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2015-04-03, 12:25 AM
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Way of the Vision Master
Monks who follow this tradition dedicate their lives to observation and learning nature's truths. Disciples train their senses to absorb their full surroundings, allowing them to not miss a beat during combat and during daily life.

Level 3: Improved Eyes
The first step to vision mastery is to simply hone your eyes to observe things many others would miss. You gain darkvision up to 90 feet and expertise in perception if you do not have it already. You have learned to use your ki to focus your eyes to track your enemy's movements. You can spend 1 ki for advantage for one attack during your turn as you are able to observe your enemy's movements and compensate for it during your attack.

Level 6: Night Eye
Advancing one's vision requires more than just your eyes. To truly see the world requires the full use of your body and senses. You have to learned to use all your senses, allowing you to see without sight. You gain blindsight up to 10 ft. Cannot be surprised or sneak attacked.

Level 11: Lens of Truth
Meditation and observing the nature of things have allowed you to see things for what they really are. You gain truesight up to 30 feet. Your fuller understanding of the fundamental nature of life has taught you to how to impose blindness on a creature for one turn if it fails a DEX save during your flurry of blows.

Level 17: Second Sight
You have learned to focus your ki and enter a zen-like state to see visions of the future. You can spend 8 ki to cast foresight. Your blindsight increases to 30 feet and truesight up to 60 feet.