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2015-03-27, 04:18 PM
So Im a big fan of FTL. For those who dont know what that is, its basically a spaceship simulator. Im currently working on translating the in game mechanics into something role-playable. First I would love any links for work already done on this. (I am Borg and I will add you to my own). Second I would love feedback on the random brainstorming ill post here.

So the game premise I have is your team of 4 players starts with a basic Kestral style ship. At ports you can buy/upgrade/trade/steal/ect you way to better ships and ship upgrades. Players would start as human and can through experience can abilities or when at stations become another race effectivly trading exp and cost for a different race with different abilities. This information though isnt the core of the system I want to design just initial thoughts on what I want to do fora campaign.

For hit Im thinking a basic d100 system. 70% chance to hit with using main computer, 80% with a untrained crewman occupying weapons control , and 90% with a weapons trained user. This can increase or decrease depending on fight conditions weapons, shields, ect.
For Damage im thinking 1 d6 for each damage a weapon has for teh game. A basic laser in the game does 1 damage so it would do 1 d6 of damage. Ill need to figure appropriate dealth for each room and other thigns such as damaging a part of the ship without a major system in it.

This is the initial brainstorm for now, please post criticisms and suggestions