 AM

She interjects : "At this point, I'd like to emphasize that we are NOT in fact safe : Slaad was pretty specific about us not playing with Jack's toys. If he ever learns about it..."

Her words hang in the air ; she does not resort to physical intimidation like Maireth, but the message is nonetheless clear.

That's a change : my usual characters would have definitely grabbed the swords at once.

Hey, would be funny if the Lawful side actually won - it's so rare. Where are the Chaotics ?

2007-04-23, 11:53 AM

"I don't know, Maireth, I didn't see any magic protection, and it seemed a shame to just leave them... Besides, Jack would't have let us in here without some kind of warning, right... Wait... That Was really risky, wasn't it?"

Upon hearing Fiona's objection, Mal returns the sword.

"She's right, we shouldn't play with these... The risk is too great. Besides, Jack wan't sure if her was coming back. If he doesn't, we know where to go, don't we?"

2007-04-23, 12:16 PM
Maireth Crimson

Nodding to Fiona, obviously agreeing with her, Maireth seems pleased when Mal seems to agree aswell and returns the sword to its proper place. His stance relaxes, and the anger can not be spotted again on his face. "Putting it back is the right thing to do. It was really risky. And still is, as Fiona implied. And will most likely be for a long time, as I doubt we will learn any time soon that Jack is not getting back. Now, shall we focus on what we came here to do?" And with that, Maireth starts to pace towards the door they are about to go through. But for a moment he turns around before continuing, looking at Mal. "And remember, while you might not see magic protection, it does not have to mean there is no protection."

2007-04-23, 12:55 PM

She is one step behind Maireth as he opens the door, ready to tumble past him in case the main dish is also Maacain-based.

I will soon go offline for a while, so NPC me if it helps you move faster. Don't forget to curse.

2007-04-23, 01:06 PM
A voice suddenly echoes in your minds, the familiar voice of your contact, Jack.

"Merrion, Mal, Mairoth, Fiona, Loc, and uh..."

There is a slight pause as Jack tries to remember names.

"The other one! I need you to know something. I have something at my home that the Maacain MUST NOT find. You must and may do whatever you need to insure that they do not find it. If they do, It will be MY fault that we are all destroyed. I also ask that you tell no one of why I sent you, but there is a sword in the main room, it is one you may have heard of... it is called..."


Narrassillus, there is not a one among you who has not heard the name and known the story. It is not so much a sword as a fracture in existance itself. Believed to be capable of anything if supplied with enough power, it is responsible for the ressurection of the entire pantheon, for destroying the great rift from that created the first Maacain invasion's Zero Level Maacain army, it transformed one of it's wielders into a dragon, another into a lich, all by just will and touch. Undoubtedly, with this sword, a Maacain would easily be able to create a rift from anywhere to anywhere, allowing the invasion force to swamp the land. The drawback is that controlling the actual effects of the blade is nearly impossible, wishing for power may overload you with it, driving you mad. Wishing for the destruction of your enemies would call forth a blast that destroyed all of your enemies, and everyone else within a hundred miles of them. It has power, but it is deadly.

"My love of swords could not allow it's destruction. I never dared to use it, so I locked it within my own demi-plane. I was the only one with a key, and none even knew I had saved it, so I believed it was safe. Only one who could defeat me in combat could take the key, and even then, they might not know where to look, bothering only to plunder all the other swords. I ask that you bring it to me, and I will destroy it. It is within the center room. Go there and stand on the center tile, shout "Pipipipipipipipi" and jump away, because that will cause the tile to fly up as a pillar and crush you into the ceiling otherwise. It is difficult to dodge, so make sure your most able or expendable member takes the challenge. I suggest 'The other one'. The sword is hanging on a display that's inset to the pillar. Take it and return to Alamora immediatly. The portal key will drop you in my home here, and I will meet you there. I think it might be best if I let you... you... you... yooouuu.... uuuuusseee... m-m-m-m-my..."

Jack says, struggling to say the words

"Do whatever it takes! WHATEVER! Even use my precious swords, I won't mind if you just take good care of them"

He finally manages, sounding quite upset.

"I must go, good luck. And if you hurt them... I'll kill you so dead, A miracle won't bring you back to life."

2007-04-23, 01:20 PM

She grunts, confused. Hurt who, the swords ? He said both that the Maacain should find the sword and not find it. And stuttering ?

"Seems he's already gone deranged, but let's still try to obey his whims. For the sake of keeping our skins a while longer. First, we clean the rooms ; then when we reach the central room we'll try his idiotic ritual. We'll draw straws to choose the poor sod who'll volunteer. Rosy enough for you ?"

Whatever she says, she may well volunteer when they reach the room - manifesting Vigor would help.

2007-04-23, 01:23 PM
Must not, must not. Gomen!

edit: also, he said you could take the sword essentially, though I'll edit it to make it clearer

2007-04-23, 01:45 PM
Maireth Crimson

Holding his position as he listens, Maireth turns towards the swords and casts a frown at them, before turning to the others as the talking has ended. He nods towards Fiona as she spoke up, and adds his own words. "It seems that now our priority is cleaning the main room. Further, to me it sounded like we must make haste. If Jack is willing to divulge this information and stress the importance of using anything neccesairy, it is likely that the Maacain remaining will not be mere push overs, and that indeed, this place is no longer safe in the long run. And to top it of, Jack will be waiting for us. With this place no longer safe, I suggest we bring the swords back to him with us, considering his love for these swords and he might be able to secure them better afterwards." As Maireth finishes saying this, he has already walked up to the wall with swords. "Seems like your action was not so unfitting of the situation in the end, Mal. Now, I stress once more, let's make haste." And with that, he turns to the wall, and observes the swords momentarily once more.

What type of swords are they? All longswords, or are they other types of swords too?

2007-04-23, 02:18 PM
"Spellcrafter" -Forged of Orichalcum, this blue bladed longsword is covered with intricate patterns of glowing blue ruins.
Effects: ?

"Evil's Blade" -This pitchblack blade seems to make even the very air around it darker. It is also longsword.
Effects: ?

"Heaven's Judgement" -This solid white longsword glows with a white light.
Effects: ?

"Darksteel Eternity" -This is an intricately crafted longsword cast entirely of Darksteel.
Effects: ?

"Evergreen Blade" -A wooden sword.
Effects: ?

"Endless Depths" -This seems to be water in the form of a longsword. You swing it around and it seems almost like it is revealing an ocean through the form of a longsword.
Effects: ?

"The Jabberwocky Slayer" -A simple average run of the mill longsword.
Effects: Vorpal, and maybe more?

2007-04-23, 02:25 PM
Maireth Crimson

"Pick a sword if you want, they are likely to prove more useful in battle against the foes we might face, as I stated. I do not think I need to add further warnings about being careful enough with them." With that, Maireth let's the others approach if they want, and unless almost nobody seems interested, even after Jack's own intervention, Maireth will take a blade along. Remarkable, he seems to give it little pondering, and takes it without actually looking at the blade. It will be the Evil's Blade. Afterwards, he will aproach the door again, letting anybody who wishes to open the door do it, while standing ready, hoping that this sword might lend him greater combat abilities then those he possesses of his own.

2007-04-23, 02:32 PM

Interested by the sounds of "Spellcrafter", Mal inspects that one.

To Fiona:
"Don't worry about it, I should be able to summon something with a mouth capable of saying the command word, or at least, ghosting the sound for it. No worries, eh?"

2007-04-23, 02:34 PM
Erin and Evil's Blade

As soon as Maireth takes the handle of the sword, the room is bathed in an impenatrable darkness. For a moment, it is quite, all you can hear is each other's breathing, then a single candle illuminates Maireth's face and hand, and you see, it is no longer holding the grip of a sword, but another hand. A voice looms close to Maireth's own, looking him up and down, then smirks, and shakes Maireth's hand firmly. With a flash the darkness is gone and Maireth stands holding the sword, his entire body seeming to leak a fog of burning darkness. It rolls from the natural shadows of the folds in his very clothing to the ground, where it slowly dissipates. His body is pulsing with negative energy. Anyone with unhealed open wounds discovers that they begin to bleed profusely.

All those with wounds within 15 feet of Maireth bleed as though wounded until fully healed at a rate of 1 hp per round. If Negative Energy would heal you, instead you gain Fast Healing 1 while within 15 feet of Maireth.

Mal and Spell Crafter

Mal grabs hold of spell crafter, and draws it off the wall. Oddly enough, at first it does nothing, but all it takes is one practice swing for all the runes carved into the blade to rapidly shift, leaving trace etchings in the air. Another, longer, and more powerful practice swing reveals a complete spell, a third, yet another. As Mal swings once more and again, more and more spells, some he has cast, some he has seen, and some he has never ever heard of before, appear in the air before him. In delight, he continues to swing, revealing more, and more, and more. As the swings become more frequent, they become more frantic, as though he is unable to control himself. Mal swings again and again, the runes completely surrounding him and begining to slowly shift, and yet still faster he swings the sword. In the frenzy, the runes begining to spin, all around him begins to seem as though it were nothing save a blur of bright blue light. Yet it all comes to an end suddenly, as with a powerful and explosive burst of red, a summoning circle appears beneath Mal. His body is thrown back and locked into place, feet spread, head erect, and arms out. Mal's right hand is consumed with flame, his left with water, the feet with swirling air and rocky earth. Then, the silent room explodes in a cacophony of whispers as every arcane secret ever told is whispered into his ears by the voices of a thousand wizards. The ruins in the air suddenly cease there spinning, coming to a halt, and the room falls silent. All at once, the ruins throw themselves at Mal's body and strike him, smoldering on his skin. Mal collapses to his knees, his smoking body a lexicon of every spell ever made.

Mal now has perfect clarity of all spells ever cast. He immediately succeeds at all spellcraft checks, and can cast any of his spells as a spell of the same type of the same level (type being divine or arcane).

2007-04-23, 02:53 PM
Maireth Crimson

As the light of a candle illuminates Maireth's face, it seems that for a flash, it was full of emotion. Surprise, doubt, fear, anger, confidence. Whatever it was, Maireth quickly regains his composure in the candle's light, and looks firmly with his glowing eyes, piercing in to the darkness to whatever is out there. When the other shakes, he shakes with it. Oddly confident, this confidence is even bolstered when the flash has purged the darkness and Maireth stands there.

Leaking a fog of burning darkness, which rolls from the natural shadows of the folds in his very clothing to the ground, where it slowly dissipates. He feels the negative energy course through him, and extend from him. Gripping the longsword tighter, his mouth curls in a grin, as he turns towards the door. The fog seems to draw an intimidating side from Maireth, as his eyes glow with their fierce red, determined.

But then, it is suddenly shattered, as Maireth seems to notice something. His confidence seems broken as he looks upon those bleeding, and he quickly steps far enough from those not fully healed so that they are not effected. Grief and pain seems to flash over his face, as if internal devils torture him. Slowly, however, he seems to take control of himself again. His face becomes more neutral, his stare more focused on those around him. He coughs a little, to lift sme of the atmosphere he created before. Yet, still, the fog rolls from him. And he does not seem intent to give it up.

"Ahum. We might reconsider the offer about approaching from two sides. It seems that this.." He raises his other, empty, hand, looking as burning darkness rolls over it, before looking at the others. "..has it's needed effect. It feels.. invigorating. But it does not have the same effect on each of you it seems." His gaze then turns towards Merrion. "I think it will feel.. beneficial for you aswell."

-1 HP for Mal & Fiona, as Maireth stood too close to you, and you two are the only two with wounds, if I am correct.

2007-04-23, 03:15 PM
James Ferguson

JayFerg hesitates. The name of the Darksteel Eternity pulls at his soul, feeling it invoked terms of his Lord, but the Heaven's Judgement...his gut told him this was somehow connected to the Divine, and would benefit him more than the others...maybe. He carefully pulls it off the wall.

OOC: You guys and your chaotic-lawful debates...I'm Neutral! (on that axis)

2007-04-23, 03:23 PM
Loc steps to the swords and looks over all of them. Not drawn to any sword he goes into the other room to see what lies in it.

"Well Jack shure has a good taste in swords." ,he chuckles.

Loc then walks to the other room to look at the other swords.

2007-04-23, 03:29 PM
#1: Go look at the other swords first.

#2: You can't both have Heaven's Judgement

2007-04-23, 04:09 PM
my bad i didnt read that much of his post...

2007-04-23, 04:55 PM
As James Ferguson's grip closes on the sword, his is compelled to draw it up, aiming the blade high and setting the pommel before his eyes, a sword salute. As he does so, trumpets begin to blare triumphant music, and soon, a whole angelic orchestra joins in. A blazing column of shining white fire explodes from the ground and envelopes James Ferguson. He closes his eyes, and then reopens them, revealing that they now glow with a shining golden light. He slashes the shine sword before him, the blade singing through the air. A thunderous voice booms down upon him, commanding, "You shall be my righteous blade, you shall carve justice into the hearts of evil, you shall shine forever in the eternal darkness. You are goodness incarnate, now go forth, and do my will, for the sake of good!" James Ferguson raises the sword above his head, and with a thunderous clap, the sword unleashes an explosion of positive energy, and the commanding voice calls out, with James Ferguson saying it in time...

"Fear the Wrath of God, Fear, HEAVEN'S JUDGEMENT!"
"Fear the Wrath of God, Fear, HEAVEN'S JUDGEMENT!"

JF's eyes continue to glow with a golden light.



After James Ferguson's light show, Loc decides to go investigate the room on the other side of the courtyard, hoping to find another sword like JF's. He quietly backs away from the group while they are distracted by their new possessions and scurries out the door and across the courtyard before anyone has a chance to notice him. Pressing his ear against the door, he hears nothing from the other side, and slowly opens it, taking a chance with each extra inch to scan the room. Once it's fully open he steps inside and looks around. He finds another set of seven swords, and fortunately, no Maacain.

The swords in this room are marked as follows...

Genocide Embers: A blade that looks like it is a glowing charcoal ember. Flames lick out of it as though it were burning.

Wing: This blade resembles it's namesake, a feathery wing.

Mineral Warrior: This looks like Jack happened to have found a rock that looked like a sword and kept it as a souvenir.

Sanryuukaze (Katana) : This is a red steel Katana.

Reverberation Razor: This is an odd blade in that it has two thin single sided blades on either side.

Soul Reaver: A green glowing ethereal blade

Slaad's Old Sword: A larger than average longsword

Quickly he rushes back to the rest of the group and catches their attention, "Oi! There's more swords in the other room! The one across the courtyard!"

2007-04-23, 06:04 PM
James Ferguson

Well I did go first. I figured since I was the Divine Caster around here it was probably meant for me...but since there are more to see...

"I'm going to check out the room across the courtyard," says JayFerg, "Something tells me this isn't the entire collection...I am a connisseur of sorts, wouldn't mind seeing the rest."

Noted and added addendum Talk. He does claim to be a master of blades in...one of...his former lives.

2007-04-23, 06:12 PM
Amodmon, Loc receeded his post, you got the sword, and as the divine caster, it IS a good sword for you. Feel free to look at the others, but it's probably the best choice. I was just hoping to fix the problem by catching one of your's interest with another sword instead of having two people fighting over who gets the good guy sword. Retrospectively, it wasn't needed because Loc seems to think you're a better candidate for that sword as well.

2007-04-23, 07:26 PM
Loc runs back into the other room and quickly begins looking at all the swords in the room, closely examining them all. Soon he gets to the last of the blades, Slaad's Old Sword, Loc looks at it with wonder in his eyes.

"I only hope myself ta be tha right'un for this mighty blade."

Loc grips the sword in his hands lifting it with more ease than he thought it would take, lifting it into the faint light to look at it closer.

"Ach laddie this is a blade fer a hero ta be shure."

um did we lvl up yet or is it just group 2?

2007-04-23, 07:38 PM
Group 1 leveled up first.

As soon as Loc lifts the blade off the wall, it begins to swell in size. Within only a moment, it's easily about two sizes larger than Loc could possibly wield, and yet, to his own amazement, he finds himself hefting the heavy blade as though it were merely a simple greatsword. A practice swing reveals that it seems to even be capable of changing it's length to avoid striking walls. When he tests it by purposefully striking a wall, Loc is amazed to find the metal wall buckle from the strike. It is then that he notices his arms. They are swollen with muscle, considerably more than he had before. Loc smiles, big muscles and a big sword. Not the flashiest of weapons, but it'll do.

The effect of Slaad's Old Sword is +4 bonus to strength, the Over-sized Weapon feat, and it is enchanted with the "balanced" enchantment, as well as a size changing enhancement for easy storage. In effect, it is a Huge Greatsword, thus it's base damage is 4d6

2007-04-23, 08:59 PM

She is undecided : everyone seems to be having a blast, but she can't help feeling this is all foolish...

She tentatively reaches out for the Evergreen Blade.

When she discovers the other room, she will give Wings a try.

Then she'll go back to Endless Depths.

Maybe I should decide she tries on swords like others try on shoes... Shopping time !

2007-04-23, 09:30 PM
James Ferguson

JayFerg seems encapsulated by his own sword for a time, intriguied by his own reaction to it, but old happens die. Liking to think himself a sword expert as well, he checks out Genocide Embers & Mineral Warrior.

What are the bonuses on the Heavenly Avenger?

2007-04-24, 01:37 AM
Maireth Crimson

Obviously distracted by how two others try and wield swords, Maireth only notices that Loc is gone when James Ferguson goes off to the other room, with Fiona following. Sighing audibly, he follows them, as the fog emenates from him still, and states the following. He does not sound really annoyed or anything, as he can understand the excitement, but still there are things to be done. "Folk, please just take a sword, or make it fast. This is not 'Ye Olde Sword Shoppe'. We have a job to do here, people. For that reason, I am going to stand ready at the door of the main room in the courtyard. If you want to approach from multiple sides, please give me a warning when ready, so we can time when we enter. If you still want to approach from one door.. just make sure everybody is healed." The last one was added, as Maireth noticed Fiona bleeding from her wound again when he passed by too close and the fog of burning darkness took effect as it seeped in.

Fiona -1 HP, as you still aren't fully healed if I'm right.

2007-04-24, 02:14 AM
James Ferguson

GO THE F' AWAY WOUNDY MAN! Lol, but thanks for the reminder.

Before inspecting swords, JayFerg notices that Fiona has a particularly noticeable stab wound on one of her arms. "Ach!" he says, "By Tasalon how'd I miss yer bleeding?! You only need say the word if you are hurt Fiona...Tasalon would not approve of me ignoring my party members on my quest to save our existence."

Moving over, he holds his hands out invoking the divine energies to mend her torn flesh. (Cure Light Wounds for [roll0])

2007-04-24, 02:25 AM

"Hey, watch out, moron !", she shouts a she feels her lifeforce getting drained from her. "You better learn to control this fast, or you're not likely to fight side-by-side with us much longer !"

"Thanks, Jeff."

2007-04-24, 04:22 AM

Upon hearing of the other swords, Merrion checks out the other room. He looks at the ones marked "Soul Reaver" and "Genocide Embers," shrugs, and picks up the former, while still eyeing the latter.

2007-04-24, 06:17 AM
Maireth Crimson

"Hmpf, that is exactly why I suggested we attack from two flanks if we were not healed. You must have felt it earlier, and it is not like I can control this other then abondon the blade. I will try to be more careful, but it is not easy to think of the effect all the time, and it is certainly no reason to lash out like that, Fiona." With that having said, Maireth will stick around, now that Fiona's wounds are healed, and because he is curious to the effects of the other blades aswell as they try them out. Not like he will admit that last part though, as he seems somewhat impatient, as if urging the lot to go a bit faster.

But during that time, Maireth starts to look at the blade. He has up to now mostly just held it, as if considering it as something obvious he wields. But now, he gazes upon it, seemingly pondering. What his thoughts may be is uncertain, but as Maireth puts the blade under his belt and no longer truly wields it, he tries to see if the effect is dependant on wielding or holding. Furthermore, he will shortly put the blade away before picking it back up, to see what the effect of that is. Wondering what the thing was in the darkness, Maireth seems distracted like this for a bit, until the next picks up a blade.

2007-04-24, 07:55 AM
Fiona and Evergreen Blade

As Fiona's finger close around the Evergreen Blade, she suddenly finds herself in an immense expanse of a forest, surrounded by limitlessly tall redwoods, still holding the wooden sword. Looking around reveals only more of the forests beauty, the lush undergrowth, the fluttering butterflies and fairies above, the light coming through in strong beams through the waving of the leaves far above. A breeze blows past her noise, the scent of old earth and flowers. She turns to find an immense figure standing directly beside her. The figure is large and wide, with thick powerful legs and arms, like the trunks of trees. It's body is covered in bark and knots, it's face is that of an old man tree. He turns slowly to her, his body creaking like a tree from a strong wind. He slowly extends a hand to her and silently taps her forehead. At the touch, Fiona finds herself back in the room, holding the sword.

There are no obvious effects to the Evergreen Blade

Smiling at the experience, Fiona sets the blade back on it's rack, and as her fingers release the blade, a wind blows past her, and she catches the scent of old earth and flowers.

Fiona and Wing

Walking over to Wing, Fiona closes her grip on the blade, and picks it up. Without warning, a gust of wind strikes into Fiona, knocking her backwards, but before she can hit the ground, a second wind strikes her from the opposite direction, knocking her back upright. The two winds are followed quickly by a gust of two more, blowing at the same time from opposite directions, blowing her up and off her feet, dragging her up by the sword. The two original winds join in, and she feels herself flying upwards, carried by the wind catching on the wing like sword. With a swing, she casts away the winds, and gripping the sword, she floats gracefully to the ground.

Wing allows it's used control over the four winds. By using an attack action to swing the sword, it's user can create powerful gusts in the direction it swings. While moving with this wind, the user moves at double their normal speed, but moves at half while going into the wind. To have winds blow in diagonal directions, they must swing it twice, one for each of the two adjacent directions. By swinging it in a circle, it's user can summon a powerful gust from each direction, allowing the user to fly upwards.

Setting Wing back down, Fiona tries futilely to fix her hair, wish has been blow into a big fuzzy ball by the wind, but decides to not bother trying further to fix it. She walks to Endless Depths and picks it up.

Fiona and Endless Depths

As soon as Endless Depths is lifted from the wall, A large amount appears from no where and pours itself upon Fiona all at once, soaking her dripping wet.

This sword has no apparent effects other than the free shower.

2007-04-24, 08:31 AM
Between JF and Merrion, I'm gonna give Merrion priority on Genocide Embers if he wants it, because JF has already had a chance to grab a sword. I'll post JF's examination of Mineral Warrior though. Unfortunately, I must go now, so those swords will have to wait.

Merrion and Soul Reaver

Merrion's hand slowly reaches towards the Soul Reaver, but as his hand closes, he finds he grasps at air. The blade is incorporeal, or at least to him. He thinks about the name for a moment and wonders if perhaps the name, "Soul Reaver" is a clue. It might be a "soulknife" and likely one must be psionic to wield it's power.

With a sigh, he moves onto his next choice...

Merrion and Genocide Embers

As soon as Merrion's fingers brush the red tinted steel of Genocide Embers, he feels warmth, and flames begin to lick at his hand. Confidently, he closes his grip upon it's pummel, and draws it off the wall. The blade begins to burn, the flames crawling across his hand and up his arm. Ignoring the pain, he raises the sword into a fighting stand, and all at once, his entire body is completely consumes by fire. He heres a crackling laugh and turns to his right. Beside him stands a vaguely humanoid figure formed entirely of fire, with blue burning eyes. It opens it's flaming mouth and laughs, each laugh setting the flames higher. The entire room seems to burst into flame, spreading out from Merrion, until finally, all at once, they all die away, and the only thing burning is the sword. Merrion looks into it's flames and hears a crackling laugh.

Genocide Embers is on fire.

James Ferguson and Mineral Warrior

Still holding Heaven's Judgment in his main hand, Jame's Ferguson moves to examine Mineral Warrior. The blade shaped rock hardly looks like a real sword, but as he lifts it up, he's surprised to find that it's balance is just right as far as a longsword goes. Swinging it a few times, he waits, expecting the same fireworks as before, but is surprised that nothing seems to happen as he swings the blade.

Mineral Warrior has no apparent effects


As the others are exploring the effects of the other swords, Maireth is busy trying to figure out the properties of his own. Setting it down, he finds the dark aura does not go away, picking it up again, there is no scary person coming from the darkness to shake his hand. Sheathing it does nothing to suppress the darkness pouring from him.

2007-04-24, 02:22 PM
Maireth Crimson

"Uhm, fellows, I think I may have a problem." Sounding omnious like that, he walks over to them again. The look on his face is unpleasant, with potentially more hiding underneath. He holds the dark blade, and then gently places it on the ground. Not holding it, his figure still seems to emenate darkness, bellowing from him. It had not stopped. Maireth then leans over again and picks up the blade. Looking at those nearby, his voice sounds low, and perhaps a bit shaken. "I do not know how to make this stop." A moment's pauze, to let that sink in, before he continues. "But I suggest we try and solve that problem after we have fought the Maacain. I hope you picked your blades already."

2007-04-24, 03:30 PM
James Ferguson


JayFerg considers the Mineral Warrior...figuring it must have some special properties but not having patience to figure it out that moment, he replaces it as he notices Merrion's hand slip right through Soul Reaver, "You know, I figured that one would be useful to you," he says, "But apparently not. Let me give a try," And with that, he walks over and attempts to pick it up himself.

Damn my not preparing Identify today! Damn it to heck!

2007-04-24, 04:09 PM

She stands there still, dripping water on the floor. Another joke at my expense...

She answers coldly to Maireth : "Then it is best if you keep away from the rest of us while we are fighting. We WILL get injured, and we don't want anything that would make it worse.

Have you tried telling it to stop ?"

"Hey, Merrion, catch !" And she throws Endless Depths at him, hilt first. Will it drench his flames ?

While she is at it, she tries the rest of the swords - a few more seconds lost won't hurt.

- Get away from the psionic sword, you ridiculously weak mentalist !
- Mal can cast identify with his ultimate power. Heck, he can cast Cure Light Wounds too !
- You should try funny command words, like "I am one with stone"...

@Zweanslord : btw, don't take it personally. Low charisma and all that.

Remaining swords :
Darksteel Eternity, Sanryuukaze (Katana), Reverberation Razor, Soul Reaver

2007-04-24, 04:42 PM
I forgot Mal, you have one other ability. You have a "magic sense" of 60 ft. There is more to this, but you'll have to find it on your own.

And Fiona is being difficult with her choice of swords. :smallyuk:

Fiona and Darksteel Eternity

As Fiona picks up Darksteel Eternity, she braces her self for fireworks, water, or bizarre beasts of indeterminate origin. But as she does, she finds neither. Swinging the blade, she is immediately amazed at the pure perfection of it. It's balance, it's weight, it's edge, this blade is beyond flawless, it is perfection. Fiona is impressed at that much, but it takes the attention of the team to help her notice it's secondary effect. Her entire body, all her hair, all her clothing, and everything else on her has turned a metallic silver.

The effects of this are obvious, but the steel skin grants +6 natural armor and damage reduction 10/-

Fiona whistles at the silver hair and then returns the sword to it's rack, continuing on to Sanryuukaze.

Fiona and Sanryuukaze

Picking up the Katana, she notices that unlike the other swords, this is still in it's sheath. Setting the sheath to her side, she imitates the Samurai from the academy, and draws forth the blade from the sheath, swinging it in an arc before her. To her surprise, the blade explodes from the sheath, splitting into three ends and then each end turning into the head of a long serpentine dragon. The dragons snake out from the sword, fire pouring from their jaws and then smash into the wall far across on the other side of the room, then with a snap, the dragons all come back, entwining about each other and returning to a Katana with three sets of kanji scribed onto it's blade.

It shoots dragons

Fiona carefully re sheathes the sword and replaces it, not wanting to cause anymore destruction to Jack's home. With a wry grin, she turns to the next sword.

Fiona and Reverberation Razor

As Fiona draws this sword off the wall, it accidentally strikes it and fills the room with a beautiful ringing sound. Flicking the blade with one of her nails, it lets out another beautiful ring. Tapping it at different parts of the blade allows her to play a song with relative easy. Swinging it through the air, the sword seems to make a melody of it's own, but like a few of the other swords, it lacks the fireworks of when it is being first drawn.

2007-04-24, 04:59 PM
James Ferguson and the Soul Reaver

As Jame's Ferguson's fingers close around the hilt of the Soul Reaver, he begins to smile, pleased to have been right about it's nature. His pleasure quickly dies away as he finds himself standing high atop the Academy. A quick look around shows him the world. Far away he sees massive blue and purple fires, and around him he sees bodies... every face one he has seen before, friends from the Academy, friends from other places, other times. Enemies, allies, acquaintances. All are dead around him. Not a single grain of life exists on this shattered and barren earth. His eyes grow wet as the stench of death reaches him, the smell of charred flesh, of blood, of Maacain blood... His eyes open wide. He turns to his left and feels a blade driven deep into his stomach. Before him stands a Level Nine Maacain. The blade twists inside him and he screams and falls to his knees. He coughs, and blood splatters on the roof on which he sits. The Maacain's hand lifts his head to meet his own, and draws back it's hood, revealing bright blue eyes, long black hair, and a cruel grin. The Level Nine raises the knife, and drives it down into his face. James Ferguson snaps out of the dream, screaming at the top of his lungs, and looks to his right arm. It holds the Soul Reaver, but now he stairs at it in fear as it glows with an all too familiar blue and purple flame.

2007-04-24, 05:14 PM

She is looming over JF when he comes about and she looks down at him with worried eyes. "Jay, are you ok ?"

She pauses for a second, thinking, then strides decisively to the wall. She picks up Darksteel Eternity in her left paw and Wing in her right. The hilts are not adapted to someone of her size, but she figures she can use those swords' abilities and attack by other means.

"We'll gather the rest of the swords before leaving..."

2007-04-24, 05:19 PM
Add this to every description of a sword that Fiona has used.

"The hilt grows longer and adapts itself to fit comfortably in your hand"

2007-04-24, 05:39 PM
James Ferguson

JayFerg gazes empitly in Fiona's direction, "I don't know," he says, "Something about this sword...I saw realities, times, places, things...I don't know."

He regards the sword questioningly, wondering how much of what he saw was true.

2007-04-24, 08:05 PM
The group fully prepared, readies their newly acquired weapons and all at once, burst into the center room.

They were not prepared for this. A squad of twenty level four Maacain stand around a level six while it tries to figure out how to get the center pillar to rise.

At least they have the element of surprise...

2007-04-24, 08:20 PM
Fiona (surprise round)
[roll0], HP 19/14, AC 22 (touch 11), DR 10/-, PP 2/4

No time for standing there slack-jawed. She rushes to the closest Maacain, bounding and trying to incapacitate her foe with a vicious kick to the neck. She shouts : "Take the badass out from a distance if you can !", followed by a roar, for with her current defenses it's in the group's interest that she attracts the blows.

Hopefully, her hair - now a radiant silver - will do the rest.

Damn DM, and his ninja-posting powers. Fiona manifests Vigor before they open the door, plus Metaphysical Weapon on her left foot (!).

Blessed DM and his DR-granting sword !
Partial charge, and attack : [roll1] Dam [roll2]
Stance: Island of Blades (i.e. adjacent => flanking)

edit: yay, good rolls. I know I should be using the swords, but first I'm using my shiny new feat :)

2007-04-24, 08:41 PM
James Ferguson

Surprise Round

Init. - [roll0], HP 16/16, AC 17 (Touch 13, Flat 16), Special Cond.: 20% Cover.

Adapting his normal Child of Shadow stance JayFerg reacts quickly to the surprise threat of the enemy, moving forward, appearing to practically dance in and out of the shadows, he slips Soul Reaver into the sheathe he'd grabbed for it and wields his newfound Heaven's Judgement with the fury of divine right.

He bounds forward, attacking the closest Maacain, expending his Psionic Focus as he does so.

Attack was 18 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999237); Damage from sword was 12 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999237) with Psionic Weapon damage of 5 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999240) and Holy Damage of 7 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999248) for a total of 24 damage if hit.

Maireth's cries of pain behind him alert JF that his sword had somehow arbitrarily decided who it would and would not affect. "Stop it you damned evil sword!" he commands, "What kind of instrument of Tasalon is this? Maireth and Merrion are NOT to be healed." And he hopes it does the trick.

First Full Round

Init. - [roll0], HP 16/16, AC 19 (Touch 15, Flat 18), Special Cond.: Possibly 20% Cover.

If JayFerg felled the first enemy in the Surprise Round he will attempt to move at least another 10 feet without provoking AoOs (back 5 and forward 5 works too) to get his 20% cover, if not then he at least attempts to attack a different level 4 Maacain, spinning his new sword in an elaborate display that somehow casts a mirrored double behind the Maacain he's attacking. Waiting until just the right moment, he brings both his sword and the double down upon his enemy, causing it to attempt to dodge both.

OOC: Using my shadow blade technique, which creats a shadow double of my weapon which requires me to roll two attack rolls. If only one or none hits, the replica misses and does nothing, if both attacks hit (at my full attack bonus), the replica deals an extra 1d6 cold damage to the enemy.

Attack - [roll1] +4 more from enhancemeny bonus for 25.

Attack 2 - [roll2] +4 more from enhancemeny bonus for 23.

Damage - [roll3] +5 enhancement bonus damage, and 8 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999257) Holy Damage for 25 total.

Possible cold Damage - [roll4] for 29 total.

2007-04-24, 08:47 PM
Last post for the night.

JF: Your sword is +5, with the holy enchantment In addition, as you strike the Maacain, a pulse of positive energy explodes from the blade and strikes all your allies, healing them for 1d8.

2007-04-24, 08:59 PM
[roll0] HP 18/18 AC 15

Loc runs to the maacian with Slaads sword in his hand.


2007-04-25, 12:58 AM
Surprise Round

Init. - 1d20+3, HP 13/13, AC 13

Mal will cast Enlarge Person on Loc.

Next round, depending on the location of the Maacain, He will summon a Centipede in their midst, hoping to splash his Cloudy Conjuration on the level 6.

2007-04-25, 12:59 AM
[roll0] This is a makeup init roll

2007-04-25, 03:36 AM

Merrion sadly eyes the remaining swords as the group leaves the rooms...

Bursting into the room, Merrion grins. He is still completely on fire, and is now weilding a flaming sword. "So, who's up for a barbeque?" With that he charges head first into the enemy.

Surprise Round: Merrion charges, attacking with his sword. [roll0] to hit, plus any enhancement bonus or masterwork bonus to hit. Assuming Genocide Embers is a longsword, [roll1] for damage (wielded two handed), plus any other bonuses. Feel free to roll whatever else gets added.

First round: Target the same enemy if still standing, or the nearest enemy if not. [roll2] to hit, [roll3] to damage, as before.

Remember that anyone hitting Merrion takes 1d6 fire damage from his bound vestige, and that he has fire resistance 10.

2007-04-25, 04:22 AM
Maireth Crimson
Surprise round, Initiative [roll0], HP 7/13, DR 2/magic & bludgeoning, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

Charing towards the Maacain, Maireth's face was not happy. That which they had to face was not the best sight to see, and it could only leave a grim expression on his face. Coupled with the fog of darkness that surrounds him, it makes the amtosphere around him be particurly dark. Telling it to stop did not work, and while Maireth knew that the effect of the darkness was an ability that could hamper their own, it would certainly be an ability to hamper the enemy aswell, and was beneficial to him and Merrion.

And thus, with that in mind, he charged at the same thing as Merrion, striking with the black blade. He was not proficient with the weapon, but hopefully it's inheritent powers could compensate for that. And if not, then he would have to really on the other melee abilities he had, though it would only be the question if that was enough.

"James Ferguson, that sword of yours is even more lethal to me then my sword is to you! Please, be careful or stop it!" Shouts Maireth as the first pulse of positive energy extends from James Ferguson's blade and cleaves through the darkness surrounding Maireth to injure him. Maireth is hoping that James Ferguson will not strike with it again, otherwise Maireth will suffer from even further damage.

Before entering, Maireth casted Inflict Light Wounds, and held the charge.
Attack: [roll1] (plus any possible enhancement bonuses.)
Damage: [roll2] (plus any possible enhancement bonuses.)

James Ferguson's pulse of positive energy strikes Maireth, and because Maireth is hurt by positive energy, not healed, he receives damage.
Damage Received: [roll3]

Maireth heals 1 hp from his blade.

Round 2, Initiative 15, HP 8/13, DR 2/magic & bludgeoning, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

If Maireth is too hurt at this point, he will heal himself, otherwise he will move to provide flanking against the same enemy as Merrion, and strike against it with his blade, hoping for the best.

I hope that James Ferguson decides not strike again in the first round with the holy blade, otherwise a further 1d8 against Maireth has to be rolled.

Maireth heals 1 hp from his blade.

Attack: [roll4] (plus any enhancement bonuses.)
Damage: [roll5] (plus any possible enhancement bonuses.)
If Maireth suffered further injures and became too injured and had to heal, the above 1d8 roll is instead his healing roll +3.

2007-04-25, 04:28 AM
Fiona (round 1)
Init 15, HP 19/14 ?, AC 24 (touch 13), DR 10/-, PP 2/4 (to be updated)

She screams at the top of her lungs : "Venez, espece d'******* !", reverting to the slang from her youth. Yet, it is still calculated to have the Maacain focus on her, instead of on those of her companions who are hanging back.

She lashes out at the closest Maacain, trusting in the power of her swords.

Att 1 [roll0] Dam [roll1] (darksteel)
Att 2 [roll2] Dam [roll3] (wing)
Crit threat with Wing (longsword) (1d20+6=22, 1d8+1=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=999779) (should've taken the vorpal)

I should have flanking, say with JF (possibly after a 5ft step) ; otherwise I only added the MW bonus.

2007-04-25, 01:56 PM
Fiona charges in, leaping up into the air, she delivers a powerful kick to the face of one of the Maacain. There is a resounding crack, but the Maacain still stands.

James Ferguson charges up beside Fiona and slices with a hard uppercut from his blade. The Maacain twitches once and falls over.

Loc leaps to join the fray, his immense blade cutting deep into a Maacain.

Mal extends his hand and Locs frame explodes in size, his already massive blade growing even further to match it. ((6d6))

Merrion runs forward and as he swings his blade, he loses grip of it, and watches helplessly as it flies forward into the crowd of Maacain. Fortunately, as the blade strikes in the center, there is a powerful detonating explosion, and he watches as a number of Maacain are consumed in fire.

Maireth charges past Merrion, into the fray beside Loc, and with a single upward stroke of his sword, he watches in horror as it passes directly through the Maacain with no impact. The Maacain turns to him slowly, then, dissipates into a cloud of darkness, which the blade proceeds to absorb into itself.

Jame's Ferguson
Merrion (cause I didn't see his roll)


Jame's Ferguson's elaborate display of martial ability fells another Maacain in a single hit, both his own blade and his ghost like replica's blade connect with deadly power, carving open lethal gashes across it's chest and back.

Maireth's blade is driven neatly into the chest of a Maacain, but much to his disappointment, the beast does not fall.

Fiona carves into a Maacain with both of her blades, then, pulling them through, she realizes she's hit a weak point on the Maacain's armor, and pours all her power into carving into the beast. As she draws both blades apart, she's surprised to find a swirling mass of air in the wake of Wing's blow. The tiny cyclone suddenly spins with an excess of violence and rapidity, and with an explosive gust of wind, the Maacain is sent soaring backwards, it's body spinning like a rag doll only to splatter against the wall on the far side.

Loc, grinning horribly in his new form, swings down his titanic blade upon a Maacain, and with a "squish" the Maacain is no more.

Mal casts forth his hands and a giant centipede coalesces from the ether into existence amidst the Maacain, it immediately goes wild upon the creatures.

The Maacain

Each Maacain stands to face the invading group, raising their right arms, the bizarre vent like appendages explode into blue blades. Despite the fact that the party has slain a total of 5 Maacain with almost no effort, there still stand fifteen slightly singed level four and one level six. The level six ignores the battle but signals for the other Maacain to attack. A small number destroy the Centipede, then others turn towards the battle. Without a word, they have picked their targets. The choicest targets in the party. The unarmed Merrion, the spellcasting Mal, and the human looking Jame's Ferguson.

Ten dart past the front line, while the other five move to flank Mal.

If you are on the front line, feel free to take attacks of opportunity

((Merrion goes now, but he needs to decide on an action, cause he doesn't have his sword to attack with))

2007-04-25, 02:20 PM
Maireth Crimson

It did indeed shock Maireth that the blade passed through the Maacain. When the form then dissapated in darkness and was absorbed by the sword, Maireth seemed amazed, and as if wondering something. Wondering, what that effect was, and what further consequences it might have. But that thought was quickly eridicated from Maireth's mind as he had to focus on the next Maacain, who he unfortunatly was not able to strike like the last. Perhaps, it had to do with something, and while Maireth did have an idea, his attention was soon drawn to the Maacain rushing to them, and using the oppertunity, he raised the sword and slashed towards the nearest Maacain that gave him an opening.

Attack of Oppertunity: [roll0] (plus any bonuses.)
Damage: [roll1] (plus any bonuses.)

Round 3, Initiative 15, HP 9/13, DR 2/magic & bludgeoning, AC 15 (Flat 13, Touch 12).

With the Maacain all around them, Maireth has enough options left to pick targets. Considering how he was able to have that weird effect of earlier only when somebody else had injured it enough first, Maireth will try to seek out a target that seems injured already if possible, and which he can flank, while ideally not being flanked himself.

Attack: [roll2] (plus any bonuses.)
Damage: [roll3] (plus any bonuses.)

Maireth heals 1 hp from his blade.

2007-04-25, 02:44 PM
Oops! Just realised I forgot to post the room description.

The Main Sword Room

In the main sword room are the twenty Maacain and their leader, but the room itself is a room with a set of four pillars, with room for a fifth clearly in the center. The four pillars each have a sword on it that for whatever reason the Maacain haven't touched. The swords have the following labels and appearances...

Apocalypse: A sword swirling with a vortex of energy, psionic, magical, fire, ice, lightning, acid, and sonic energy all seem to emanate from this violent blade.

Blood Letter: An over-sized cleaver, this "sword" still looks bloody from use.

Many: A simple silvery longsword.

Lucent Brand: This sword... only has a hilt.

2007-04-25, 05:07 PM
James Ferguson
Init. - 18, HP 16/16, AC 19 (Touch 15, Flat 18)

As the Maacain fly past him, seemingly intent on his destruction, JayFerg continues to ignite his glowing fury as one leaves a fatal opening.

AoO Attack - 1d20+ 9, Damage - [roll0] + [roll1] Holy.

With the enemy closing in around him, JF scoffs at them, taken up at the heat of battle. "Tasalon take you!" he screams, pressing the attack, this time spinning his blade about in a quick, furious spin igniting it in flames of his own making and then brining his sword down, hard, on the nearest Maacain to him.

Attack - 1d20+ 9, Damage - + [roll3] Holy + [roll4] Fire.

Edit: Since for some reason the code didn't work on either of my attack rolls, here they are - 22 each (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1000811).

2007-04-25, 05:23 PM
Jame's Ferguson's blades strike twice in quick succession, cutting through a burnt Maacain that passes by him, and then spinning around, her cuts deep into the back of a Maacain attacking Mal, which survives the strike.

Two pulses of energy emerge from his blade.

Slicing incorporeally through a burnt Maacain as it passes him, Maireth wheels around and cuts through it a second time, and is pleased to find that it dissipates into a cloud of black which his sword quickly absorbs.

In his mind, he heres the ring of a distant bell.

How much everyone is healed for... [roll0]

2007-04-25, 06:00 PM
Amos, Read This!

Okay, go ahead and alter the post three above this, and delete all the posts involving out conversation about this.

This post will also be deleted after everything is edited and that means probably when I wake up =P

2007-04-25, 07:51 PM


2007-04-25, 08:56 PM
Fiona (round 2)
Init 15, HP 19/14 ?, AC 24 (touch 13), DR 10/-, PP 2/4 (to be updated)

She catches the running Maacain squeezing past JF and her with her foot.

"Poor fools ! You think our mages are defenseless ?"

She explodes in a symphony of feet and teeth and horns, her blades seemingly forgotten.

I wonder why their boss isn't taking part...

AoO [roll0] Dam [roll1] (left foot)

Att 1 [roll2] Dam [roll3] (left foot)
Crit threat with left foot (1d20+7=19, 1d8+7=12) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1001310)
Att 2 [roll4] Dam [roll5] (right foot)

I just discovered I can use my natural weapons as secondary attacks at -5 (-7 because of TWF) : not many chances to hit but it's worth a try...
Att 3 [roll6] Dam [roll7] (bite)
Crit threat with bite (1d20-2=5, 1d6+1=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1001320)
Att 4 [roll8] Dam [roll9] (gore)

I should still have flanking thanks to the stance.

edit: wow, dice like me this week.

2007-04-25, 09:22 PM
Fiona beats the Maacain into a black bloody pulp, then steps lightly and nicks a second Maacain.

2007-04-25, 11:18 PM
Loc says nothing, he only looks back at the rest of the party and charges on going for the level 6.

my attack bonis is +6 i think so with my power attack feat i'll take -2 attack and +2 damage...just hope i can make it to him...

2007-04-25, 11:57 PM

Rather frightened at the sight of nearly a half dozen Maacain, Mal lashes out with his sword, then shields himself the evil creatures.

[roll0](Plus any possible mods)
[roll1](Plus any possible mods)

He then casts Protection from Evil on self

2007-04-26, 08:00 AM
Loc charges at the Level Six, and bringing it down with all his might, it cuts deep into the Maacain, but it's almost as though it ignores the blow. Slowly it turns to Loc, and with a malevolent tone asks him telepathically...

"What is the command word? Is that so? Maxov. Thank You."

With a flick of it's wrist, the level six sends Loc flying backwards.

Mal on the other hand, surrounded by Maacain is able to deliver a painful cut to one of their number. In a hurry, he casts Protection from evil to ward himself from the attacks of the beasts which now surround him.

As one, the Maacain stab each of their targets with their flaming blades.

Merrion screams as his left arm is nearly torn off, a blade goes into his stomach, another all the way through one of his legs into the other, while somehow he was able to side step the next two. The pain is extraordinary. (15 Damage)

Mal's eyes pop out of his head as he sees Merrion being attacked, and the Maacain upon him acting to do the same. He raises his blade in defense and screams as their blades come down upon him. Fortunately, for him, the magic does it's job, He feels one blade scrape across his back, tearing open his clothing. Another blade pierces his left shoulder, a third comes down upon his head, and he screams as he feels the fire burn into his forehead. The final strike goes into his butt. Painful, but far from fatal. (16 damage)

Jame's Ferguson fairs better than them all, his skill with his blade keenly knocking all but a single strike that leaves a sizzling gash across his chest. (6 damage)

The Level Six

The level six Maacain stands on the appropriate square, and says firmly, "Maxov" then without a moment's hesitation, throws himself backwards as the pillar flies upwards.

The Narrassillus is revealed.

The blade is simple yet contorted. It's shape is like that of the Maacain themselves, a grim mockery of the human form. It's steel is a dull wet gray, and patterns seem to wash across it endlessly. But mostly you feel it, it's power.

Note: There is a level six Maacain between any of you and the sword, I'd not suggest rushing for it.

2007-04-26, 05:20 PM
Init 20, AC 16, Touch AC 12, 15/18 HP

Annoyed by the loss of his sword, Merrion punches a nearby Maacain before moving to pick it up.

Taken [roll0] damage from positive energy, healed two points from Maireth's weapon. Standard action to use Charnel Touch on the Maacain next to him, [roll1] touch attack to hit, [roll2] negative energy damage + [roll3] fire damage if the hit is successful. Move action to pick up the sword.

2007-04-26, 05:24 PM
Init 20, AC 16, Touch AC 12, 0/18 HP

Momentarily distracted while going for his sword, Merrion is suddenly chopped up by a Maacain attack. He lets out a yelp, and is barely standing.

Note that the last post took place at initiative 20 of the first round, before Merrion was hit by that attack

2007-04-26, 06:10 PM
HP 18/18? AC 15

"Blast!" Loc curses himself as he looks back to see his freinds in agony.

if i still can im gunna charge the lvl 6 again...
and if im not still enlarged...

2007-04-26, 06:19 PM
James Ferguson
Init. - 18, HP 10/16, AC 19 (Touch 15, Flat 18)

Eyes blue and green alight, the purpose of JayFerg's life in danger, he whirls on the level 6, "NOOOOOOOOOOO! You shan't have this multi-verse, Tasalon commands it!" His hair flies everywhere as he desperately tries to strike down the Maacain attempting to end existence. His blade flies towards the offender, a shadow wreathed about it's holy glow which jumps towards the Maacains face as the sword connects.

Clinging Shadow Strike (+1d6 damage on successful attack with a DC 15 Fort Save required, else the Maacain suffers a 20% miss chance on all melee and ranged attacks).

Attack - [roll0]

Damage [roll1]

Holy Damage [roll2]

Extra Shadow Damage - [roll3]

Total Damage: 27

Forgot Healing - All Non-Necromancers receive 6 hit points (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1003849).

2007-04-26, 06:29 PM
James killed him, but got some AoO. Loc, you may change targets or I shall choose an optimal target for you. James did your job already.

James Ferguson, a hero of light, nothing could stand between him and saving existence, and nothing did. Blades come at him from all sides as he drives through the Maacain, but not a single one connects, and with a single blow, his blade passes cleanly through the torso of the Maacain leader, and it's body slides apart, falling to the ground in two wet bloody chunks. The pulses emerge from his blade and go to strike his allies.

The Narrassillus is safe before him.

Maireth and Fiona have to go before Loc's move activates

2007-04-26, 06:44 PM
Init 20, AC 16, Touch AC 12, 6/18 HP, DR2/Blu&Magic

Merrion, cursing, clenches his fists at the Maacain... but instead of punching, he just holds his fist there for a moment before readying his sword. The Maacain that hit him are burned by his firey aura.

Releasing the held charge of Inflict Light Wounds with a Charnal Touch attack on himself, as a standard action. [roll0] negative energy damage on himself, which of course heals him. He also deals fire damage for each of the three hits he took against whoever hit him: [roll1], [roll2], [roll3]. Take that! One hitpoint also healed from Maireth's sword. Note that the burned Maacain are probably now taking damage from Maireth as well.