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2015-04-01, 12:03 AM

-There are those that believe there is something that stands far beyond the scope of the planes and the might of the deities. Some argue this is an overdeity or a pantheon of such beings, many in charge of their own version of the planes. Their names may vary, by they are all referred to the DM. While most disregard these beings as mere fiction and their followers as madmen, their powers are undeniable. Speaking through entities they refer to as a PC, they are capable of pleading for abilities, familiar or otherwise. Many of these beings, known as meta, insist not only in the existence of the DM and their PC but that often it is those that travel along side them are among the few to also possess a PC of their own and that most lack such a being guiding them.
-Role: Given their diverse potential set of abilities, so too are their potential roles.
-Alignment: A meta can have any alignment, unless the DM decides otherwise. A meta may even possess multiple alignments, an alignment from a different gaming system, no alignment at all, or a nonsensical alignment.
-Hit Die: Whatever the DM wills. This may change between levels or even spontaneously.

Class Skills
The meta's class skills are whatever they can convince the DM to allow them to have as class skills. This may change between levels or even spontaneously if the DM wills it. This list is not limited to skills that exist within the game, nor does it have a minimum nor maximum number of skills that can be class skills at a given time.
-Skill Ranks per Level: Whatever the DM wills. This isn't limited to hinging upon one's Int modifier, or even an ability score modifier.

Well, it IS a table. What do you want from me?

Class Features
-Anything is potentially a class feature for a meta. Their proficiencies should be discussed during character creation, along with their saves, skills, attack bonus, and abilities they are to be given as they advance. It is advised one model their abilities after an existing class at an attempt at balance, but there is literally no limitation to what one may possess. A meta may create abilities on the fly and use them, provided the DM allows it. The DM may alter how a meta's abilities function, even while they are in use. These may change at the whim of the DM, so a meta and their PC must do their best to be on the good side of the DM. I suggest using food to this end, but this may or may not be the best method for bribing the DM.

Just something I felt like doing for the 1st of April. My brews after today will be as normal, hit or miss and half the time only being half done before they sink to be lost forever.