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the person
2015-03-28, 02:35 PM

Average height: 7í0 to 7'5
Average weight: 200-220 lbs
Ability scores: +2 constitution, +2 strength -3 dexterity
+1 damage reduction
Size: large
Speed: 5
Vision: low light
Languages: Common , primordial
choice of one other Skill bonuses: +2 handle animal, +2 perception

You take a +2 to save vs. thirst.
With one eye open: you are a tree, you sleep with your eyes open, vaguely aware of your surroundings. While you are asleep, you notice approaching enemies and other events with only a -2 penalty.
you associate with humanoids very little and those are almost always rangers and druids or others that are at home with nature
you have little or no home save the forest you were born in

PHYSICAL QUALITIES: Treloks are best described as big and clunky, they wear no clothing at any time and when they die they drop seed that can be planted to resurrect them in 1 day a resurrected trelok loses two levels and drops all of their items (Dropped items can be picked up by an ally) treloks mature and age more slowly than humans. A trelok does not reach adulthood until 95, and they live to be about a 300 - 320
PLAYING A TRELOK: treloks are thoughtful of everything they do and consider then at peace with their surroundings the doní think themselves superior or inferior to anything save their elders which are viewed as mentors until adulthood. they have an uncanny ability to find water and they get nutrients and water through roots that can grow out of their feet, because of this they donít need to eat or drink as long as they are on the ground.