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2015-03-27, 06:50 AM
The Kagonesti

Image by Brom

Of the three races of Elves found on the continent of Ansalon, the kagonesti are the children of the forest, and are perfectly at home in the deep wilderness.
Physically, the Kagonesti are shorter in stature than the other elves of krynn but they are far more muscular, and generally have rich dark brown skin, that ranges from light oak to mahogany coloured. Their hair is also darker too, ranging from sandy brown to deep red black of ironwood, and with eyes to match their skin tone. They have much more rugged and weathered frames than other elves.

The decoration of their body, by ink or by paint, is an art form for the Kagonesti. They have intricate designs on their bodies, inspired by dancing flames, geometric patterns, wild patterns inspired by nature, mostly in maroon. The stylized vine is one of the most common motifs for the kagonesti.
Clothing wise, they tend to prefer wearing natural colours, and the sleeveless tunic is one of the most common items of clothing, and they typically wear deerskin boots. The vine motif is one of the most common embroiderments of the kagonesti.

In terms of psychology, after their enslavement by their elven cousins, and domination of their homeland, they are a suspicious lot, and tend to be emotional and highly charged. It is not recommended to wound a kagonestis pride, and more often than not, the one that wounded the pride of the kagonesti is wounded himself.

Since the second cataclysm, the kagonesti have been scattered across Ansalon, living in communities in wooded areas and wilderness. They live in clans, led by Pathfinders, elders that lead the clan.
Kagonesti go adventuring for many reasons, to explore and to find a way to return the kagonesti to their former glory, or to protect their new homes.

As a Kagonesti, you have in addition to standard race traits as outlined in the PHB -

Ability Score Increase Kagonesti are more powerfully built than the other elves of Ansalon. Your Strength score increases by 1
Weapon Proficiencies You are proficient with the Longbow, Shortbow and Spear.
Blue Phoenix Footed Your base speed is 35 feet
Bestowed by Astra The kagonesti have great knowledge in the forests that they call home. You have proficiency in Nature.

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Kagonesti Feats

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Kagonesti backgrounds

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