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Milo v3
2015-03-29, 05:29 AM
School illusion (phantasm) [mind-affecting]; Level sorcerer/wizard 5
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target one living creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will disbelief, then Fortitude partial; see text; Spell Resistance yes

You cause the creature to experience a detailed hallucination so real that is it lethal. This hallucinations exact nature can vary immensely, one caster could cause the target to experience a whole lifetime of experience in a perfect world to eventually die a happy death, while a more cruel caster might cause the target to simply experience being killed over and over thousands of times in an instant. The target first gets a Will save to recognize the hallucination as unreal. If that save fails, the phantasm fills the targets mind with over a hundred years worth of experience, and the subject must succeed on a Fortitude save or die from the death or deaths in the phantasm. Even if the Fortitude save is successful, the subject takes 4d6 points of damage.

If the subject of a phantasmal life attack succeeds in disbelieving and possesses telepathy or is wearing a helm of telepathy, the phantasm can be turned upon you. You must then disbelieve it or become subject to its lethal results.

2015-03-29, 06:57 AM
Nice thanks.
The telepathy is really interesting, if both parties have it then you can play SoD tennis.

On a partial save does the victim still experience living out their entire lives lived out and such?

Milo v3
2015-03-29, 06:59 AM
On a partial save does the victim still experience living out their entire lives lived out and such?

Yep, the phantasm will still occur they just wont die from it.

2015-03-30, 02:19 PM
I don't understand how this spell is meaningfully any different from Phantasmal Killer, other than it's fluff. Is there something I'm missing?

2015-03-30, 02:33 PM
Probably the biggest difference is the lack of the Emotion and Fear descriptors, which is a helpful difference, admittedly. But I agree with the sentiment that it is really similar to Phantasmal Killer and could use some serious differentiation.
Edit: That and it is kinda underpowered. Why would I rather not just cast Baleful Polymorph?

Milo v3
2015-03-30, 07:10 PM
Yeah, it's basically phantasmal killer that can effect all living creatures and deals the teeniest bit more of damage when it fails. It was mainly just to describe something to Haunman, so I forgot to check other spells of the level to see how lethal a save or die of that level should be.