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2015-03-30, 07:50 AM

i'm not really sure where should i post it since it's my first post here and i know barely nothing about you fantastic guys, but here goes

I'm in a need of a prestige class for a human cleric of Corellon that is similar in the concept to the radiant servant of Pelor. I've never done any homebrewing, have no clue where to start (apart from reading the deities descriptions that brought no more light to the situation) and how to create a balanced class.

has anyone ever created something like that? or willing to create that one?
don't know if it matters, its a core books and everything "complete _____" world

thanks for the help :smallsmile:
(and please tell me if I should post this somewhere else)

2015-03-30, 08:03 AM
Honestly, I would just ask your DM if you can re-skin and use the Arcane Archer, make it a Blessed Bowman, and allow you to use it even though you aren't an elf. I could be completely wrong here, and sorry if I wasted your time.


2015-03-30, 08:33 AM
my character is hopeless when it come to hitting things. especially at melee. I'm looking for something to enhance my spells (or at least some of them) something like the radiant servant does to healing spells, turn attempts and grants him abilities that fits with it (such as divine health and supreme healing). add to that the extra domain and the advancement in spell levels.
that's the idea, the question is, what would Corellon grant its loyal servants?

2015-04-16, 04:31 PM
He would probably give you bonus diplomacy with elves.
Something to do with bow use.
Another domain of your choosing from his domain list.
the bonuses of boots, cloak, and gloves of elvenkind.

So, something like this

Prereq deity is corelon
6 HD of a divine spellcaster

Base Attack Bonus 3/4
Saves good ref and will (this would seem weird, but it makes you elf like in their resistance to enchantments, and their dex bonus)
Hit die 1d8

Spells: At each level of Chosen of Corelan Larithwl;kajds, (COCL) you gain a level of an existing divine spellcasting class that you had before entering the class.

Level 1: Elf friend: You gain a bonus to your diplomacy scores equal to your levels in COCL for all dealings with elves. In addition, elves are friendlier to you and start one increment friendlier.

Archery is for elves: You get a bonus to your attack rolls with bows equal to your widsom mod.

Level 2: Oath of Aid: With a successful diplomacy check, you can have elves give you certain items. Like health potions, or scrolls, or if you are really awesome maybe even a cohort for a few days.

Have another domain You get another domain from CL's portfolio. Any spells cast from this domain can have metamagic effects from the PHB applied to them without raising the level of the spell, and without you needing to have the feat.

Level 3: Elftouched: 3/day, you can give a bonus to yourself and all allies withing 30 feet of +4 move silently, hide, and survival.

Level 4: Elf Spells Here you gain something foresty like spells from the Races of the Wild book, I can't be bothered to decide on any. 3 is a fair number to learn.

Level 5: Elf Kin You get elf subtype and immunities to sleep and paralysis and things of that nature. Because you are really an honorary elf now. Also, your arrows deal 1d6 dmg per level of COCL, and you are now very beautiful and all the elves want to marry you.

2015-04-16, 05:06 PM
Anyway, if you can get past my terrible sense of humor, that should work, right?

2015-04-17, 02:09 AM
Edit: huh, hadn't noticed this thread was a couple weeks old. Most likely the OP has already left.

Need more information: what level, domains, skills, and feats do you have?

From Complete Divine, the Contemplative class will give you bonus domains, or the Divine Oracle can make your divinations basically perfect.

For making a spell focused Corellon class, it's difficult. Clerics are usually supposed to go to physical combat, not free metamagic, when their basic spells aren't good enough, the Radiant Servant is weird. We could alter the Ordained Champion from Complete Champion to do ranged attacks, but the more I think about it that shouldn't be neccesary. Corellon's domain spells aren't all that strong, we can use those instead of cure spells.

Servant of Corellon

As Radiant Servant but I dunno, Knowledge (history) instead of heal and proficiency with an elven racial weapon (rapier, longsword, or longbow) instead of Extra Turning.

1st: replace Radiance and Extra Greater Turning with Elven Battle Meditation: the ability to use Wisdom instead of Strength or Dexterity for attack bonus (but not damage) with elven weapons. This should make you a decent shot with a bow for when you're not casting. Just like a Radiant Servant you'll level up your spellcasting and Turn Undead abilities with every level of the prestige class, as if you were still just a cleric.
2nd: remove Divine Health, and instead of Empowering cure spells prepared in your domain slots, you Empower any of your domain spells (but still only those in your domain slots).

Note that Corellon's domains don't include very many spells that can be Empowered so this won't always apply, and you only have one domain slot at each spell level (this ability doesn't apply to any of your normal spell slots). The spells this works on are Aid, Holy Smite/Chaos Hammer, Flame Strike, Blade Barrier, and Summon Monster IX. The Community domain also has Hero's Feast, and if you can get the Elf domain (Spell Compendium or other sources) you could also use Sunburst. You should be able to use a higher domain slot for lower level spells if you want. That way if you had say, the Good and Protection domains, you could use Aid at 2nd and 3rd, Holy Smite at 4th and 5th, and Blade Barrier at 6th and above (the Protection domain doesn't have any spells that benefit from Empower Spell). You still only have the 2 domains you started with plus the bonus one you'll get later, so you won't have access to all the spells I listed here.

3rd: remove Aura of Warding.
5th: bonus domain, as normal you choose one extra domain from Corellon's list (Chaos, Community, Elf, Good, Protection, and War should all easily available). Make sure to pick one that gives you spell options at levels you can't make use of.
6th: Maximize Domain instead of Maximize Healing, does what it says.
8th: replace Positive Energy Burst with Greater Elven Battle Meditation, adding wisdom to your damage with elven weapons (this is a bonus rather than a replacement, you still get your str damage if you have any)

Note that Clerics have access to the spell Divine Power. You might consider using that in addition to a composite bow for more attack and damage on top of the Elven Battle Mediation abilities, but don't worry about it too much since your main ability is your spellcasting. You should have 6th or 7th level spells by this point, so you'll have 2-4 powered up domain spells for attacking.

10th: Supreme Domain Power, obviously this will be free Empower and Maximize both on your Domain slots only, just like the Radiant Servant.

Overall, the class is a little low on features because it's a bit easier to get in to and it can power up some attack spells instead of just healing, and it doesn't lose any spellcasting. I would not recommend allowing this for other deities without carefully checking all their domain spells, and frankly free Maximized Blade Barrier is some pretty insane damage, but that's more a problem of Blade Barrier being crazy strong to begin with. You should be able to load up on Holy Smites or Flame Strikes and help out with the blasting in the important fights.

Make sure to bring lots of castings of Shield of Faith and Resist or Protection from Energy, and remember to cast them before the fight starts. It's a lot easier to prevent damage than it is to heal after you've already been hit. If you can get your DM to allow the Spell Compendium, do so. Mass Shield of Faith, Mass Resist Energy, and Recitation are the spells that let your buff your party's defenses quickly in a fight, and there are more attack spells if you fancy yourself a blaster type. Get the party to buy a Wand of Cure Light wounds to do the healing between fights so you can save your spells for when it matters.

2015-04-18, 06:30 PM
still here :)
thanks, that's an interesting one. I'll send it to my DM

spell compendium, all books with complete in their names, and the core basic ones are allowed, divine metamagic isn't

the character:
level 5
domains: Protection, War
Feats: combat casting, spell penetration, zen archery
Hit Points: 45
Intiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft.

Armor Class: 17, touch 12, flat-footed 16
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +10

Abilities: Str 6, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 14

Skills: Diplomacy +4, Knowledge (religion) +8, Concentration +8, Knowledge (the planes) +8, Spellcraft +8, Heal +8

adding to that, I'll add my DM's proposal for more ideas and maybe understanding of the possibilities (if you can read his mind through his idea lol). we had in mind she might take the leadership feat next level. maybe the 'leader of many face should come at a different level though (not done yet, subject to changes and level 10 bonus is yet to be decided)

1st:Improved Initiative: The Perigee Bringer of Corellon Larethian is granted with the Improved Initiative feat (or a +2 bonus to initiative in case she already has it).
Friend of Elves: A Perigee Bringer of Corellon Larethian has a +2 on all Diplomacy checks made regarding to elves.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Perigee Bringer of Corellon Larethian are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all armor, and with shields.
2nd:Elf Traits: A Perigee Bringer who is at least 2nd level gains some elf traits: Immunity to sleep spells and effects, +2 saving throw bonus against enchantment spells or effects, +2 on Listen, Spot and Search checks and low light vision.
Leader of Many Faces: When a Perigee Bringer of at least 2nd level use his Leadership feat she is considered 2 levels higher than her character level.
3th:Aura of War (Su): Starting at 3rd level, a Perigee Bringer can as a standard action create an Aura of War for 10 feet radius entered on her. The Radiant Servant and all allies within range at that moment gain a +2 moral bonus to attack for 1 round per caster level (the bonus increase +1 every 4 characters levels beyond 3rd).
5th:Bonus Domain: A Perigee Bringer who reaches 5th level is granted the Magic domain. She can use the granted power of the new domain, and she can choose from the spell lists of three domains when selecting her domain spells for the day.
6th:Maximize Healing (Ex): When a Perigee Bringer who is at least 6th level casts a domain spell from the Healing domain that spell is affect as though by the Maximize Spell feat. The spell does not use up a higher- level slot.
8th:Arcane Assimilation: A Perigee Bringer who is at least 8th level can choose 2 arcane spells of up to 5th spell level and treat them as spells known. When she reaches character level 18 she can choose another arcane spell of up to 7th spell level.