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2015-03-24, 12:42 PM
So, another race updated for 5th here, this time its the Nathri. They were introduced as a playable race in A Guide to the Ethereal Plane, and included in the same monstrous compendium as the shad. They were also included as a +1 LA race in the planewalker guide.

So, here is

The Nathri



The Waveless Sea. Breathe it in, let it flood through your being. This is your world, this is your existence. And within it are untold wonders and lands beyond the impossible. If you have the courage and the fortitude to make them yours and take them, then there is nothing that you can do. Breach the barriers that surround them, and take the spoils. Live for today, and remember that the boundless deep is yours. There are few others that are prepared to brave the wonders that you have seen, and that it is your birthright to find new realities and take what you need from them – not only to survive, but to thrive

Excerpt from the tome “The Great Elemental Expanse”, regarding the mindset of the nathri.


The nathri are small (3.5-4.4ft and weighing around 50 pound) humanoids, who call the deep ethereal home. A nathri has greenish skin, a wide mouth and unruly black hair, which on males also manifests itself into a goatee. Their ears are pointed and are often decorated with earrings, which are often made from material that has been raided from demiplanes.

Nathri practice tattooing, and the marks on a males forearm are a memento of the experiences that he has undertaken in the deep ethereal and the associates worlds that he has explored. Nathri soles are tough and calloused, and as they spend a lot of time in the weightless ethereal, almost never wear shoes.

On the right hand of a nathri is a sting that can inject venom into an enemy, but which the nathri have immunity to. This sting is often concealed under a covering. If the sting is broken, it takes a year to grow back to its full size. Nathri who have had the sting broken off describe the pain as intense and near unbearable.
The history of the nathri is dark, but graybeards have suggested that they are related to the shad of the plane of earth, or that they were once goblins that got hipped in the Waveless sea and as the influence of their new surroundings increased, they developed psionic abilities, which has given them an edge in often hostile environments in the demiplanes that they raid.


The nathri are a nomadic society, and live by raiding demiplanes. They have no settled culture, and do what they must to survive on that plane. Other races regard the nathri as barbaric. A typical clan on the Waveless Sea has over 100 members, and all the combatants are divided between Warriors and Rogues, with many multiclassing into Psions. The influence of their kip has led to all nathri having some kind of wild talent.

Little love is lost between the nathri and the xill, and those two races regularly fight over territory near productive demiplanes, and will try and force others into territory less productive.

In the mind of the average nathri, survival is everything, and they have little time for anything else. They are volatile and unpredictable, as the nature of the Waveless Sea, and they do what needs to be done in order to stay alive. This includes taking what they need for survival from travellers in the mists.

A nathri clan will target demiplanes with intelligent inhabitants. The first stage is scouting out an area, and determining what there is to flinch. Then the clan descends on the demiplane, and takes what it needs. Prime wizards who create demiplanes and don’t seal them properly from the Waveless Sea can expect the nathri to eventually clean them of all food, water and goods that they can use.

As befits a culture that is based on raiding and has no fixed base, the nathri carry all their possessions on their backs, and the clothes they wear. Negotiating with the nathri can be very dangerous, as they would rather take things than trade, and rarely have anything to trade – so it’s best to stay clear, unless a basher can negotiate from a position of strength and needs the dark on a demiplane. One of the few things that nathri trade for are spices, due to the effects that the conditions on the Waveless sea effect the taste of food.

For shelter, the nathri will kip in demiplanes, in abandoned buildings on that demiplane.


Nathri speak their own language, as well as planar trade and common. In a nathri clan, it’s not unknown for many additional languages to be spoken, which are the languages spoken where the clan is raiding. On the planes, knowledge is power and some high-ups use nathri as spies for this reason.


At the age of 13, a nathri takes a new name to add to their birth name. When a nathri gets married, they will add a last name, decided after the acupuncture (driving their barbs into their partner’s thigh). Nathri have a habit of also using names from races and civilizations that they have raided in the past. A typical clan might have members with names from all manner of societies. They will also use words spoken in a demiplane being raided, and often later choose it for part of the name of a child.


The nathri have no gods. In terms of the factions, those nathri who explore the outer planes and use The Cage as a base often join the Fated, as it fits with the nature of life in the Deep Ethereal. Those exiled from the Waveless Sea often become Chippers, and for the barmier, they often join the Xaositects.

Roleplaying the nathri

The deep ethereal is your playground, your garden is your home. Others may call you barbaric, but you do what you do to survive, and you have seen things that few other mortals could comprehend. Remember your clan, and remember that the deep ethereal you can call a haven. Go out into the wider world, into the prime, and claim another birthright.

As a Nathri, you have the following attributes -

Ability Score Increase – your constitution increases by 2 and your wisdom increases by 1
Size – Nathri stand between 3 and 5 feet tall and weigh between 45 and 57 pounds. You are a small creature
Speed – your base speed is 25 feet.
Age – Nathri reach adulthood at 13 years old and can live to 60.
Darkvision – You have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You cannot discern colour in darkness, only shades of grey.
Psionic Potential – You know a talent (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qrVZ0JZt6XVV-NHRNgk7HRyHNBs_C0EHIr0X-J1JSbg/edit?pli=1), and when you reach 3rd level, you can manifest Cloud Mind once every 24 hours as a 2nd level power. Wisdom is the attribute for your manifestation.
Hard to Charm – You have advantage on saving throws against spells with charming effects.
Ethereal Vision – When on the Material Plane, you can sense the presence of any creature within 30 feet that is on the Ethereal Plane.
Misty Shore Sense – You are proficient in perception, and you can add half your preficency bonus rounded down to Perception checks made while in the Ethereal Plane.
Poison Spike – Nathri have on their right hand a spike that can deal 1d4 of piercing damage. It can also poison those it strikes provided there is enough venom. The target must make a Constitution save (8 + Proficiency Bonus + Dexterity Modifier), and if it fails, the target is poisoned. You must complete a long rest in order for your poison supply to replenish.
Languages – You can speak Nathri and Common.

So, theres another planar race. Thoughts would be cool. I tried to keep as many features while making them balanced. Hope I succeeded.

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2015-03-24, 04:12 PM
Holy luxurious goblin mane, Batman.

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2015-03-26, 10:29 AM
Nathri Feats

Improved Sting

Prerequesites - Nathri, Con modifier +4, proficiency bonus +3

Due to having a strong constitution, you can produce more than one dose of poison per day. You can use your poison sting equal to your proficiency bonus per day.