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2015-03-31, 09:34 PM
So I'm trying to make the fire emblem tactician a base class from the Bard class.

Maybe a D8 HD since it focuses being in combat.

same saves same skill points same BAB

This is what I have so far.

Bard spelllist changed to focus on offensive spells lesser orb of x magic missile etc and battle field control such as grease web etc and minor buffing bull str enlarge person haste etc minor debuffing slow etc (central class change)

0th-6 Sor/Wiz* 0ths
1st-5 Sor/Wiz* 1sts
2nd-5 Sor/Wiz* 2nds
3rd-5 Sor/Wiz* 3rds
4th-5 Sor/Wiz* 4ths
5th-5 Sor/Wiz* 5ths
6th-4 Sor/Wiz* 6ths

*Abjuration Conjuration Evocation Transmutation only. Never Necro, Enchantment or Illusion. (mutable)
May still use magic items of those schools. (immutable)

Might add divination (mutable)

Skills: Add Knowledge Tactics* or Martial Lore (depending on what your DM wants or desires), maybe preform weapon drills from CW.
*New Skill Knowledge tactics identifies military formations, tactics, and battle strategies and can provide insight to make informed decisions in battle.
Or just use the complete warrior knowledge add-ons which are cool too (mutable)

Creature Lore (immutable)

Identical to bardic knowledge except only used
to identify creatures and creature strengths and

I need help coming up with and ability to replace Bardic Music preferably higher power level than bardic music which is super weak anyway.

Something other than buffs like a White raven tactics-isque sort of thing or maybe an ongoing list of resistances to grant allies such as tripping AoOs and so on representing her abilities without having to introduce new actions to other players. Perhaps the capstone could change it from resistances to a flat out immunity? Must be able to take actions during this. ( needs brain storming ideas and work )

Remove Bardic-Music

Basic ability (maybe more minor ability similar to counter song suggestions etc)
Tactics 1
Journeyman Tactics level 5
Expert Tactics level 10
Flawless Tactics level 15
Tactical Grandmaster 20

Any ideas for this skill that go along with everything else would be very welcome!

Mutable rules are not central to class design and I feel that can be changed with little reprecussion by talking with your DM.
Immutable rules are more important but I think can still be tweaked or changed again with your DM.
Central class features I feel are too important to change.

2015-04-02, 12:50 PM
I love this idea, I played FE:A all the way through about a year ago, I loved the Tactician. Unfortunately I can't provide anything other than morale support and snacks, but this class looks incredibly polished and fun. Maybe I can multi class into it if my group allows me to.

2015-04-03, 12:22 AM
If your DM can come up with a decent replacement for Bardic Music run it by me sometime.

Also this class is anything BUT polished I BSed this in like one night to be what I wanted or would KINDA make sense for the concept, but thank you so much for the compliment!

Even then I think casting straight off the Wiz/Sor List might be a bit much even with the reduced spell school choices I should probably make like more specific upper limits on that.

Bardic music is giving me a tough time because it was such a central part of the class and I can't think of a good equivalent that isn't either too weak or too powerful.

2015-04-04, 01:10 AM
Shameless self-bump.

2015-04-04, 01:33 AM
In no way is bardic music superweak. Unless ofcourse, there are no combat oriented PCs in your group. Ofcourse, then the logical choice would be to not play something that is meant to boost the tank.

Melodic Casting feat in Complete Mage: You can cast spells while inspiring, make Perform checks instead of Concentration checks for casting.

Song of the Heart feat in Eberron Campaign Setting: +1 Inspire Courage.

Badge of Valor item in Magic Item Compendium: Spend an Immediate Action to increase your active Inspire Courage by another +1.

Inspirational Boost spell in Spell Compendium: Swift Action your next Inspire Courage is increased by another +1.

Dragonfire Inspiration feat in Dragon Magic: Your +X Inspire Courage attack/damage bonus is switched to +Xd6 fire damage instead, if you have Draconic Heritage (requires Dragontouched feat or Sorcerer levels) you can get a different type of energy damage instead of fire.

Words of Creation feat in Book of Exalted Deeds: Doubles your Inspire Courage bonus, all of the above except the Badge of Valor bonus can be applied first before the total is doubled.

A Bard 3 can get +4 Inspire Courage, or a +4d6 Dragonfire Inspiration. With Words of Creation it goes up to +7, or +7d6. At 8th level with Words of Creation it goes up to +9, or +9d6.

2015-04-04, 01:37 AM
in no way is bardic music superweak.

Is it still powerful based on say core only?

With access to splatbooks anything is powerful.

I also said I wanted something thematically appropriate for the class.

EDIT: I'm sorry I didn't intend that to sound so flippant.

Also keep in mind that this is a homebrew class I'm just using the bard as a base line because its basically what I want in terms of casting per day/known, bab, HD, saves.

The point is I'm trying to come up with an alternate ability that does focus so much on buffing the tank and more on an all arounder without the silly preform stuff.

And I don't like the marshal or the factotum because they lack proper (albeit minor) casting.

Honestly my first choice for class was the adept but it didn't have the whole generalist thing going for it.

If you have any ideas for the replacement I'd love to hear them.

2015-04-06, 11:21 AM
Still need help with this so I'm going to bump again.

2015-04-11, 12:19 PM
bump =/ please help!